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Renata | f | 3 y | sheepdog mix | 26 lbs | mexico | med to high energy | shy + affectionate | great on leash | needs proper intros with people + dogs | no cats | older kids only

since our sheepdog mixes have officially broken the internet we have a surprise guest appearance now looking for her forever fam… meet renata, but the cool kids call her ren! she definitely likes to live an active life and get out for a couple long walks per day but is otherwise chill indoors and loves to snuggle up on the couch or a dog bed. in between her adventures she will need a couple p*e breaks as she’s still adjusting to this housetraining thing and may have the occasional accident indoors. ren can be shy at first with new people and may back away or bark. it’s best to let her make the first move (not having people extend their hand but letting her actually go up to them) because once she gets up the courage to check you out she’s all in and is very people friendly. she likes to follow you around the house but should work on being a little more independent. she can also get jealous when other dogs check you out or you show them affection. so far she has been very apprehensive meeting other dogs but co-exists comfortably with the dog in her foster home, mostly because she just does not have time for him when humans are around. she should continue to work on her socialization with other dogs, ideally in a controlled environment like a training class. ren is very smart and has mastered a few basic commands but every day’s a school day and there’s so much more to learn! she walks like a dream on leash but is not a fan of her crate. she doesn’t care for cats and would be fine in a home with older kids (12+). ren’s ideal home is active, with a flexible schedule and lots of cuddles. is that you? fill out an application to adopt!

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@taymgraham @coolguyfriendlyguy we need to move this is too much, we need to adopt a doggo
@itsbetterblonde Sheepdogs are the new frenchies thanks to @frankiegoestotoronto ! #sotrendy #sofluff
@carlierose08 So cute but does not look sheepdog at all. jack russell mix for sure
@maceinyourface @shbyshki the pup of my dreams
@dainsk Lil sweetie
@frankiegoestotoronto @itsbetterblonde #sotrendy and not that i’m biased or anything, but sheepies are so super cute 🐾 💜