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The pg1 hits the court at the o2 arena for today's team practice.
61 10,171 January 2017
@_nolimitfergo Gotta cop!
@vega_22x 🔥🔥🔥
@dilemaz Maybe hell start playing like pg
@darrylj1522 @dilemaz he's had some 30 point games this season and he's taken over games when it's mattered. you should watch more
@brazy.brayden Those are so clean imo
@dilemaz @darrylj1522 turner out hustles and out plays this man, whats they record? i thought he was an all star, leading the team?
@darrylj1522 @dilemaz you sound really stupid. we're on a 5 game winning streak and the team is finding its groove. when does turner out hustle paul?
@aaroneamer @dilemaz completely different players. you don't know what the word hustle means. it's a team game.
@dilemaz @darrylj1522 i sound stupid? yet paul george only averages about 22 pts a game and roughly 2 to 3 assist average, but you actin like he the truth l**o theres players in the nba younger than him on way worse teams putting up those numbers and turner isnt far behind even at age 20, its sad hes too cocky he does not lead that team. anyone can get hot and put up thirty, westbrook averages that l**o
@dilemaz @aaroneamer yeah d**n idk what that word means, it must have some wild definition l**o and if ots a team game and if pg is the leader whats they record? where his assists at? where his points at if he their allstar?
@dilemaz Butthurt pacer fans sticking up for their "all star" lolol
@johnny_773 @chihuaz we gotta get them bro! vamos andar freshh summer 2017 🔥
@aaroneamer @dilemaz he's leading the team in ppg and when jeff teague is getting 10 assist per game (over the last 11) then the assist burden falls from him. that's jeff's game. paul has never been about huge numbers but all around game. you watching too much westbrook/harden.