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Here is how to flip into wild thing! wild thing is a great way to work balance and arm strength. it also strengthens the back body and opens the front body. the posture is beautiful and graceful, which has energetic effects on us too, building confidence. for more foundational postures, progressions, and modifications, check our the ebook (link in bio) 🙏🏻❤️ share with someone that would benefit from this and save it for your practice! #yogateacher @pinkchampagne13 .
1️⃣➡️6️⃣ to get into the posture and reverse 6️⃣➡️1️⃣ to come out of it.
note 📌1️⃣: bottom palm remains facing towards the front of the mat at all times, unless you have tight shoulders, in which case you'll probably angle it out about 45deg. if this transition is often practiced in class and you feel alot of strain on the arms and shoulder, please work on strengthening them (see previous tutorials). doing it repeatedly with poor form will increase the likelihood of injury.
note 📌2️⃣: bottom foot stays facing the front until step 4, where you turn it 90deg to face the side into a #vasisthasana. if you zoom into the picture, you'll see that that foot is placed fully onto the mat to increase stability, however that is dependent on your ankle flexibility. then it is turned another 45deg out at step 6.
note 📌3️⃣: drishti. mostly written in each of the steps. general rule of thumb - gaze at a non-moving point for increased stability. for me, that's usually somewhere on my mat.

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From strong roots and concentration, we might be extend our possibility more and more: my day1 #reflectandflourish challenge #cresentlunge . what this pose feels to you? check more detail with tie @hippie_heathen and see more variations with my co-hosts @rootedinflowing @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga
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Unroll your mat and move because it’s fun and you enjoy it. smile when you practice, smile because it feels amazing to be blessed with a healthy body, smile when it gets challenging and you feel a little uncomfortable. your practice is always there for you no matter what sort of day you’re having.
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@deandreyoga on rag doll 🧸
hey beautiful people! so rag doll is absolutely one of my favorite poses in yoga, especially after waking up! here’s a short sequence using rag doll as the base with different variations. i’ll explain from left to right the poses.
rag doll with folded arms: bend knees softly until your belly is touching your thighs and let head and arms hang.
rag doll with hands behind the base of the skull softly tractioning the neck downwards.
rag doll with hands behind the head with side ways variation to get into different parts of the upper back and side body.
interlaced hands in rag doll - bind hands at base of spine and slowly pull away from the back. i find that squeezing my shoulder blades together adjusts the thoracic spine but you don’t have to!
rag doll twists: bend one leg while the other one is straight and open the chest and arm in the opposite direction of the bent leg. use a block if you can’t get your hand to the floor or if its a struggle.
end: roll the spine up with an engaged midsection…last thing to roll up should be the head and feel free to move with fluidity after this! happy practicing :) -
follow my new page just for yoga sequences @instayogasequences ❤️🙏
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To my expecting yogi mommas on ig 🤰🏻🥰⁣⁣
i get a ton of questions about modifications for expecting mothers, so i thought i’d start a new series for you - it’s extremely important to be knowledgeable about what you should and shouldnt be doing during your yoga practice while pregnant! ⁣⁣
please keep in mind that every body is different, and it’s important to listen and to trust what your body is telling you during each pose or workout during this beautiful time of your life. ⁣⁣
chair twist is the first pose i want to address first (really any twist happening from the lower abadomin). the twist in this pose takes place at your lower abdomin- where your u****s is doing a lot of work during your pregnancy, so you want to give it as much space as possible and prevent the twist from happening there. ⁣⁣
for this modification, keep your belly facing the earth and take it more into a upper back twist and shoulder stretch. there’s hardly any twist at all happening here!⁣⁣

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About to head to urgent care because i need to be tested for strep throat 😭hoping your sunday is off to a better start than mine 💙

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I knew before this house was built that this room was special. the light and tall ceiling made me automatically feel home. i swear i took a deep breath whenever i entered. even before the plants. even before it had walls. the feeling is something i try to plant in myself. i want to carry this home feeling everywhere for not only me, but for others to feel with me. maybe walking each other home isn’t to a place, but a feeling. .
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Recharging for the week ahead. 🐶✨ what’s your most essential sunday afternoon ritual? #photolove via @bundleofbo.
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Inversions were what drew me to yoga. for the first years of my practice i was all about advanced poses. things changed a bit when i did my ytt. our practices were more about the foundations and i realized simple poses were fundamental for a strong practice and just as hard.
since then i’ve been doing a lot more of the basics, paying more attention to what feels good and less to advanced stuff.
for the past four months or so my practice has been very unconsistent. i lost a lot of flexibility and strength, and i feel discomfort in some areas. what used to be easy feels super hard, it’s like i am a beginner again. and while a simple practice is more than enough, i miss being strong and doing funky stuff. so while i was away from this app these past weeks i tried to rebuild a routine and learn to be patient as well. being a beginner again is humbling.
i also found it super awesome to practice just for me. taking no video or photos. i somehow forgot that this is my yoga before everything else. i am not going anywhere with this but just an update. 😊hope you’re all well.

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