Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde Illustrator based in Munich with a passion for watercolors, autumn, nature, birds and cozy things🌳🍂🍁 twitter: Iraville_de 🌳 YouTube&Tumblr: iraville
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@iraville - Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde | You may have noticed in my stories that a lot of people have already received - and others are still receiving - my art book
You may have noticed in my stories that a lot of people have already received - and others are still receiving - my art book "cozy days: the art of iraville"
good news today: it is now on sale for everyone! you can buy it at 3dtotals webshop 🌳(link in my bio)🌳. they ship worldwide.
amazon, other online bookstores and local bookstores will follow soon.
the book presents hundreds of my best illustrations as well as an insights into my career path, painting process, some diy tutorials and much more. more infos on the webshop.
i'm totally happy how it turned out. and i can't wait to hear what you think of it! ➡swipe for an insight➡
any questions?
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@iraville @lindagrante ahh, das freut mich aber zu hören!! vielen dank! 💕
@iraville @tabtarara i dont know, they ship from the uk if you preorder it from 3dtotal. the book was just official released so 3dtotal will start with shiping by now i think. but please ask the store where you preordered it, they should know more ☺ hope you will get it soon 💕
@iraville @silviawipfler ja, sollte schon gelistet sein aber noch nicht vorrätig. bei amazon uk ist es schon vorrätig. ☺ und nicht vom cover verwirren lassen, irgendwie is amazon da sehr langsam das cover zu ändern. da sieht man immer noch das vorläufige cover
@iraville Unfortunately i have no idea which bookstore will have it. but mybe you can order it direktly at tge store, thats why i often do when i want a book and they dont have it. but because the book was just released and it comes from the uk it might take some time.
@iraville @paolaluduena on amazon uk it is already available. but no i dont know. i think it depends on the country. the book comes from the uk. ordering it direktly from the publisher should be the fastest way to get it if you live in europe.
@iraville @chloemalloyart no idea. they ship from the uk so i think it will take a bit time but no idea how long it usually takes.
@eavonart Congratulations on the book! what a satisfying thing it must be to hold...
@axeloil I got mine today. it looks amazing. i thought it came with multiple postcards and two bookmarks but there's only one. i probably misunderstood but i want to be sure this is not a mistake. just in case.
@linemakerco I bought it many months ago but have not received yet (usa) - mine must be in that broken pallet you posted! any idea when we will be receiving it? waiting patiently - i know it is not your fault, just looking for an update - thanks!
@veronikactus Hi @iraville i backed the kickstarter proyect when it started but i didn't received the book yet. i'm in berlin, is it a normal delay? cheers!
@sweetfriendses I'm really happy because today i bought your book! now i'll be counting the days until it arrives because i know it will full me of inspiration. thank you for being so awesome and please keep doing your wonderful work and keep sharing your videos on youtube too.
@tippgold Great work!🙌
@cocoon.hms Beautiful ⭐️
@silviawipfler @iraville ok, danke!! 🤗