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Sunrise walk and big breakfast - my kind of start to sunday 🙏🏼 the doctor released me to take longer walks and i was so excited to catch the sunrise!🌅 i followed that with yummy kale, mushroom and egg scramble, polenta cooked in cast iron and fresh fruit! i hope you have a wonderful sunday!

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Whenever i think about crabcakes, i think about wedding crashers🤣 “crabcakes and football” 🦀 (🤣haha i’m old!) tonight’s dinner was amazing (prob bc the hubs cooked it 😂) crabmeat from gulf coast of fl we got at the @yourdekalbfarmersmarket made into crabcakes with sautéed peppers and a @vitalfarms egg, and cooked in my grandmother’s @lodgecastiron with @kerrygoldusa butter; red leaf lettuce with strawberries, feta, walnuts, blackberries and olive oil vinaigrette 😋 hope you all have a wonderful night 💤

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Messy mexi monday is my game today😆 i seem to try to make the biggest mess before i am leaving for work 🤣 roasted veggies and @vitalfarms eggs scrambled and loaded into @tumaroswraps whole grain wrap and sizzled in my @lodgecastiron skillet, topped with fresh salsa and plain greek yogurt 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 i then i danced right out the door and left the mess behind! 😂 happy monday! ❤️

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#c #clean#lettering #youdoyou 🔮😈 qual è la tua c preferita?

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Late lunching since this day is flying by but i knew this was in my little office fridge waiting on me 🤤 massaged kale, @ducktrapriverofmaine smoked salmon, @vitalfarms hbe😋, bluebs, avocado and sea salt & pepper - so tasty! i might make it thru this monday afterall 😂🙌🏼

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La #p è per la festa del #papà 💙 #lettering #youdoyou #beyou18 #beyouplanner

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God wired us all differently. we each have a unique purpose. if you are living your life passionately pursuing what you love, don't ever doubt that you aren't doing exactly what god made you for. serve god wherever you are and have fun doing it! often we think serving god can only look one way, but in truth god would not have made you good at something he did not want you to do for him. if you love being a mom - be a mom for him. if you are a great mechanic - be a mechanic for him. if you are an awesome nurse - be a nurse for him. if you are the best contractor - be a contractor for him. you don't have to feel guilty for loving your non-ministry job, because god is the one who put you there. this is your mission field... . . . #livesauthentic #youdoyou #servehimwhereyouare #missionfield #purposedrivenlife #intentionalliving #godmadeyouspecial #godwired #useyourgiftsforgod #farmgirlstyle #countryliving #prairiestyle

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❤️love this one❤️ double tap for pooh love, via @shawnmodel ・ love yourself, baby! but don’t go outside without pants on (i don’t want you to get arrested👌🏽). . #loveyourself #youdoyou #iifym #iifymrecipes #happykiddo #fitnessmemes #weightloss #weightwatchersuk

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I’ve always enjoyed following the road less travelled and have a natural curiosity that drives me down that unknown path... what’s there... what will i find there? i love it! always have! #theroadlesstraveled #happytrails #jeep #washingtonstate #beyourownkindofbeautiful #betruetoyourself #youdoyou #embraceyourself #beyourself #youarebeautiful

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Less judgement ~ more love 💕 let’s just all be nice humans & get along 🙌 #judgement #comparison #ego

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Hello friends, something new for me that i’ve been wanting to do for awhile and am finally working up the courage to do, is to share some poetry, thoughts, feelings, the unwavering love of god and his awesomeness with you all. little bit scary being open and putting your writings out there but hey why not right! anyways lotta love ✌🏽roseanna

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James 1:2-4 “when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. for you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. so let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.” —————— it’s often in the midst of our struggles where god does the most work, he refines, he purifies and he makes new. you may be walking through struggle street but when you get to the end take a second, look back and see gods work throughout all the hardships, that’s what is truely beautiful.

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On my heart today: "pretty sure you don't see yourself the way others do... or ever will for that matter!" ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ we spend our lives seeing the highlight reel, being exposed to arbitrary facets & only seeing snippets of others as we make our way through life on our own journey's. this is the exact way people are exposed to us as well. there are only a hand full of people that know you to your core & experience every aspect of you. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ a few things i've learnt during my short time on planet earth... i'm also still learning to apply them but when i do, it's the bomb! ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ 1. don't sweat the small stuff. ◼️ 2. nobody really knows the important details & the people that do, get it & are supportive regardless. ◼️ 3. true friends are rare! if they don't feel good to you, they probably aren't. ◼️ 4. trust your gut, it's usually always right. ◼️ 5. the only opinion of you that matters is your own. live to impress yourself, no one else. ◼️ #perspective #youdoyou #goals #lifethings #lessons #growth #balance #foodforthought #mindfulness #gratitude ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ 📸: @courtney.carstens

