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Ok. what questions do you have? let’s hear them! i’ll try to answer as many as i can. :) ♥ emma // january theme: lets just call you #thegamechanger // #liveinthedetails #emmagrace #emmagraceauthor #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire #author #lifestories #couragetorise
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@chosen.warrior.writer What program do you use to put your words onto your pictures? (to put it in awful wording 😂)
@leiladaly What is your biggest dream? 💕
@mariepaulinesamson What is the greatest lesson you learn in life?
@liveinthedetails @leiladaly honestly, my longest and biggest dream was to publish a book that changes lives. i am publishing a book... so i pray it changes lives one day!! :))
@jennandujar Best advice for a late starter?
@piscesstern When you were younger, did you ever dreamt of becoming a writer?
@liveinthedetails @chosen.warrior.writer photoshop. :) i use photos from copyright free sites like or pixabay and edit them in photoshop :) i also use the apple pencil to create the hand drawn ones :)
@liveinthedetails @jennandujar best advice for... life? or writing? what are you looking for specifically?
@liveinthedetails @piscesstern every single moment of every day
@leiladaly @liveinthedetails you are already changing. thank you 🙏
@piscesstern @liveinthedetails thank you for answering my question 😊
@engagedguilty Are the background pictures yours?
@it.lva What can you do other than reading to improve your essay writing skills for analysis and stuff?
@kathy_rivera_lopez Just want you to know that your words of inspiration motivation saves one soul at a time? .. im one of those old soul ..
@_dreamersrealm_ How to find the purpose of our life?? if possible please answer
@leezie_lr What inspires you to write?
@sameera.idrees There is this one ship, on this ship there are two people. one is sailing while the other is watching the person sail. the person who was sailing always sailed the ship on his own and the second person always watched him sail. then there came a tide which was so cold that it froze the sailing person. the person was there but not there at the same time, frozen between time. the other person went in search for him but little did he know he was always there. the person who was frozen finally started to melt, but the other person got lost in order to find the first. it took a while for the sails man to find the second person but the second person was not able to realize the person as he always saw him sailing. but the sails man has forgotten how to sail and asking the second person to teach him how to do so but little did he know that the second person just use to see him sail and never learnt to sail on his own. the sails man is too weak to sail all alone now. what should the sails man do?
@jennroze Where do you find all your beautiful pictures you use?
@sabinaah.__ How old are you?