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Vamos dar uma volta? 👀

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She remembered who she was, and the game changed- lala deliah 🌿 #spring #quarantine #livelife #feelingmyself #instadaily #instagram #selfie #weekendvibes #turnitup #loveyourself

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Harry truman once said if you want a friend in dc, get a dog. we have two 💜💜

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𝐘i𝐍 𝐘a𝐍𝐆 ❥

hey babies! just a lil’ yin yang/clown inspired moment☯️ if you zoom in you’ll notice i didn’t go too ham on the facetune this time 😂 hope you guys like this close up! ilysm🖤 stay home & stay safe!

@benefitcosmetics goof proof brow pencil in 1&3
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Achei lindo!!!.....hoje o motorista de um caminhão passou por mim e me cumprimentou através de seu para-brisas. eu sorri de volta e aí notei que a máscara escondeu meu sorriso. não sei se ele percebeu a expressão dos meus olhos que ficaram menores e com pés de galinha ao redor, bem comum quando sorrio.
foi aí que me dei conta que agora teremos que aprender a nos comunicar através do olhar. curioso, estudiosos passaram anos tentando desenvolver uma língua universal quando ela sempre esteve em cada um de nós.
quem sabe a gente tenha evitado até então, porque os olhos, ah…os olhos nunca mentem.
relato munike ávila
written by
munike ávila @munikeavila

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camera : nikon d750
lens : nikon af-s nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8g ed
date : 2018.4.7
#弘法山古墳 #桜 #満開 #花 #松本市 #長野県 #日本 #koboyamaruins #cherryblossoms #fullbloom #flower #matsumoto #nagano #japan #東京カメラ部 #tokyocameraclub #instagram #hellofrom #thisweekoninstagram @viewtabi @rakutentravel @japanairlines_jal #jaldiscova #発見レポ #jalan_sakura2020 #visit_tokai #長野のいいところ #stayhome #stayathome .

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#hellofrom mount fuji, located in the yamanashi prefecture of japan. we’re currently dreaming of these sakura blossoms, shining bright in the shadow of this colossal mountain. 🌸✨⁣

photo by @rkrkrk

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On today’s #weeklyfluff, meet squid (@squidthegriff ), a “sweet-hearted” brussels griffon. “originally, we named him squid after his big googly eyes 👀 and his fur being as black as squid ink,” says his human susanne. 🦑⁣⁣
“when squid’s beard starter to grow longer, it took on a tentacle-like appearance when wet. the name turned out to be even more of a perfect fit for him!”⁣⁣

photo by @squidthegriff

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This is what staying home and staying safe looks like ☀️🐶✨🛹💯⁣

hopefully these videos brighten your day like they did ours. check out our story for even more. 😊⁣

videos by @malindahermanofficial, @siravariety, @thfingerboarding

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Mother know best? according to model and new mom ashley graham (@ashleygraham ), her mother — aka “mama graham” — really does.⁣

ashley is using this time to soak up life’s lessons from the woman who taught her everything she knows... and good news for us, we get to hear them too. 🙌⁣

“one of my favorite parts about myself that my mother taught me was being able to find happiness in any situation. thank you, mama graham.”⁣

so whether you are a mom, taking care of your mom or missing your mom, remember to slow down and #takeabreak. you deserve it. 💞

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For lots of people around the world, the time is now to #stayhome. that also means it's time to 👋reach out 👋 (by phone or from a safe distance!) to neighbors, friends and family who could use a pick-me-up.⁣⁣
remember: we're in this together. 🌏❤️ ⁣
for the latest on staying #healthyathome, follow @who.⁣⁣
photo by @pablo.rochat

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Signs of the times: toilet paper quidditch⚡️a tiny meditating chef 👨‍🍳 and makeup with a message. 👄
check out today’s story for more things that have us smiling. 😊

videos by @jojotheragdollcat, @thetinychefshow and @kickiyangz

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Patrick cabral’s (@darkgravity ) large, layered paper sculptures may be intricate, but his approach is deceptively simple.⁣

“i just cut one hole after another,” says the filipino artist, who uses his talent to raise awareness about endangered species, like this tiger, which took him about 200 hours to create.⁣

“what i love about the work i do is that it’s also my form of meditation. every time i do my work, i get into a zen state. i have to be completely present, because i am using a sharp blade, and all i think of is cutting one hole at a time.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo by @darkgravity

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Graphic designer and paper artist jihee lee (@edaeri11 ) adds materials like acrylic, felt and iron nuts and bolts into her lifelike models of everyday objects.⁣

but all her creations — including this colorful meal — have one thing in common: their main ingredient is always paper.⁣

“when i make food, i first imagine how the food is plated, then i decide which materials and colors work up an appetite,” she says of her intricate sculptures. “i make a sketch and then do a 3d modeling, just like i’d set up a table for dinner. i give my best effort to make the food look as delicious as possible.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo by @edaeri11

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Spending a little more time at home than usual? (same.)⁣

storyteller, podcaster and former monk jay shetty (@jayshetty ) knows how to transform your space into one that’s full of good energy. 🙌✨⁣

“i want to help people create spaces that are full of positivity, specifically in four purposes: a space for gratitude, a space for productivity, a space that you can meditate and feel calm, and lastly, a space that you can exercise and stay healthy.”⁣

#takeabreak with jay, no matter where in the world you are 🌎💛, today on igtv.

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For josie totah (@josietotah ), her mom has always shown her unconditional love – especially when she came out as transgender. ❤️ ⁣⁣

“of course there were road bumps, curve balls and places where we needed to stop and figure things out. but not a second went by that my mom wasn’t holding my hand,” says the 18-year-old actress and producer.⁣

josie offers these words of support for other people who identify as trans. “you will surge into your light. it’s only a matter of time.” 💫 ⁣⁣

read more stories of love from the trans community on @glaad right now. #transdayofvisibility #translovestories⁣⁣

photo by @josietotah

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Look closely. this portrait by paper-quilling artist yi ye w**g (@pinkzhazha ) took nearly three months to complete and is 100% constructed from rolled up paper. 🤯⁣

“i use paper art to express the deep artistic mood of chinese traditional ink painting, combined with modern western art techniques, to make my own unique style,” says the paris-based chinese artist, who also writes songs and plays bass.⁣

“my friends are surprised that i can turn from being a crazy rock musician to a quiet artist who can work alone for long periods of time.” #thisweekoninstagram⁣

photo by @pinkzhazha

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