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🤓🅘’m 🅡eally 🅝ot 🅒ranky. 🅘 🅙ust 🅗ave 🅐 🅥iolent 🅡eaction 🅦hen 🅘 🅜eet 🅢tupid 🅟eople


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Hey komban....don't touch my bike😠😠
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stay tuned for more @ __dingan__

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Друзья, привет! Сегодня расскажем Вам секретный секрет 😉

Ставим лайк ❤️ за раскрытие тайны, включаем уведомление о публикациях на будущее 📲 и читаем полезности пост 🤩

Инстаграм - это не энциклопедия, и люди сюда ходят развлекаться 🥳 а не читать лонгриды 🙄 именно поэтому вероятность того, что длинный сплошной текст будут читать - сводится к нулю 🤷‍♀️

Итак, несколько простых рекомендаций, соблюдая которые, вы получите красивый читабельный текст:

✍️ делите текст на небольшие логические абзацы (длиной 5-6 строчек);

✍️ используйте эмодзи (смайлики) для эмоциональных акцентов (не более 2-3 на один абзац);

✍️ между абзацами оставляйте пустые строки.

👆 Так текст кажется визуально более привлекательным и интересным.

Теперь самое ВАЖНОЕ 💡

Чтобы при публикации Инстаграм оставил пропущенные строчки, а не склеил текст нужно соблюдать простые правила:

👉 в начале и конце строчки не должно быть лишнего пробела! То есть строчка начинается и заканчивается буквой или символом.

👉 если строчка начинается или заканчивается эмодзи, то после него тоже не должно быть пробела. Но тут есть нюанс - Инстаграм обязательно вам слепит текст и не даст оставить пустую строчку, если строка начинается или заканчивается эмодзи 😻

Как же быть 🤔

В пустую строчку необходимо вставить невидимы символ 🙌

Есть несколько способов как это сделать:

Найти в интернете «невидимый символ Инстаграм» скопировать его и вставить между строчками в ваш текст ✍️

👍 с помощью бота
В запрещённом telegram найти бота text4instabot и отправить ему ваш текст, предварительно удалив лишние пробелы. Бот расставит невидимые символы в пустые строчки и скажет, если ваш текст превышает лимит 2200 символов ✍️
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جاي من الاكسبلور ضيفوني @k23kr
ضيفوني وضيفو من اللايكات متفاعلين نار عام وستوري
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@erhan_yetgin.0221 takip eden herkese takipçi yolluyor dene ve gör
açıklamayı oku... hesabımı paylaşıp destek olan herkese destek olacağım... #gtr #gta5 #getout #gt3 #takipçikazan #takilarim #takip #takipçikazan #takipcikazan #takipçikazanma #takipcikazandiriyoruz #takipedenitakipederim #takipçi #takipet #likeforlikes #fire #fireworks #likeforfollow #like4likes #likeforlikeback #liker #instalike #likers #tbt #instagram

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This desert beach is a pastel dream come true. “the sound of the crashing waves, the immense sand, the shades that touch the water and the sand are always a great inspiration,” says photographer ana marques (@anamarques210376 ). #whpplanetearth photo by @anamarques210376

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Hello, world. today’s #weeklyfluff is ragtime jimmy (@ragtimejimmy ), a 3-year-old rescue mutt from san diego, california, whose dna results found him to be part shih tzu, part bulldog, part cattle dog and all-around adorable. “in 2016, i saw this cute scruff monster online at a shelter 350 miles [560 kilometers] away and drove 10 hours round trip to pick him up,” says his human julia varnergardner. “best. decision. ever.”
today on our story, we go exploring with jimmy and his hiking paw-tner boogie woogie. 🐾
photo by @ragtimejimmy

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Look what we spotted. 😸 wildlife photographer ashish parmar (@ashishjparmar ) traveled to kenya to snap this photo of two cheetahs in their natural habitat. “i planted a camera on the ground and waited three hours for them to come give it a closer look,” he says. #whpplanetearth photo by @ashishjparmar

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Los angeles-based dancer and choreographer justin valles’ (@justjet_ ) life changed when he started teaching #bodycontrol to students with genetic debilitating conditions. “i realized i’m not just teaching dance. i’m teaching people how to regain control of their body,” says justin, who grew up in new jersey. “for me, body control is not a style, it’s a philosophy that can be applied to any dance. if you don’t understand your body, how can you control it?” ✊
today on our story and igtv channel, justin proves that all the world’s a stage. check it out.
photo of @justjet_ by @djshakee

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Piers. deserts. landmarks. they’re all just stages for #bodycontrol pro justin valles (@justjet_ ).

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“when i took this picture, i imagined the tree as a living creature, as if it was standing and watching nature itself,” says 27-year-old iranian photographer hamidreza amiri (@hamidrezaamiri_ ). #whpplanetearth photo by @hamidrezaamiri_

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On planet earth, a heart can be made with pure sunlight. 💖 for 23-year-old photographer amatou (@amatou_0429 ), capturing this epic reflection in japan was no accident. “it can only be seen in the early morning for a short period during a certain time of year,” he says. furthermore, the clouds, wind and humidity all have to cooperate to get this one just right.
follow along as we share more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpplanetearth photo by @amatou_0429

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Happy #earthday! today we’re celebrating with liron gertsman (@liron_gertsman_photography ), an 18-year-old nature photographer who hopes his photos help educate people about the environment. 📸 🏔
“i hope that people see my photos and come away with a new sense of love, respect and desire to protect the incredible natural world,” says liron, who studies at the university of british columbia. in 2018, his photos of the amazon rainforest in ecuador earned him praise at the audubon photography awards and london’s natural history museum’s wildlife photographer of the year competition. beyond the awards, the experience helped him realize the power of the lens. “those photos were seen by people in museums around the world which taught me the power of photography as a tool for education and conservation,” he says.
today on our story, liron takes us on a photo hike.
photo by @liron_gertsman_photography

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“if i’m shining, everybody gonna shine.” —lizzo (@lizzobeeating ), “juice” ✨ “blame it on my... [ahem, her] juice.” 🍹
yesterday, the artist’s album “cuz i love u” was released, and today, she stars on our igtv channel, sharing some of the outfits she rocked at coachella last weekend. “i like to have fun with my looks and look as loud as i am,” says the artist. tune in now to talk fashion, body positivity and performing with the one and only lizzo. ✨

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Artist lizzo shares her (now iconic) looks from last weekend’s coachella festival.

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Weekend hashtag project: #whpplanetearth earth day is just around the corner, so this weekend the challenge is to capture our home planet through your lens. for inspiration, check out the featured image by patrick monatsberger (@moners ). here are some tips to get started:
🌏 explore the world. climb a mountain — or a majestic tree in your own backyard. whether big or small, find a landscape that shows what our planet has to offer.
🌍 meet your neighbors. keep an eye out for earth’s inhabitants – human and animal alike. whether it’s your lifelong fluffy friend or a ladybug you just met.
🌎 bright mornings, sunsets and night stars. think of how the time of day and time of year might play a role.
project rules: please add the #whpplanetearth hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. by adding the #whpplanetearth hashtag, you consent to and grant instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #whpplanetearth hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.
featured photo by @moners

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