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Ok. what questions do you have? let’s hear them! i’ll try to answer as many as i can. :) ♥ emma // january theme: lets just call you #thegamechanger // #liveinthedetails #emmagrace #emmagraceauthor #thecaptionwriter #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writer #soul #inspire #author #lifestories #couragetorise
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@nat__232 How can you get the people who are good for you (like fake friends) out of your life?
@cassidy.robertson_ How do you stay happy and positive?
@vibingwithstyle How can i increase traffic to my blog😊
@3misano When do you plan to have your book released
@jelenaspotatopeasant How will you know if this person is "that" person somehow?
@nia.nyak What do u do when your parents constantly misunderstood u? like u can't even fight back or saying anything cz they just won't listen...
@tree_sha What inspired you to start writing poetry? ❤️
@_krystal_s_ What makes you smile?!
@liveinthedetails @3misano i am hoping to find that out next week! :)
@liveinthedetails @janejuliet1 haha of course. 😜
@liveinthedetails @engagedguilty no— the actually photos are mostly from or pixabay :) i edit them all in photoshop with my words. only the ones that look like photos with ripped paper are taken by me.
@_17annie_ How old are you?
@mlle.nikki Emma, your voice is beautifully rare, raw and elegant - goes straight to the heart. ❤️ what is your writing schedule like, especially on dark days or if words get stuck trying to flow out?
@liveinthedetails @mlle.nikki awww thank you so much. honestly, i think we all have those days. but i promise myself that no matter how i feel, i’ll write every day. so i get up, get my coffee and usually sit in the car to post. it’s a great way to ensure nothing else distracts me. :) i think it’s somewhat interesting— the days i feel like writing the least are the days i have the most to say. it just pours out. 😘
@liveinthedetails @jelenaspotatopeasant i think, quite simply, you don’t have to ask that question. 💛
@liveinthedetails @nat__232 what you don’t water won’t grow, sweet soul. give your time to other things and eventually those things you don’t nurture fade away 😘
@mlle.nikki @liveinthedetails love this- thank you so much for sharing! and sending the best vibes your way for the upcoming book. you’ve touched so many already - and i’m excited your work will be published to reach even more! 😘☀️
@_2001shreyaaaaaaaaaa_ @liveinthedetails @emmagraceauthor one voice that has touched me.the way you incorporate sweet souls in your writings just makes my heart fill with joy! it feels as in though,your the only person who can make me feel good about myself on a bad day.and your pictures!too awesome to be expressed in words.