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E esse reencontro de "um maluco no pedaço"?? ate fiz a dancinha do carlton! só faltou o tio phill! (o ator faleceu em 2013) 😞

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Chill kemba #handlelife

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{#jamiedornan #teamdornan}

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Credit: @trustgodbro

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Thank you for 7 million followers! we couldn't have done it without you❤ as a thank you, we would like to offer you 30-70% ⠀ use code: 👉 "7milli" 👈⠀ tag @fashionnova #fashionnova for a chance to be featured💋⠀ ✨

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Como son en su ciudad??? acá el colmo llego a las iglesias, o sea por dios no sé si soy muy anticuada o lo que sea pero para mi ir a la iglesia es un templo sagrado donde se respeta, ora y reflexiona. pero ahora, se volvió solo ir por moda a tomar fotos, vídeos y demás 🤷🏽‍♂️ por qué lo hacen? por demostrar que tan "plays" son? que están haciendo lo que hacen todos? que con ir a una iglesia a grabar ya son "buenas personas" 🤗 no lo hago con el ánimo de ofender así que no empiecen a pelear, solo doy mi punto de vista y digo que esta modernidad hasta dónde nos está llevando 🤧🤧🤧#lapsiquiadice

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#여행유발자 여행은 살아보는거야👍🏼에어비앤비 어플오 숙소 예약뿐 아니라 로컬 여행 정보까지 얻을 수 있다는 사실! 알고 계신가요? 서울 명륜동의 근사한 에어비앤비 숙소에서 여행에 대한 로망을 마구마구 키웠어요🏝🗽🗻 여러분들은 어디로 떠나고 싶으세요? #airbnbtrips #seoul #ceci #editor_흥마루

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#themeoftheweek for the #coralgirls ... challenges are opportunities ... #qotd ... "today is your day! your mountain is waiting. so... get on your way." ~dr. seuss ... you can't #enjoytheview if you don't #climbthemountain #⛰

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Passionate from miles away

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Hot @ruby.mustang equipped with a set of 20" v-ff 101's. we have these in stock and are ready to ship! 🚛 #vorsteiner #vorsteinerwheels #flowforged #ford #mustang #fordmustang

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Tag someone who loves @jeremyjauncey! he will be in manila sooner than you think!
#jeremyjaunceyforbench #benchtm #livelifewithflavor #yourfavoritepinoybrand

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“but darling… in the end, you’ve got to be your own hero, because everyone’s busy trying to save themselves.” #wrestlemania #legitboss #rawwomenschampionship

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Just found this! #tb ❤️ @how_about_mina @hannegabysees @natashapoly @kasiastruss 💫🥂

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I decided tour! the final 2 california shows were last night. love to everybody who made it n thanks for all the birthday love at the shows 🔥🔥🔥 denver, co tomorrow!

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