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#atitude #young #youngliving #positivevibes #positive #positivequotes #positivethinking #beyourself #iamwhoiam #f #u 我发我的ins,我发我的fb,干你屁事啦?工作归工作,我才不稀罕管,工作不要扯到我的私生活,好吗?拜托🙄️

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Yes that’s right. i’m looking for 5 hosts! get in quick, because dates are filling fast! 🤗

if you live far that’s ok, we can do this online. this is for her essential hand community or for those that dont have dōterra yet.
what's in for you? an amazing thank you gift from me. (conditions apply)

raise your hand below if you are ready and i’ll message you asap the info. or email me at or text/call 0428 125 130

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Hello oil roller labels! send us a message and we'll start working on some custom labels for you. ☺️ #apastelpantry #labeljarsnotpeople #customlabels #ineedlabels #imakelabels #essentialoil #younglivingessentialoils #diy #doterra #youngliving #smallbusiness #essentialoils

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Let’s talk lrp for a hot minute.

did you know once you become a wholesale member with dōterra there is two ways to order your products?

the first way is by placing a one time standard order in which you would be able to shop at the wholesale prices (25-%) off. you simply log into your account and click the green button on the right hand side that says “place one time standard order.” the second way to order offers the most value for your money and you get the most rewards. hence why it’s called the loyalty rewards program (lrp for short or monthly subscription). it is basically like how an airline rewards you with frequent flyer points but in dōterra you earn points to cash in on free product, get your shipping reimbursed and can qualify to earn compensation as well as cash in on the free product every month! best way to shop if you ask me 💁🏼‍♀️because who doesn’t live a good deal and free?! one thing to note about this awesome lrp program is that it is completely optional ☺️and you can cancel at anytime (cost free) since it is a reoccurring monthly order. it’s important to know when your processing date is so you can make sure your cart is loaded with all the goodies you are needing that month. i love earning free products each month and getting my shipping 100% reimbursed, gotta love that💌

if you are new and want to get started there’s only a few more days left in this month to score some amazing deals on my june promotion!
send me a message or an email at to find out more!


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8 oil andalan yg wajib kudu harus ada di tas tiap bepergian 😁 😘
ps : kalau mau tnya" boleh banget loh 😊😙 #essentialoil#
#younglivingindonesia #younglivingjakarta# #hidupsehat#

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Satu satunye anak yang memang xsuke pakai minyak
tapi kalau alysa ok lagi sebab so far alysa anti body dia kuat dari baby
tapi ni pagi tadi dia start selsema
so if time sakit, ko kata xnak pon mak ko tetap lumur gak minyak
kang kalau dah melarat lagi susah
so memang kerap sapunye immupower kat tapak kaki
towel kat leher dia tu ira drop rc & lavender untuk memudahkan dia lap hingus + inhale bau dua eo tu
sekarang ni kami tengah beraya kat rumah orang... tapi sekejap2 panggil alysa untuk lumur minyak
banyak letak lavender kat hidung dia untuk stopkan hingus meleleh... and result dia alhamdulillah dah xmeleleh2 hingus merata2 🤗
kat tempat korang hujan x?
ira ni dari petang semalam hujan on off... sejuk je rasa.. moga anak2 kite sihat sentiasa 😎
"keep oiling & stay healthy"
for order & consultation session 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
eira zainal
or klik link kat bio 👆🏻👆🏻
self pickup area 😌
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Just another reason to love young living!
have you heard of essential rewards? it’s young living’s monthly auto-ship program and the perks you get from being on it are fantastic!
you earn points back from all your purchases that you can then use to buy almost any product you want. you earn 10% from months 1-3, 20% from months 4-24 and 25% from months 25 and up! in addition to that, you also receive cheaper shipping rates and four different tiers to get the monthly promotions!
i’m not done yet! you also get a free oil for being on essential rewards for 3, 6, 9 & 12 months.
this blend 👆🏽 is what i received for being on essential rewards for 12 months! it is an exclusive for er members and it smells so good! i put this right into my diffuser when it came. thanks young living!!

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Grapefruit telah lama dikenal memiliki manfaat sebagai penurun berat badan.

grapefruit essential oil (minyak esential atau minyak atsiri grapefruit) adalah ekstrak ampuh yang berasal dari tanaman sejenis jeruk yang memiliki nama ilmiah citrus paradisi.

grapefruit telah digunakan selama berabad-abad untuk membantu melawan peradangan, menurunkan berat badan, kecanduan gula dan bahkan gejala mabuk.

saat ini grapefruit juga diketahui mampu meringankan stres, anti-inflamasi, memiliki sifat antioksidan dan memiliki sifat anti kanker.

manfaat grapefruit essential oil

desinfektan permukaan perabotan

membersihkan tubuh

mengurangi depresi

merangsang sistem kekebalan tubuh

menurunkan retensi cairan

membatasi kecanduan gula

membantu menurunkan berat badan

grapefruit oil secara alami mengandung antioksidan dan fitokimia yang mengurangi stres oksidatif serta peradangan penyebab penyakit.

