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Left or right❓😁 📸: @atlas1216

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Now available for retail: air jordan 11 “win like ‘82’”. in-store only at flight club new york and flight club los angeles. *while supplies last, limit 1 per customer.

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Mercedesbenz 4×4² by @autosport718

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El 24 de noviembre de 1948 las fuerzas armadas nacionales derrocaron al gobierno constitucional presidido por rómulo gallegos, quien el 15 de febrero de 1948 había asumido la presidencia de la república, luego de triunfar en los comicios de diciembre de 1947 con un 74.4% de los votos escrutados. el pueblo venezolano eligió por vía universal directa y secreta a sus representantes, siendo esta la primera del siglo xx. los factores que incidieron en la crisis política e institucional que derivó en la caída de gallegos fueron muchos. por un lado, el partido de gobierno (ad), quien se estableció en el poder luego del derrocamiento de isaís medina angarita (18-10-1945) y en el que se sustentaba gallegos, comenzó a ser tildado de sectario al ocupar los principales cargos de la administración pública con sus partidarios. para más información, visite el link en la bio o nuestro sitio web: #globovision #gv #romulogallegos

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When some things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many things that are still going right 🙏🏼 #familyfirst #happyholidays #dontsweatthesmallstuff

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@kel.alzinn @kel.alzinn - _ .. - - للطلب والاستفسار: +96550528928 / - من داخل السعودية: 0534714511 / من داخل قطر: 50573834 من الامارات 0506198531 . - - - - - - - انت ساحرني نعم .. انت آسرني نعم ... &&&&

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What level are on you?💪 these exercises are to strengthen my core not to get #abs !! huge misunderstanding and trick many coaches uses to sell programa ( not hating on anyone hustle) i was too once a client@in need of a coach now as a coach to many 🙏 is my duty to inform you as clear as can.. . . when i go live tonight i will explain⤵️ how you know you ready to move to the next level??? . . . #honestcoaching #lovemyclients #onlicoach #sunifit #fitgirl

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It's an #addtocart kind of day 😜  head to to get 50% off our entire site!!! : happy #blackfriday : #shopnow #fur #leather #boots #bdonnas #sale #onlineboutique #onlineshopping #fashionsavvy@bdonnas

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Sizin veya sevdiklerinizin resmini telefon kılıfına , kupa bardağa veya puzzle baskı yapıyoruz 👉1 adet sadece 19,90 tl 👉 üstelİk 2 adet alana 1 adet bedava ! ☎️ whatsapp siparis: 0535 388 46 46 @telef10 @telef10 #ablam#evlat#galata#aslan#trabzonspor#fb#bordomavi #herseyim#huzur#balım#adana#artvin#erzurum#deniz#marmaris #alanya#gurbetçi#belcika#isviçre#beraber#ne#kina#nişanlık #kınagecesi

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@thefighterden black friday deal! 🔥 high quality leopard bracelets!🔥 now free!!! just cover shipping. sale ends midnight! get yours while stock lasts! get yours here: @thefighterden @thefighterden @thefighterden

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De verdad!! primero deberían enseñarnos a amarnos a nosotros mismos antes que enseñarnos como se ama a la demás gente, como se aman muchas cosas diferentes a nosotros!💖 ese tiene que ser el primer amor de todos 💙 . enamoradas de nosotras mismas, llenas de amor, de seguridad, de confianza es que logramos cualquier cosa que nos propongamos!

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Selamat pagi calon orang sukses! 🙏😁😇

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New braaap santa 🎅🏻 ugly christmas sweatshirts 👉🏻👉🏻 click the link in our bio to order yours #crushedmx #motocross #moto #motox #mx #offroad #braap designed by @motomesa

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The @lucaandgrae black friday sale is happening!!! use code blackfriday for 30% off everything! 💕 we launched 50+ new pieces too! check out my ig story for links to my fav pieces 🎉

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Hair by @helandloul 😍😍😍

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If i didn’t love my iphone so much, i would smash it against the wall. 183 unread emails and 185 unread whatsapp messages? what kind of hell is this? and the little red alert with the 183 drives me crazy. and trust me, they’re not spam. i hate replying to emails, i feel like i’m at school. i was born to look at the stars in acapulco, not to reply to emails. i miss those acapulco days and nights. i would go to the beach at night wearing my yellow vest, put on some mosquito repellent, bring down my speakers and lay on the beach listening to @djjohndigweed for hours by myself. then, at 6:30 am, i would walk with panzas all along the bay, well, until the condesa hotel and then i would be back with nanny eli and doña gloria eating pancakes and eggs. the other day, coming down from the ranch, i saw 2 stray dogs on the side of the street sleeping peacefully on the grass while the sun hit their bodies and i thought to myself, how lovely it would be to be one of those dogs. it reminded me of alexander the great’s story meeting a buddha in india, it’s too long to explain here but it’s exactly the same as me and those dogs, the only thing that i will say about it is that after that encounter, alexander the great gave the order that his hands hung out from his coffin because he wanted the whole world to know that even him, alexander the great, left this world empty handed... #papabearchronicles #alexanderthegreat

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. تعديلات في بعض لوائح نظام ‎الأحوال المدنية منها تعديل اسم القبيلة وحذفها. 🔻🔻 5- المادة (41) «عند طلب حذف القبيلة فيكون ذلك وفقاً للآتي : أ- الرجوع لأساس طالب التعديل والتأكد من عدم وجود ملاحظات عليه. ب- يكون التقديم لوالده و جميع اخوته الذكور والاناث بموجب صك شرعي. ج- أن لا يكون تسجيل اسم القبيلة مبني على اجراءات تجنس أو لجان خاصة بمنح الجنسية أو بمنح حفائظ النفوس. د- الإعلان عن ذلك في إحدى الصحف المحلية وبعد مضي شهر على الإعلان وعدم وجود معارضة أو ملاحظة فيتم استكمال الإجراء وفقا للمادة (33) من هذه اللائحة التنفيذية وبموجب خطاب من الوكالة». . . . 🔴 سناب عاجل نيوز ون news_1 🔴 | | | | ‎#فيديو #الرياض #السعودية #صور #الملك_سلمان #محمد_بن_نايف #محمد_بن_سلمان #القصيم #بريدة #خبر #داعش #مكة #الملك #عاجل_نيوز_ون #عاجل #أخبار #أخبار_عاجلة #عاصفة_الحزم #مكة #عنيزة

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Decorating for the holidays is fun (@chubbylittlebastard 📸) 👈 used the jingle jangle to make a work of art for your mouth 🤤🙌

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