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Here it is!!!. after so many requests for a cone rolling video. i have written a bunch of tips below to get cones like the ones i get. .

cone rolling tips:

1. i use a 20- 25 micron thickness cello. i've found they give you the thinnest tip to work with.
2. i cut my cello sheets 9 inches x 6 inches . i've found the rectangular shape to be ideal for me.

3. i roll my cones with an open tip. i used to roll them closed and cut it. i found that cutting the tip of the cones makes the henna paste curl up at the tip. especially if the snipping of the cello at the tip has been done at an angle or so. hence i roll the cones open now.
4. i use a 0.5 mm pencil lead to roll my cones open. i found that 0.5mm measurement was ideal for me. pins of that thickness are hard to come by, so i just use a pencil lead. that process has been demonstrated in the video. you may even use a gauge wire of 0.5 mm thickness or any other thickness for that matter. since i use these leads, i know my cone tips will be the same thickness all the time. i remove the pencil leads before filling the henna.
these are all the things that i learnt through the years and what i am comfortable with. i remind you. this is not the only way to make a cone but this is how i do it. you can experiment and find out what suits you. may be one year later i will post something that is totally different from what i do today. we all learn things in time. i hope you find my video informative.
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@teeja_choudhary Thank dear...it's really informative. i follow ur tip. it really help me. and now i am comfortable...just one more thing i wanna ask...this might be simply. but cutting the sheet is tricky . so can u share the video of cutting the sheet...pls it's a request
@zainab7enna Loved the pencil lead tip, i think i'll try it soon. thanks a lot for the video
@iinerlight Thank you! 🙏 thank you! 🙏thank you! you are indeed very generous with your information. such a great help! dare i push you just a little further to see how you fill and then the method you use to squeeze the cone for a continuous flow?
@tweenybelle Why is it that you fingertips on the other hand has ink on it?
@maimunajaved26 Dear can u please show us how to make henna ?? :d
@henna_nargis @zeyneb_ad je fais de la même façon pour faire les connes de peinture
@shirinhanif Thank you for sharing ur secret of making a perfect cone
@heymustache_ What is the composition of your henna?
@gilmaaaa @espiritu_medicinal saw this ig page and thought of you! hope all is well.
@maleesa_henna @hennabydevakysdharan thank you soo much but how do u put the henna in?
@i_.unknown._ 👏👌💜
@hajramohamed1 Do u sale cone
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