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Amazonite-wood-lava 😍😍😍 customize your healing diffuser bracelet 👉 09056677001

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That time your brain overflowed after two epic and life changing days of learning and growth...
@stephbergnz74 i promise we took it all in, truly!

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Grab a glass 2oz spritz bottle off of @amazon, drop in the eos and fill the rest with filtered water ➕ a pinch of salt (to keep the oil and water mixed together). voila! incredible, healthy, effective hand sanitizer for your purse or diaper bag or wherever!! 🙌🏻 you can also spray this on anything else: steering wheel, grocery store carts, etc. 😍 #whoneedssoap #antibacterialsoapisbad! #norisks #nosideeffects #smellssogood!!! .
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#lanterndiffuser #peace #relaxation #relax #fun #calm #yleo #youngliving #kunzeaoil #trysomethingnew #whynot #betterthancandles #ilovemycompany
young living is always coming out with something new. try the brand new lantern diffuser and kunzea oil. kunzea oil helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, supports the respiratory system and soothes fatigued muscles. do something good for your health today.

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Mempergunakan barang bekas, jd barang berguna. utk tempat oil daily yg biasa dipakek anak2 drumah. dapat idea nya dr kak @tantankuswandi thanx alot kak bs jd inspirasi baru tempat penyimpanan oil. hehehe.. #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #hidupsehat

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Kan je 's avonds moeilijk in slaap raken?
wordt de stress van het leven je wat teveel?
wil je jezelf op een natuurlijke manier ondersteunen?

dan is dit gratis webinar zeker iets voor jou!

je stelt jezelf elke dag bloot aan meer dan 300 chemicaliën.
vaak begint het al 's morgens bij het tanden poetsen. ook in het huishouden, verzorging en zelfs het verzorgen van onze baby's of kindjes ontsnappen we er niet aan! maar wist je dat het ook anders kan? dat we onszelf, ons gezin en huisdieren niet hoeven bloot te stellen aan al deze ontzettend schadelijke stoffen?

in dit gratis webinar krijg je meer informatie over wat essentiële oliën zijn en hoe je deze kan introduceren in jouw leven en dat van je gezin. ik zal je meer info geven over de verschillende oliën, hun werking ervan en wat ze precies voor jou kunnen betekenen!

schrijf je in voor het webinar via deze link:
(er zijn verschillende data & tijdstippen beschikbaar, kies wat voor jou het beste past!)

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Gelang-gelang & kalung lava stone yang dikombinasikan dengan batu-batu alam lainnya sebagai essential oil diffuser..pesanan ms. @wibisonopatricia ..
yg berminat bisa request ukuran dan kombinasi batu nya 😊
#gelangbatu #lavastone #gelangbatualam #gelanglava #gelanglavastone #youngliving #younglivingjakarta #younglivingindonesia #essentialoildiffuserjewelry #essentialoildiffuserbracelet #essentialoildiffusernecklace

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Sudah berapa kali kau telah menyelamatkan hidupku 😁 lebaii yaa tapi beneran yaa selalu saja gagal flu demam atau batuk cuma pakai ini ajaaa, loveeeeeee banget ❤❤ gak perlu banyak 2-3 tetes asal rutin pakai, terutama sebelum bobok di telapak kaki, dada sama punggung dan hirup dalam2 aromanya. hidung mampet, tenggorakan buat nelen sakit go away. beneraann lo.. begituu cintaanya aku sama oil inii dan udah nyetok lagi 😁😍 waktu liburan kemarin oil ini wajib aku oles ke glenn jg karena takut tiba2 flu batuk krn capek jadi kesehatan pernafasan harus di bentengi 😁 selain itu pakai thieves jg buat jaga imunnya 😅 apalagi bocil susyah makan 😑

dari awalnya yang apaan sih oil ini cukup tahu ajalah gak usah beli karena mahal dan sekarang jadi cintaaa sama botol kecil ini krn ternyata gak mahal 😁 sebotol 5ml aja awet jadi gak kerasa karena gak habis2

#youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #rc

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Another first aid kit ya..
ini harganya cukup ramah di kantong utk yang baru pengen mulai coba young living.
paket ini bagian dari promo @happyhealthy.oil , tapi yleo nya tetap 100% asli!
untuk essential oilsnya nnt ada pilihan lain, basicnya hanya pilih 4 jenis oil. pouchnya jg ada bbrp pilihan, bila sprti yg di foto ini habis maka akan diberi pilihan lain. demikian juga dengan air vent (car diffuser magnet) ya...
dan kalian tetap bisa menikmati kelebihan2 lainnya setelah pembelian paket ini ya...
wa : 085771616377 (klik link on bio)
line : happyhealthy.oil
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