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this book is a book i wanted to buy back in feburary the day it was released but i forced myself to wait until march to buy it, which wasn't hard. i have only bought 9 books since the start of january myself, and i am really enjoying the fact that i am getting my tbr shorter. •

i am still working towards the #unreadshelfproject2018 which is such a great thing because it has gotten me focused on what i should be doing with my tbr. and when i buy books - i make sure they're books that i wish to read, rather than books i'm just buying because, y'know? πŸ™‚ i have walked out of plenty of bookshops this year not buying a single book if i didn't see something i previously wanted to read. this project has helped me not impulse buy. ☺️

what are some books that you've impulsive bought?
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@elevenreads I’ve been really good about not impulse buying books. it helps me to set a monthly tbr that doesn’t leave room for extra new booksπŸ˜‚.
@instalovewithbooks @11shakesreads impulse buying honestly makes my wallet cry πŸ˜‚ so it's best that we don't do it.
@raisingvoraciousreaders Beautiful paperback copy of norse mythology by neil gaiman earlier this month was my most recent impulse buy! since starting the unread shelf project i have cut way down on my impulsive book buying it feels nice!
@serialbibliophile What a beautiful cover 😍 cant wait for mine to get here!
@instalovewithbooks @raisingvoraciousreaders i am really glad the #unreadshelfproject2018 is a thing for this year πŸ™‚ it's helped a lot of people who have stuck with it.
@instalovewithbooks @serialbibliophile i love the cover! the hardcover without the dust jacket is bland though 🀷