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Video by @la.luna.asmr

while countless people find relief for tension and anxiety through whispered voices or softly tapping fingernails in asmr videos, penny clarke (@la.luna.asmr ) shares a different source of calm: hands squeezing soap from brilliantly colored sponges. “i’ve always found cleaning a great help with anxiety, which is something that affects my life every day,” says the self-described “full-time mum” (with a degree in criminology) from england. and as gratifying as viewers find her videos, it’s clear that making them comforts penny, too. “the combination of water sounds and the clean element is the perfect thing to help me relax.” penny is also grateful for the new creative outlet she’s found in the asmr community. “i have never been a creative person,” she says, “but i feel like these videos are my art, and i want to keep improving and getting better all the time.” see more of penny’s soothing sponge sounds — today on our story and new to our igtv channel.
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@octavia9124 People in africa dose not have water so stop wasting it
@just_ichal99 👏👏👏👏
@jelezoglomila Самый завораживающий предмет.невозмодно отвести взгляд.блин,я забыл о чем говорил
@luisina_b Is she/he sick or what ? playing with dish soap when we have major problems for environment polluting ???? it's exactly as irresponsible as playing with fire in the woods. this is not good example @instagram retire this content you should be ashamed to publish such idiot videos
@luisina_b @specialmoves2 and once she is satisfied, she empties the sink ! where do you thik does all the soap go according to your smart brain ??
@owhenthesaints Why the biohazard gloves
@owhenthesaints A slight bit exessive
@john_pharry Che cagata è?
@harshitchetiwal49 😢😢😢😢
@relaxikala پست های خوبی دارید !
@all_spark_entertainment 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@itsshantaatkins I need all of these 🧽 sponges in my life😩😩
@laceynicoleray If this video was one one entire accont i would follow it 👌👍