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Video by @and_olive_
hello, world! meet today’s #weeklyfluff: olive (@and_olive_ ), a hungry, hungry bunny who loves all things green and crunchy 🌿. follow along for all of olive’s leafy adventures at home in japan. 🐰

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Photo by @turtledove.a
“this ‘where the wild things are’ costume has been in our family for years,” says turtle williams (@turtledove.a ), who captured her daughter bounding through the frame. “i was waiting for my usually wild dogs to do something crazy, but it was too hot to have fun. so i did the best i could with three wild-ish things.” #whpwildthing

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Photo by @rizkidarmoh
why did the chicken go up the stairs? to get to the other side. #whpwildthing

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Photo illustration by @karencantuq
after a few weeks of sickness, lily the golden retriever is finally back to her usual antics. “when we left the vet, you could see her excitement,” says her human, visual artist karen cantu quintanilla (@karencantuq ). “she ran toward these plants and started playing around, getting all muddy. my heart smiled, watching her being herself.” 💗🐞
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Photo by @masoudoroudian
hanging out with a few cool cats in tehran 🐾 #whpwildthing

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Photo by @reverieroaming
“some days you just gotta swap the office for the mountains and the wi-fi for the woods and go on a hike with your best friend,” writes amy lynn (@reverieroaming ) in her caption. #whpwildthing

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Photo by @michellevalbergphotography
jumping for joy at the arrival of spring snow. 😍
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“we’re just two goofy girls from atl who like making music,” says chloe, 19, one-half of chloe and halle (@chloexhalle ), who attended and performed at coachella (@coachella ) for the first time last weekend. 🌴 ✨ “my sister and i create all of our music!” says chloe. “we executive produced our album [“the kids are alright”], and it was all done in the living room. we’re so involved with every inch of the process — because this is how we tell our story.” the past five years have been a whirlwind for the sisters, who signed to beyoncé’s label, traveled the world, cut multiple albums and acted in multiple projects.
for chloe and halle, the energy of festival season charges them up. “we are around creatives, music and art lovers and feel right at home,” says halle, 18. “it’s also always a beautiful thing to watch someone on that stage, be entranced by who they are and take away something from their performance.”
check out today’s story to see their onstage and offstage adventures from the weekend in indio.

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Photo by @andreabruce
“i am drawn to combining the sad with the beautiful,” says american photojournalist andrea bruce (@andreabruce ). “when i went overseas to cover the wars in iraq and afghanistan, i realized that community journalism is even more needed in conflict zones — in areas where you need to get one type of person to relate to another type of person. when people think of conflict photography, they don’t think of someone who has become a part of the community, who has invested in it as a person. but i think successful conflict photographers have done that. and that’s where my biggest strength is.”
today in amsterdam, the international women’s media foundation (@theiwmf ) is celebrating andrea with the anja niedringhaus courage in photojournalism award, which honors a female photographer who demonstrates the same bravery in conflict as the late anja niedringhaus. “it’s a tremendous honor,” she says. “there aren’t too many women in conflict as photographers, and anja was someone i really looked up to. she led with her heart.”
check out our story to see photos from andrea and other honorees. 📸

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Featured photo by @andrewknapp
spend time with your favorite furry companion for #whpwildthing.
focus on the animals that bring you joy. your best friend’s dog, sister’s iguana, classroom hamster or even the birds in your backyard can be great subjects.
showcase their unique personality. video can help highlight what makes your favorite animal friends stand out. film your pet while playing fetch in the park or finding the perfect spot for a nap.
share what you do together. whether it’s heading out on a weekend road trip or staying curled up at home, capture elements that highlight the activities you do together.
project rules: please add the #whpwildthing hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week.

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Photo by @livingwithpickles
hello, world! meet today’s #weeklyfluff, pickles and dill (@livingwithpickles ), a pig and pup pair of besties that live in san francisco. “pickles is one and a half years old, and dill just turned one,” says maddie, their human, who rescued pickles from a farm when he was a piglet. “we noticed pickles really loved hanging out with dogs, especially frenchies. maybe it’s because they also have a pig-like build, make similar noises and have no shame. and i’m pretty sure dill thought he was a pig when we first brought him home.”
these days, two have become one: pickles and dill share everything from bubble baths to fresh veggies together. “it’s hard to say whether pickles is more of a dog or if dill is more of a pig,” says maddie. 🐽

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Photo by @ali_lapetina
when she moved to detroit for college, documentary photographer ali lapetina (@ali_lapetina ) connected to her new home through her camera. “i soon realized that it was the doorway to interact with residents in various neighborhoods,” she says. “it became my mission to collaborate with them and share their stories.”
from that mission came women of banglatown (@womenofbanglatown ), a nonprofit organization and community space for women and girls in banglatown, a neighborhood on the border of northern detroit and the city of hamtramck and an enclave of bengali and yemeni immigrants. “through free art classes and income-generating activities, conversations are sparked about what it means to navigate this world as a multicultural woman living in the us,” says ali. “seeing these women grow and transition as they embark on significant moments in their lives reminds me — and i hope my followers — that we are all humans, just evolving and growing into ourselves.”
watch our story to meet ali and some of the women and girls of banglatown.

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