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Sitting here, having my morning cuppa, listening to my eldest sons alarm go off a gazillion times. why? why do they do that? do you hit the snooze button? why not just set the alarm for later? i don’t get it 😆 . . i’m off work now until wednesday and couldn’t be happier. i’m at a blogging event tonight, catching up with some of my fave essex gals, then got a busy weekend. . . how’s your day looking? oh and there was a new post gone up a couple of days ago, about living with regret, or not, whichever way your d****e dangles. pop over for a read if you fancy xx . . . #newontheblog #newpostup #cuppaandachat #regretnothing #lessonsoflife #lifestylepost #thinkingoutloud #liferamblings #braindump #books #bookworm #readingtime #ilovebooks #youdoyou #sarahknight #kerrylifeandloves #fruittea #cupandsaucer #blanketlove #quietmoments #timetothink

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56 kilos down. top tip: it’s never just about the weight. there will be people in life that will never want the best for you (run from those fuckers) then surround yourself with people who always want the best for you. stick to those ones like limpets and it will all work out in the end. true story. while you’re at it join my gym @high_performance_fitness_ because we welcome everyone. if your goal is to be able to bend down to do up your shoelaces then that’s your goal. drive your own bus. f**k your gym beauty standards and all that. be yourself, everyone else is taken: oscar 🙌🏻 and if you lose a few kgs in the process then nice! and onya if you want to, i wanted to, toot toot 🚌you’re worthy whatever size you are. your size isn’t your worth. nah. it’s complex shit! nods! image description: three photos of a blonde haired girl 🙂 #hpf#highperformancefitness #fitness #weightloss #goals #driveyourownbus #youdoyou #beyourselfeveryoneelseistaken #fitness #health #giveemashowandsomefuckingpopcorntoo 😘

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Trying to be more body positive! don’t work out because you hate you body - work out because you love feeling great and are amazed at how strong the human boys can be. 💪🏼

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Beat it queen ☝🏼 #youdoyou

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Absolutely beautiful morning😀😍 getting up extra early to get more time in the morning sun on the way to the gym (#abitodd😅)🤗🌞👌sun rise,a cute seal and few positive quotes to set me up for the morning 😅🦄 #dublincity #sunrise #pretty #river #sun #morning #morninglight #sealofapproval #positivevibes #gym #gymtime #oprah #quote #positivity #happy #youdoyou #walking #cardio #photography #celebratelife #livetoday #water

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Usually i care too much about what people think. but lately i’ve been changing my perspective and it has been so freeing. you will get judged in life, so you might as well do what you want to do. none of this matters anyway in the end. i love the color mustard. so i bought some mustard jeans which make me look like i’m not wearing jeans in lowlight and i’ve gotten s**t for them. but you know what? i don’t care because i love them and i trust myself. it’s so liberating to laugh at yourself and not care what other people think. 😆side note: i’m gonna wear these again y’all. #changeyourperspective #dowhatyouwant #peoplewilljudgeyouanyway #mustardyellow #imnotwearingpants #iamwearingpants #freedom #questionablefashionchoices #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #doubletake #youdoyou #w****o 😆😘✌🏼☮️💖

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🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #itsyourlife #youdoyou

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Vad jag älskar mitt nomadliv. vad jag älskar att jobba i shorts. vad jag älskar att avsluta arbetsdagen med att titta på solen som går ner över havet. vad jag älskar att maten kostar nästan ingenting. säg till när våren kommer till stockholm så kanske jag kommer hem. #youdoyou #balibaby #bali #curiosity

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When we perceive that we’re under threat our sympathetic nervous system activates, preparing our body for fight or flight 💥💫 - our heart rate increases diverting blood towards our major muscle groups and away from our digestive system. (that’s why our muscles tense up and feel shaky, and we can feel nauseous). we take faster, shallow breaths as our body tries to oxygenate itself to act fast. our pupils dilate so we can take in more of what’s around us. pain is suppressed so we can focus on the present. - interestingly, we can also enter a freeze response where our parasympathetic nervous system (the one which calms us down) is activated at the same time as our sympathetic nervous system. during a freeze response we can experience deceleration of heart rate, altered respiration and a reduced ability to speak. it can feel like being a deer in the headlights, going blank or being unable to move. at an evolutionary level scientists believe it’s to give us time to make a decision as to whether we need to fight or flight. - by understanding these signs we can become aware of when we’re experiencing a stress response *especially the times that we’re actually safe, and explore what helps us to relieve ourselves from an overactive state 🌹 - post informed by “freeze for action: neurobiological mechanisms in animal and human freezing.” by karin roelofs at radboud university. - #connection #selfawareness #fightorflight #freeze #stressresponse

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When our customers are happy we are happy! 😁

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😆 you shouldn’t think you’re above anyone else, but you have to know your own worth... 💁‍♀️ •stop negative self talk, speak kindly to yourself •put yourself at the top of your priority list •say no to things you do not want to do •listen to your own needs •protect your energy by surrounding yourself with good, kind people •take care of your mind & body #kanyestyle #confidence #humble

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