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Want to make a monday amazing....and do #allthethings ? 💪🏼 best #mommymocktailmonday ever with nothing but #goodness !!! 🌿💧 #antioxidants #superfood #cognitivefitness #wolfberry
recipe: .
-one nitro 🔥💪🏼
-2 drops of lemon vitality
-2oz of ningxia red 🙌🏽
-fill with mineral water over ice .
got a #mondaymotivation tip? .
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Did you know that essential oils have been used allllllll throughout history for health, wellness, relaxation, basically #allthethings wayyyyy before modern methods?! for real. they’re uber potent and effective in working in harmony with our bodies for natural support. where do they come from you ask? they’re straight from plants! think steam distillation of trees, herbs, and your favorite smelling flowers. ready to have your mind blown? in each drop of essential oil there are 40 million trillion molecules 🤯 within just 22 seconds these molecules have reached our brain, within 2 minutes they can be found in our bloodstream and within 20 minutes they have reached every single cell in our body. talk about healing on a cellular level, these oils are so much more than just a favorite scent. dm me if you’d like to get started with your premium starter kit today or if you’d like to order gifts in time for the holidays 🌾🎁

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You's december 10th! fifteen days till christmas! •

who's gifting a premium starter kit this christmas?? to your mom, your sister, your bff, yourself! •

maybe you want someone to get this for you as a gift? if you've been dropping hints that haven't been picked up, give them my info and i'll make sure you get exactly what you want under your tree on the 25th! •

this starter kit is literally the gift that keeps on giving, because used consistently to support your body in aaaalll the ways, it's quite simply the wellness keeper. •

if you need a reminder of what comes in the kit, here's the breakdown: ▪️ diffuser of your choice (personal fave-desert mist) ▪️ 11 premium essential oils
❤️ lemon ❤️ lavender ❤️ peppermint ❤️ thieves ❤️ raven ❤️ frankincense ❤️ digize ❤️ panaway ❤️ citrus fresh ❤️ copaiba ❤️ stress away ▪️ ningxia red samples
▪️ thieves cleaner sample
▪️ roller top & cute little sample bottles
▪️ a whole bunch of oily info
▪️ a kick a*s community of othenr men & women learning how to live above the wellness line through with natural, plant based products
▪️ a welcome package of goodies from me • $160 (worth $340) •

the longer you wait, the less likely it is to arrive by christmas! come get your learn on in my facebook education group-this essential life!

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I make a lot of my own body care items and since i’m making a big batch, i will be gifting some. i’ve been on a diy binge all afternoon making body butter and sugar scrub. seriously, how pretty is this?? recipe below👇🏻⁣

orange & rosemary sugar scrub⁣

- 1 1/2 cups sugar (i used turbinado)⁣
- 1/4 cup carrier oil ⁣
- 5 drops orange oil⁣
- 5 drops rosemary oil⁣

mix the ingredients together and put into a glass container.

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Amazing for the whole family 🌹 swipe right for all things facts 🤓🌟 ningxia red berry antioxidants 🎆
let me tell you why my family drinks it.
we add vitality oils (fda approved safe eos for an added boost), and it’s yummy.
•i add it to calebs juice & mightypro probiotic (tastes like a pixie stick for digestive support)
•it supports every body system, respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular! so many benefits
•the highest amount of antioxidants!
•healthy digestion chug, chug!
•healthy immune system! hip hip hooray 😍 & helps us stay healthy all year long
•supports reproductive health!! it’s healthy to have through pregnancy & while nursing & even our babes! yay!! we love ningxia berries!!
•it supports blood pressure & blood sugar levels
•supports healthy vision! so high in zeaxanthin 🤓
•helps support the brain, thank you cuz mommybrain is real •free radicals wreak havoc on our body & antioxidants fight & protect us against them. we’re exposed to free radicals regularly through toxins in our products & our environments. our bodies need antioxidant support & lots of it. that is why i love ningxia berries (such s high orac score) essential oils
antioxidants are superheroes that fight oxidative stress!
ningxia red is a drink made of some of the highest antioxidants in the world! so i’m obsessed & i want everyone to have it!

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You betcha my house smells like a christmas tree 🎄 this time of the year. have a real tree or live garland? mix a tree oil with water and spray to keep vibrant and fresh. fake tree? no worries...soak some diffuser sticks in your fave tree oil and place around your tree to have it smelling like a tree farm! 🎅🏻 🌲 ⛄️
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Moon babies 🌙
working on another little shop update. these are going to be super cute and will each have accent crystals in all different flavors. #rockcandy 🍬

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Oil infused treats are pretty delicious! add a drop of clove vitality or cinnamon bark vitality to your apple cider recipe! for a tropical twist on popcorn get 2 tbsp of coconut oil heat it up and add 2 drops lime vitality. mix the oil up and pour gently over the popcorn then add some salt.

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To ensure enough time to get your shelf wrapped and under the tree, i am offering 💫free shipping💫 on all domestic orders, now through thursday!
-enter code freeship at checkout

-cannot be used on previous orders
-us only

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The exclusive home for the holidays december bundle! or as i like to call it, the holy toledo 😍 bundle!
for $263, you will get your premium starter kit with desert mist diffuser, which includes 11 of our most popular oils, along with everything you need to bring all of the holiday cheer to your home!
this month you're going to get to overhaul your home cleaning products for safe, clean alternatives that smell like the holidays. diffuse some of our favorite blends like the north pole (christmas spirit + orange), sleep in heavenly peace (peace & calming + lavender), christmas tree farm (pine + peppermint) and joy to the world (joy + orange). make oh christmas tree spray to keep your greens green or make your faux tree smell like a real one! ————
here's how to get started:
+ click the link in my bio and sign up for your premium starter kit.
+ check box to opt into essential rewards with your starter kit.
+ click customize essential rewards order, add thieves household cleaner, thieves laundry soap, peace and calming, orange vitality and christmas spirit.
+ at checkout, you should see a total cost of $263, with your pv totaling 203 and it will show your free promo oils as lemongrass, pine & joy.
+ once you've completed your order, you will also receive a set of wool dryer balls in the mail from me!

