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일본 피드 도배 전에 #재탕 한번..^^
trip tirp ✈️✈️🇯🇵🇯🇵

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Как ни крути, мужчин я люблю умных ....и дело не в логарифмах и в знании большой совестной энциклопедии 🤓

Я люблю таких, которые только видят, что ручка любимой женщины тянется на книжную полку за томиком «Анны Карениной», сразу начинаю дарит цветы без остановки и выяснять в чем дело 😂🙈

Эмоциональный интеллект, вот что я ценю в мужчинах ... в первую очередь 👆🏻

Мудрость какую то, что ли....

Девчонки, есть идея, рассказывать вам о самых странных свиданиях в моей жизни 😅 например, вчера, вообще оооочень странное было 😂🙈

Как вам идея ?)

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-can ay arzu 😂😍@nagizadeharzu.official
follow- @tiktokahalisi
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Caption this 😱 @sinang45

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Follow 🔰 .
@ vibez_of_insta .
@ vibez_of_insta . ✌✌ pic creditz::@
@ vibez_of_insta .
@ vibez_of_insta
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🎅🏻for a quick burst of christmas cheer, head to southgate and the atrium at crown to see the christmas spectacular lighting and music display. featuring animatronics, dancing fountains, and a well-utilised crystal-filled ceiling, the show plays out every half hour from 10am to midnight 🎄...
#visitmelbourne #visitvictoria #melbournephotography #wideanglephotography #nikond5600 #crowncasino #christmas #christmaslights #melbourne_insta #melbournestyle #colourful #dayoff #instagram #melbournephotography #aussie #summer #australia🇦🇺🇦🇺

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Today on our story, we’re with the one and only michelle obama (@michelleobama ) on her “becoming” book tour. tune in to see mrs. obama in conversation with 16-year-old speech activist riya kataria (@riyakatariax ) as they talk about finding your voice, sources of confidence and more. ❤️ #iambecoming

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Featured photo by @tony_noel
weekend hashtag project: #whpjoyful this weekend the challenge is to make images and videos that capture a spirit of joy, as in this featured photo from tony noël (@tony_noel ). here are some tips to get you started:
head out. think about the places you go that make you feel free and joyful. set up an excursion — it can be solo or with a group of friends — to take pictures, make videos and enjoy the day.
express your joy. get creative with the action in your submission and think about the actions that bring you joy — like dancing, drawing and hiking — or express an emotional release, like a big belly laugh.
consider symbols. birds in flight, flowers and hearts, the wind in your hair, tossing leaves into the air, or even something as simple as your body language can express joy and freedom.
project rules: please add the #whpjoyful hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. by adding the #whpjoyful hashtag, you consent to and grant instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #whpjoyful hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.

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Video by @ari_fararooy
“my video work is all about playing with perspective,” says 28-year-old video creator ari fararooy (@ari_fararooy ). “i usually like to focus on real-life elements, typically a subject or setting that people can understand. then i’ll show that subject from my own unique perspective — a perspective that typically involves a lot of symmetry, minimalism and surrealism. it’s fun for me to apply my creative imagination onto the world we live in and offer others a different outlook on normal day-to-day life.”
see more of ari’s mind-bending work today on our story and our igtv channel.⚡️

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Video by @soapcurls_asmr
👋 see ya, 2018! 👋
with the year close to a close, we’re looking back at 2018 to highlight some of the ways our global community members expressed themselves, while getting closer to the people – and things – they love. ❤️
head to our igtv channel to see the top trends and defining moments of 2018 on instagram. 📺

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Photo by @kanda.le.lo
vedang kandalgaonkar (@kanda.le.lo ) says #whpnaturallight sent him on the chase to find light in all sorts of different elements — and then he happened on this street scene. “i noticed the man reading the newspaper and spotted a golden light hitting from behind,” says the freelance photographer. “a perfect shadow was formed, making it picture-perfect for me.”

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Photo by @tavepong_street
street photographer tavepong pratoomwong (@tavepong_street ) says natural light can turn the ordinary into something extraordinary. case in point: this hotel escalator in tokyo. “i like the light that hits the color of the escalator,” he says. “it creates lines that lead the eye, and it makes confusing reflections.” #whpnaturallight

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Photo by @heinke
australian photographer heinke kriel (@heinke ) found #whpnaturallight in an unexpected place. “i wanted to capture light in the way i see it when i’m underwater,” he says, “and to make others feel like they are right there in the moment.”
follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project.

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Photo of @rastawhiteshepherd by @michelphotography_ch
hello, world! it’s time for a very special wintry edition of #weeklyfluff. meet rasta (@rastawhiteshepherd ), a 5-year-old pup who can’t get enough of snow. luckily for rasta and his human sylvia, they live in winterthur, switzerland, near the swiss alps, where the snow is plentiful. “for hikes, it is the most beautiful thin air on earth for rasta and me. you can feel freedom on top of a mountain,” says sylvia. “rasta and me? we just want to spread joy and fun, make people happy, take them on our hikes and show them how beautiful life can be.”
❄️ see more on today’s story and our igtv channel. ❄️

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Photo by @globalworming
“i was chasing light at this moment,” says photographer aurélie guisiano (@globalworming ) of her #whpnaturallight submission. “i was driving around the place and i saw those shadows behind the sunrise over the eiffel tower. it was amazing — it looked like a bike ballet.” lucky for us, she pulled her car over and took the picture. 📸

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Photo by @mylenecybele
“when i’m taking pictures in nature, i always try to find the perfect light,” says photographer and videographer mylène sopacua (@mylenecybele ). “light can change a scenery – and in this case a picture – completely. and with this fox, everything was just perfect.” #whpnaturallight

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Photo by @tom_juenemann
tall shadows star in this drone-powered image from tom-christoph jünemann (@tom_juenemann ). “after i took some photos in the forest with great light, i decided to fly with my drone above the trees,” says tom-christoph. “i like the fact that it’s an image that made me think and also confused many other people at first sight.”
follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpnaturallight.

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