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Please help!! ➡️➡️➡️#repost @loveone_project *****like you we are outraged that senate passed s.j. res. 18 by a vote of 51 to 47 to allow the killing of hibernating bears, denning wolves and other predators in protected zones of alaska. s.j res 18 is sponsored by alaska's sole congressman rep. don young. to find out more about rep. don young 👉🏼 president trump has 6 days to decide the destiny of countless of innocent animals. what can you do? 1. to write to president trump and urge him to veto #sjres18 go to 👉🏼 2. to write to your state senator and oppose s.j. res. 18 go to 👉🏼 list of us senators in @worldanimalnews bio 3. sign petition currently circulating in bio. please be polite when calling or writing, we want our message to be heard not blocked. thank you. stand for our nation's wild life! #iswmp #bear #bearhunting #bears #hunting #stophunting #stoptrophyhunting #sos #urgent #news #breakingnews #usa #usatoday #animalrights #compassion #kindess #saveanimals #protectanimals #animals #instabears #helpanimals #animalactivists #animalnews

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อากาศคงจะร้อนไปหน่อย 😩🔥#นักบุญทรงกลด

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ง่ายยย อร่อยยย ฟินนน เตรียมตัวไปหาคุณหมอ 😁👨🏼‍⚕️🍕🍳🧀🍴#mynameisnapat 🤰🏻💫

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The beauty is in the details.

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Teami question ☕🍃❓have you seen our customizable tumbler inserts yet 🤔? well, they are pretty cute. for this season we have unicorns 🦄 lemons 🍋 and workout motivation 💪🏼! what designs would you like to see us come out with next that would make you so happy?! we want you to be so excited to decorate your tumblers 😁 so we want to know your favorite designs & patterns! tell us 🙋🏻👇🏼 ( maybe your suggestion will be made next 😉 ) #thankyouteami #teamitumbler

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Firing up after #wwephilly w some @monsterenergy!! #monster (and #kevinowens) just made the list! #thelistofjericho

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Bright orange and black stainless steel bracelet! click the link in our bio to order yours!!! #crushedmx #motocross #moto #dirtbikes #bikelife #ride #moto #braap

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Quando a comemoração consegue ser tão boa quanto a cesta 😂😂 #uol #uolesporte▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ 📲baixe o placar uol 👉 link na bio

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E esse reencontro de "um maluco no pedaço"?? ate fiz a dancinha do carlton! só faltou o tio phill! (o ator faleceu em 2013) 😞

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Chill kemba #handlelife

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{#jamiedornan #teamdornan}

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Credit: @trustgodbro

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Thank you for 7 million followers! we couldn't have done it without you❤ as a thank you, we would like to offer you 30-70% ⠀ use code: 👉 "7milli" 👈⠀ tag @fashionnova #fashionnova for a chance to be featured💋⠀ ✨

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Como son en su ciudad??? acá el colmo llego a las iglesias, o sea por dios no sé si soy muy anticuada o lo que sea pero para mi ir a la iglesia es un templo sagrado donde se respeta, ora y reflexiona. pero ahora, se volvió solo ir por moda a tomar fotos, vídeos y demás 🤷🏽‍♂️ por qué lo hacen? por demostrar que tan "plays" son? que están haciendo lo que hacen todos? que con ir a una iglesia a grabar ya son "buenas personas" 🤗 no lo hago con el ánimo de ofender así que no empiecen a pelear, solo doy mi punto de vista y digo que esta modernidad hasta dónde nos está llevando 🤧🤧🤧#lapsiquiadice

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#여행유발자 여행은 살아보는거야👍🏼에어비앤비 어플오 숙소 예약뿐 아니라 로컬 여행 정보까지 얻을 수 있다는 사실! 알고 계신가요? 서울 명륜동의 근사한 에어비앤비 숙소에서 여행에 대한 로망을 마구마구 키웠어요🏝🗽🗻 여러분들은 어디로 떠나고 싶으세요? #airbnbtrips #seoul #ceci #editor_흥마루

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#themeoftheweek for the #coralgirls ... challenges are opportunities ... #qotd ... "today is your day! your mountain is waiting. so... get on your way." ~dr. seuss ... you can't #enjoytheview if you don't #climbthemountain #⛰

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