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Hi, my name is colette and i’m a professional procrastinator. 😂 working on a class for my young living group about an hour before it’s set to go live.
anyone else a professional at putting things off til go time? somehow it all always works out.

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Lavender volume shampoo
nyaris panik gegara ga sadar my lavender volume shampoo uda mau habis, sampai udah diterbalikin, pake super irit, untunggg rambut udah pendek. biasanya aku selalu ada extra stock. dan untung udah pesen juga ke yl us. begitu dateng, just on time, doooh leganya minta ampun. udah gitu packagingnya baru nya super cakep sekali, labelnya dilaminating doff. aaaaaa.... #jejeritan 😍
lavender volume shampoo buat aku pribadi adalah yang terbaik dari 3 shampoo dewasa nya yl (copaiba vanilla, lavender mint), karena yg ini bener-bener bisa bikin volume. soalnya my hair itu straight, lurus lempeng terjun bebas. mau di-curly kaya apa juga, cepet banget lurusnya. jadi shampoo ini ngebantu banget. i really amazed lho orang-orang ini kok bisa bikin shampoo sebagus ini. .😍
karena adanya di us ya udah agak usaha dikit, pesen beberapa botol demi keamanan hidup karena sampenya 4-6 minggu. .
dan ditambah lagi semua skin care, body care nya yl itu ingredients nya jujur dan aman. jujur means walau cuma pakai sedikit sekali bahannya sampai ga ada kewajiban untuk ditulis di label, yl akan tetap tulis, karena merupakan komitmen mereka untuk mengedukasi dan jujur kepada members.
never ever will get back to other kind of shampoo. .

written: @kittydesigns @cerita.oil
#lavendervolumeshampoo #lavendervolumeshampooyoungliving #youngliving #younglivingessentialoil #essentialoil #yleo #yleoid ---
coconut oil, olive oil, decyl polyglucose, msm (methylsulfonalmethane), deionized water, meadow seed oil (dimethicone copolyol meadowfoamate), vegetable soya protein, vegetable wheat protein, vegetable oat protein, lemon (citrus medica limonum) extract, sugar maple (acer sacchrinum) extract, orange (citrus aurantium dulcis) extract, aloe vera (aloe barbensis) gel, vitamin e (alpha tocopheryl acetate), vitamin a (retinyl palmitate), vitamin c (ascorbic acid), guar gum, essential oils of lavender (lavandula augustifolia)†, clary sage (salvia sclarea)†, lemon (citrus limon)†, and jasmine (jasminum officinale)†, almond (prunus amygdalus dulcis) glyceride, vitamin b5 (panthenol), soapwort (saponaria officinalis) extract, dimethyl lauramin

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My #diffuser blend for today. it smells wonderful.

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Uno de mis primeros aceites después del kit. al principio sentía que era un poco fuerte para mi gusto. con el tiempo y después de ver el efecto que tiene en mi y en los bebés, resulta que lo amo.⁣

tengo una pequeña historia con este aceite y sucedió hoy. a mi hijo hugo no le gusta comer y todos los días es un reto. hoy antes de empezar me puse gentle baby en el cuello y lo olí profundamente de mis manos para calmarme antes de empezar y tener más paciencia.⁣

como de costumbre hugo se rehusó a comer, empezó a llorar y a dar una perreta. volví a coger gentle baby, le abrí el pomo delante de su nariz y lo respiro varias veces (al instante comenzó a calmarse). después se lo puse en las muñecas a el y el lo respiro varias veces diciendo rico!. cuando guarde el pomo le pedí que comiera y lo logramos!⁣

puedes pensar que solo es un aceite esencial, pero para mi son una herramienta de supervivencia, algo que me ayuda a pasar mejor nuestros días y me hacen la vida más fácil. no es eso lo que todos queremos? 🙌🏻✨🌿

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Wow 😍😛 thank you so much @younglivingeo for the generous christmas gifts!!!!😁😁 #spoiled #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #wahm

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A lot of people ask often if young living diffusers wet the surface it’s sitting on and the answer is no.
my diffuser is running right next to my kleenex and it’s not wet!!!🙌🏾
young living’s diffusers may cost a little more than the one you bought from marshall’s but i guarantee you it’s better🤷🏾‍♀️
our diffusers are not just diffusers but they function as a humidifier and atomizer in one👊🏾
the humidifier releases needed moisture into the air, and actually makes it easier on our systems to absorb oils aromatically. the atomizing technology transforms essential oils into a vapor of millions of microparticles, dispersing them into the air and releasing the powerful plant constituents found in our beloved oils❣️
and of course, they are made from high grade plastic designed to not wear or tear with the use of potent therapeutic grade oils.
most diffusers that you can just buy at a health food store aren't made with high grade plastic, which means that your oils can break them down over time, so not only will you be diffusing oils, but you'll also be diffusing harmful toxins into the air which is pretty much the exact opposite of what we want out of our oils, right?!
#younglivingdiffuserforthewin #yesplease 🙋🏾‍♀️

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Day #10 of yl advent calendar!!! omg!!! the kids and i are in love with these diffuser bracelets!!!😍😍 we got 2! now i need to figure out how to purchase one more of them so all 3 boys have one!! @yleoid @younglivingeo
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“describe yourself in a phrase”...super blessed and ningxia obsessed? .
#acurate #ningxia #ningxiared #yleo #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #oils #naturalliving #wellness #antioxidants #livebetter #healthandwellness

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