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Every dog breed/type and even mutts have some special particularity. but terriers... they just have a bulky brain to get things they want done, even if that means destroying the snow sled because it stopped moving.
#letsgo #startthesnowsled #lowbatterysnowsled

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101 months ago this impossible puppy was coming into our lives like a hurricane.
it was hard, he mad us cry so many many times for being so stubborn and hard to handle.
our perfect black and dwarf gorilla we love you to pluto and back.

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Love gives you what your eyes can't.
#birdbox #whpinspiredby

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In 1984 steve mccurry did this photo of a green eyed girl for the national geographic magazine cover. ( this amazing/inspiring and mesmerising photograph i mean )
when congo was a puppy he always did this side eye look so one day we just felt we needed to take the same photo with our brown eyed dog.
thanks to all the amazing photographers who made photography such a magical and diverse thing.

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Me, shamelessly channelling all your good vibes.
thank you all. keep that good mojo jojo flowing, we are feeling it ❤️❤️❤️

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Pretty is an accident of nature.
elegant is a self created work of art.
ps don't smoke, it's not elegant and your lungs will look like chalk.

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Having a dog is such a wild journey.
you have a lot of ups and downs you get crazy and mad and you get to a point of love melting you never knew before.
it has a lot of unexpected things ( them being good or bad ) but you can't do nothing about it.
your heart was dog kidnapped and you just need to accept it.

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This was probably the last at ease walk with samoa. she never trusted to have loose dogs around her again.
i was taking this precise photo and two giant dogs came and as she went behind me ( i guess protecting me ) the two dogs attacked her without even a growl of her. in that moment i was insignificant. one of the dogs just picked her up by her body and was shacking her like a doll. she was helpless.
as the other dog was about to grab her hip to bite too i was able to scare them off. she was... i still can't describe it. this was 2 years ago and she will probably never be the same cool dog as she was because of these two loose dogs.
if you have reactive dogs do not let them be off leash. even if you have non reactive dogs and you are somewhere public put a leash on them because our freedom starts where other's ends.

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When all your friends are going crazy friday partying but you fall asleep mid dinner time.

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Find me in my winter office.

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To understand the crocodile you must first become the crocodile.

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