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In my reading this morning i came across this verse... i had to share it. this one just reminds me that i can't let my heart go cold... not even a little bit. that's what the enemy wants. for me to close my heart under the illusion that i am protecting myself, but in reality it is quite the opposite. god gives everyone gifts. one of mine is my ability to openly love and forgive people, showing empathy and mercy. the enemy has been chipping away at me and trying to convince me that shutting my heart behind a wall to protect myself is the answer. and yes, i was tired of getting hurt. yes, i was tired of feeling misunderstood or getting funny looks because i was "too soft" or because i forgave things "too quickly" or i'm "too nice" even when people treat me poorly... no... unforgiveness is poison and being able to love and forgive is a true strength. i am thankful for it, even if it is a double edged sword at times. the enemy always attacks what he is threatened by... and if he is threatened by my heart, well i must say i'm flattered. i just love how one simple scripture can hit me right between the eyes and remind me i am not here to waste what i was given. it's humbling. my prayer this morning is that my heart continually stays opened up, my walls that were being built crumble, and that when i'm hurting, i run to the only one that may cure it, instead of trying to handle it on my own. god wants us to lean on him. he wants us to run to him when we run out of answers. he wants us to have a heart of service and charity. don't let the enemy take your strengths that you were given, whatever they may be, under the false pretense that your life will become easier. that's a lie. life isn't easy, and we aren't here to waste the time and talents we are given. 🖤 #thankful
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