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Tyga back at it 😳 @boxinghypestore
comment 643 star 4,125 date_range October 2017
@kingrandy96 Wtf is this bs
@kingrandy96 I think he training for meek mill
@terrykavanagh38gmail.com4100 Wtf is that 😂😂😂😂😂
@petrionfroy Wtf is this dude doing
@datdudemp Why is he hitting to his side lol if someone's on the side of you then you're already s*****d
@jake77661 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@jake77661 😂😂
@jake77661 😂😂
@jake77661 😂😂
@finddantehere What a joke l**o first of all he's throwing his punch and leaving his other hand off to the side (cause that's smart) and 2. his form is just so d**n bad like who robbed this dude of his money for those striking classes?
@kappelleroyclarke @chriscasaceli dude, you're beginning to sound like a whining chick endlessly repeating yourself. this is getting ridiculous. you're going in on me for attacking the artist which i never did. if you weren't so starved for confrontation you'd see from what i wrote at the start, that i wasn't bashing tyga at all. i was criticizing the trainer/coach for mindlessly counting reps & failing to offer any useful corrections to tyga. it's all there in what i wrote. not once did i throw any hate on tyga; or on the trainer for that matter. it seems to me like you're the one full of all of these emotions which is blinding you to what you're actually reading. show me where i threw hate at tyga.🤔 you can't because i didn't, so you coming st me as if i did is silly & pointless. direct your frustration to the source, or better yet, try letting it go altogether. you'll live longer or at least happier & less inclined to argue where this nothing to argue. peace & god bless...
@fredrkelley Man i love it when these celebrities post their “fight training” .... his form is trash. you do in the fight what you train in the gym and that dude gonna get his head knocked off with a counter! 😂
@celfit_brooks I'll beat his a*s with one hand.. i hope he sees this and bets 50k on it 🙏
@hbk5000 Lmao!!!!!!! somebody tell him to stop posting these videos, he’s embarrassing himself!!!
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