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@maddieziegler - maddie | i love my mornings when tonya and justine glam me up
I love my mornings when tonya and justine glam me up
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@llhfire_pub @jjadejoness oh yeh cos nobody knows nirvana πŸ™„πŸ˜’
@llhfire_pub @__chloe.14__ she doesn’t live under a rock
@jadeleanne._ @llhfire_pub why you getting so triggered after i commented that like 6 weeks ago, loads of people don't know who they are and just wear the t-shirt because i'ts nice, tbf you probably only know smells like teen spirit so keep your irelivent self out of my comments and buisnessπŸ˜‚
@llhfire_pub @jjadejoness haha ur just proving my point, actually i don’t listen to nirvana but i certainly have heard a bit more of them that one song. i wouldn’t use the word triggered btw, i’m just bored and like beef with strangers
@annemariemullet @llhfire_pub good choice of the ad hominem tu quoque fallacy. now, let’s break it down. i am special. we all are. and our music tastes are part of what makes us feel special. so when someone else wears around a part of what makes you feel special without even appreciating or understanding it, people get irritated.
@llhfire_pub @annemariemullet i’m just saying that nearly everyone i know listens to them so don’t get all defensive making it out like a small community. i’m pretty sure maddie don’t think she understands it but she still allowed to wear it even if she ain’t hardcore fan so don’t cry to hard over it
@annemariemullet @llhfire_pub okay, that’s your opinion. you obviously don’t realise just how special certain bands can be to certain people. when you grow up from the maturity of an 11 year old (which you probably are) then we can chat.
@llhfire_pub @annemariemullet k, when i grow to the maturity of 11 then yeh we can talk but rn imma act my own age
@mathew_9145 About a girl
@uuburx Nirvana?really? basic girl πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
@ijoyce4 @camil_her whatever only true nirvana fans ig
@_.carolina.2._ 😻😻😻