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🙌🏻 to all my friends out there living on their own terms.
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I love all the support & encouragement from my followers, friends and family. 💙 sometimes i run into someone who says “well i heard this...” and “keto is unhealthy because this article said this...” and while i know ‘most’ of these people mean well, or i hope they do, it is wise to remember that it is, in fact, my body and my choice in how i choose to get healthy and what i choose to eat.
and let me just say that i could more than likely find infinitely more articles on the unhealthy affects of a standard american diet than the affects of a keto diet... 🤷🏻‍♀️ not that i owe anyone any kind of explanation, but keto is what works for my body for right now. if you want to read articles about how i eat, it’s your life and your choice. but i’m going to keep doing me. 👍🏻
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What's up wednesday?
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When you put on a more form fitting dress 👗 (not in the color black because “black hides everything”🙄) without spanx, for the first time obviously selfie! 🤳🏻 #wednesdaywin

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We all go through this. you don’t see just a photo of yourself, but you see everything that’s wrong about it. i felt s****y about seeing the left photo, but the right photo is taken just a few seconds after like.. i’m the same person, the same body, just a different pose, different angle and different lightning. basically every photo you take is just a snapshot. literally. .
💕 what i’m trying to say? a lot of things that are said before, might sound cliche, but it’s so so important. instagram shows us the picture perfect, but those also are snapshots (and photoshop a lot of times ya know it). we have to create a shield for it, and our feet on the ground. don’t get stuck in a moment where you keep looking a photo and feel bad about yourself. you don’t wanna know how many bad timing photos i have 😂 but it you feel good in your skin and feeling good when you look in the mirror you’re good. f**k those bad timing photos. for real. oke?! oke. #peptalk #youdoyou

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True freedom and success comes through the confidence you carry in yourself. when we understand that what others think is a waist of our mental energy and simply stay focused on how to become the best you that is possible, you then understand the best habit to greatness! #youdoyou #confident #trusttheprocess #quitworrying #workonyourself #prayerworks #workhard #beyourself #beyourownboss #smile

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2 photos. 2 very different stories. -
the photo on the left was when i thought i was eating healthy. “working out” daily just not pushing myself. enjoying a brew or two each day. ate all the 🥞🥓🍕 and not enough 🥒🥦🍇. -
the photo on the right was this morning. 17 days after i said enough was enough. i cut the junk and fueled my body with the proper nutrients. and pushed myself in my workouts. i’m not saying it was easy, but i feel so amazing and my mindset has had a complete 180. -
everyone is on a journey in life. i’m thankful for the other coaches on my team who took the pledge with me to get back to our healthiest and i cannot wait to continue to make good choice and enjoy my treats occasionally 🍺
-#youcandohardthings #breakthroughbabes

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#repost @shop.glassy with @get_repost
quality > quantity 💨✨💕😘📷: @blazedandamusedart #youdoyou #womenwhosmokeweed

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Guys, a year and a half ago, i started a job that was to be a little spurt. at the same time i had just started coaching..... growth started.
i said yes more than no, i was learning new stuff and making mistakes but i kept saying yes. i stopped myself so many times from saying no, and just said yes.... today was my last day at my current job location.... i said yes to a transfer to another location... because why should we stop growing and why not try new things?!? all i have felt was confidence and support and strength in both my day job and my side biz, so yes, i’ll be that girl that says yes to new things, new places, new goals.
this next year, a chance to grow some more, meet new people, face new challenges. this year, my side gig allows me more freedom, more chance to dream big, and really those things?? the ultimate gift for doing a job that i absolutely love! both my personal and professional jobs, let me help people, i feel inspired to do more of that daily so you will see it, i promise you that!! what if our goals aligned and we did this together? would you want to see what this or where this could take you too!!??? why not listen in on me and my girls jobs that we do from
home, on the road, in the cracks of our day? so maybe you work too, but this work? it’s different, it changes you and transferred to my day job too!
talk about double duty!! ready to hear more! pop into this snoop group and find out! ~side note. i will also say yes to cookies when my lovely coworker makes them especially for me on my last day. you can’t say no to the best cookies.💗
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Repost from @nakedwithanxiety #thinking it’s hard for me to get coaching, because people rarely “get” me. when i express my consciously accepted spiritual responsibly- i’m often misunderstood. they try to point out my “#guilt” or #negativeselfjudgement. ha! they don’t know me at all if they think i don’t practice what i preach. i do. 👀 in the past- this - feeling misunderstood - made me feel invisible. now i know it’s that i see something visible that others cannot see. #youdoyou #loveyou #youareworthit

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Some people have themes each week... i can’t do it. sometimes you need avengers, succulents, and gilded washi tape all in the same week. #youdoyou #weeklyspread #planneraddict #happyplanner #avengers

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Let’s be frank 💕💖😘 changing the world one awkward conversation at a time is my specialty 🤙🏽 #letsbefrank nj franks
unlock your unlimited potential🌟
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Thank you @theofficialprincessweirdo for letting us make your car decals! they look great! don’t forget, we got your business covered with t’s, decals, caps, mugs, etc!! check out the link in the bio!!

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Thank you @theofficialprincessweirdo for letting us make your car decals! they look great! don’t forget, we got your business covered with t’s, decals, caps, mugs, etc!! check out the link in the bio!!

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“truth is incontrovertible. malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is” winston churchill
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Loving training again. at home just me and my music. x #youdoyou #ifyoudontfitinthepicturemakeyourselfsomespace #findyou

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It all started with lemon today 🍋 along my wrists & neck for happy vibes, in my diffuser mixed with +stress away because i miss the beach, and a few drops to this amazing scone recipe! this is our “farewell to summer” treat today.
{•strawberry shortcake scones•} infused with +lemon vitality oil in the batter and glaze. soooo yummy!! leave a comment below if you would like a dm of the recipe.
what’s your favorite season☀️🍁☃️💐?? i’m an autumn kind of girl with island roots and a need for sun. but when there’s no sun, +lemon essential oil is always the next best thing— my year round staple.
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This. today, i went through and deleted some people i don’t know and peoples who’s posts leave me feeling bad about myself. we are so h*****n ourselves already, we don’t need to continue looking at peoples posts who add to that. i really want to focus on being caitlyn and a good mom and less on comparing. #youdoyou #stopcomparing #momof3 #mom #fashion #showmeallthefashion #instagram #thestruggle #ihopemypostsarelightandinspiringforyou #sorrynotsorry

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Have you tried earthing? research shows it provides an *immediate* positive physiological change in reducing stress, improving sleep, decreasing high blood pressure, increasing blood circulation, and decreasing inflammation. 🌳 i’ve been dealing with an autoimmune flare for a few weeks and after six vials of blood for more testing, some scary health convo, and a high blood pressure reading this morning at the body needed some earthing. even if it sounds a bit too hippy-dippy for you, i encourage you to try it! take off your shoes and take a nice stroll through the grass. 30 minutes alone provides symptom relief ✌🏼 #earthing #grounded #selfcare

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From about 3 years ago, one of the last photos where i had all my own hair. what i am grateful for is the presence of companies and compassionate stylists that make affordable solutions for people with hair loss. #bekindalways

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Change is good ✌🏼💇🏻‍♀️ #newseasonnewlook #backtomyroots

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