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Summer is over but the fun isn't 💦🌊

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Stranger: what's your favourite type of dog?
me: every dog i meet.
i have a bunch of dogs t-shirt by @tail_wag

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There is always something on a dog that makes me melt like a chocolat on a stove. samoa's eyes are my kriptonite. when she does her deep soul look i just can't seem to handle my love for her.
do you have something on your dog that seems to struck your core? 👀👀👀

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Sign: beware of dogs.
me: omg where are they?
harness by @tail_wag ❤️

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Mumbai and congo reinterpreting every other mom when an adult scene comes up in a regular movie and your child is not 12 yet.

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Is it really tuesday if you are in a blanket burrito?

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Do you speak french kiss? 👅👅👅

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Struggled between two photo descriptions.
number one: the reality behind instagram photos
number two: when you feel pretty proud of what you are doing...
for those who don't get the second one you should zoom in 😂
what description should i have chosen?

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When people ask me how many dogs i need in my life and i'm like... #whpperspective

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Always be nice to a diver.
they know places where nobody will find you.

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What do you love more about dogs? here we love their selfless love but the thing i personally love the most about owning a dog is their ability to make me laugh 24/7 even in the darkest days.
this photo was my wallpaper for probably an entire year 😅

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