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Headed to nyc for design week, and i always get nostalgic about some of the first opportunities i had to show my work. this is a photo from 2013 for a show curated by @designmilk at @bobbyberk’s store. the show was called “east, meet west” and it was a showcase of west coast design that was starting to gain fresh momentum 5 years ago. the show featured @brendanravenhill @wolfum @jrusten @tanyaaguiniga @grain_design @graypantsstudio and many more! fast forward, and these small design studios are still around and growing and taking the lead in the west coast design movement. and this year we collaborated with @designmilk on their #dmmilkstand for icff. 5 years feels like a lifetime ago, but when i see how far i’ve come already, i’m excited to see what the next 5 hold in store.
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@jrusten I remember seeing your work before you moved back down to ca- thought those soap tables were such a clever way to contribute to the wood slab vocab. then, seeing you in soho that spring in your colorful printed shirt thinking “this dude is onto something... he’s tapped into a new vibe...” (around the same time i found the growlers). we all have found our steeze in dif ways... fun to have the communities overlap and follow each other’s journeys. excited for next.
@element75 That was a good show!!
@firstpreiser 👋👋👋 @erictrine and @jaimederringer !!! wish i could be there.
@jaimederringer Awwwwwww 🎶 memories 🎵
@michelle_mosqueda When are you showing in ny?
@marketsformakers Love your posts!
@wolfum ❤️❤️❤️
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