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¡a por todas! el cielo es el límite con #ultraboostx

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Make up and hair on point 🖤@maki.lab

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Красавчик 🏋🏻

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حنايه خدمة منزلية للحجز 0506979592 0506979592 @henna_ahmar my work 📞 0506979592 @henna_ahmar #henna#whitehenna#blackhenna #zukreat#hudabeauty#henna_ahmar#hairsandstyles #instagram#fabulouslytrendy @[email protected]@zukreat #monakattan#lookamillion#dollhousedubai#vegas_nay#wakeupandmakeup[email protected][email protected]@[email protected]_show@wakeupandmakeup

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А помните недавний конкурс #duracellpowerlab Мы с малышкой участвовали с идеей волшебных пуантов и светящегося балетного платья👯) было интересно почитать, что придумывают детки💡Здорово, что вообще компании проводят такие классные мероприятия и конкурсы для детей. Выискивают таланты и воплощают даже самые неожиданные задумки #duracellpowerlab видели их на youtube канале и ждём в ближайшее время выхода третьего видео😊. А сейчас завершён третий этап конкурса и победителем стала девочка Даша со своей необычной идеей - стать каскадером и участвовать в съемках захватывающих боевиков🙆🏻. Даже не представляю какое будет счастье для девочки, и какая это незабываемая память - воплотить задуманное✨

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Sana po panoorin natin ng sabay sabay ang fpj ang probinsyano pagkatapos po yan ng tv patrol...😊😊😊

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Doakan dia.. :) . . . #teladanrasul . . *selain doa, bisa baca-baca juga ig @arifrahman.lubis yg in syaa allah membahas persiapan menikah indah berkah 😊

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A sunday well fed is a sunday well spent 🍴

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ทีมร้าย ๆ นำทีมโดยโมรีและกิตากาวา #นักบุญทรงกลด #ยอดนักสู้บู๊ตัวพ่อ #กด35 #ch7dramasociety @benz_punyaporn @d.tsukikawa

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Beautiful message.💝 @nimsdefabulouss - years ago, there was this bbc story of a congolese woman who was taken captive by militants along with 50 of her family members. forty were shot dead in her presence. her brother's private part was cut and he was killed for refusing to sleep with her. she was forced to strangle her child and was later r***d by 19 men. she was stripped n***d from the day she was captured to the day she escaped. this woman was not a sister of mother teresa or a niece of oprah winfrey nor does her maiden name bear mandela! she is not a pastor or a bible school student! she was an ordinary, local, village woman who couldn't even speak english. when interviewed on her hospital bed on what she thought should be done to the militants if they were caught, this poor, uneducated woman said as a christian who believed her bible, she had forgiven and released them in her heart! unbelievable! those who forced you to k**l your child? forgive those who r***d you 19 times? forgive those who killed your brother and murdered your relatives in a horrible manner? yes! yes! yes and she did! but why do bad things happen to good people? oh i remember that mandela as president, actually forgave those who had jailed him unjustly for 27 years! if you must make it to your land of evidence this year, you are going to forgive lots of people at different junctures. no matter how careful you are, people must hurt you. those you trust will betray you! those you helped will repay you with evil! that is the pathway of the great and the compulsory narrow road of the just! always remember that forgiveness is your gift to others but moving on is your gift to yourself! close with st francis: "it is in pardoning that we are pardoned." as 2017 begins, go and do likewise! this is your year! #africansweetheartweddings #forgiveness #love

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너무 상큼해서 어쩌지 벌써 봄이예요 저는 :-) #happybath #혜리

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