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"our self-respect tracks our choices. every time we act in harmony with our authentic self and our heart, we earn our respect. it is that simple. every choice matters.” – dan coppersmith ✨ |
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Happy belated father’s day to all the fathers out there and especially to our daddy. he is the one we got all our artistic skills from and the reason we love everything creative. when we were little he would teach us how to draw everything we asked him for. we still remember one day when he showed us how to draw soap bubbles, he seemed like a superhero to us for being able to do that. he is not only a talented artist, but a self taught furniture maker and engineer as well. can you imagine?! he can build any machine from his head and he learned to do it all by himself. he can also fix every single thing! the more older we get the more we realize that our daddy really is a superhero! he is a true definition of a “renaissance man”. he is also the one who does all the printing jobs for our brand @arthleticwear! know that when you get a piece of clothing from our brand it was printed with lots of love by this incredible man who we are lucky to call our father. 🙏🏻❤️ #loveyoudaddy #happyfathersday

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Would you try this if you could?
insane collaboration by: @zeppaio and @stefaniemillinger

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“sādhana—is a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal. abhyāsa is repeated practice performed with observation and reflection. kriyā, or action, also implies perfect execution with study and investigation. therefore, sādhanā, abhyāsa, and kriyā all mean one and the same thing. a sādhaka, or practitioner, is one who skillfully applies...mind and intelligence in practice towards a spiritual goal.”
(bks iyengar) 🖤
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@mirtayogaphotography 📸
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Let your heart break daily.
in conversation.
over song lyrics.
during the pause right before the sunrise.
while your sipping coffee + looking
into the eyes of someone
talking about something they love.
for its when we break a little we come alive.
it’s in this space of feeling we get to expand.
and it’s here
in our vulnerability and openness,
we step into our greatest selves. @iamhertribe
i wish you all an amazing start of week! have a great day guys ❤️ thank you for being here today 🙏🏼😍

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Toe taps & other adventures 🧚🏼‍♀️

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Daily yoga inspiration 🙏 @talonyoga
Утра, котаны!
Во-первых фото: это фото сделал талантливый индийский фотограф Тушар @enhancingmoments и это был один из моих самых забойных фотосетов! 😍Тот случай, когда фотограф так хорошо тебя понимает, что делает всего 2 дубля на кадр!👌🏼💫 tushar one love!🙏🏻💓

Во-вторых, хотела сегодня поболтать про ТЕКСТЫ.
Читала у блогеров, что сегодня происходит сдвиг от «полезных» текстов в сторону коротких, легкомысленных, с юмором, простых, жизненных. Людей достало читать простыни нравоучений, пусть даже и ооочень полезных. ⠀ ⠀

Соглашусь.У меня есть подборка авторов, которых я читаю и их тексты вообще бесполезны. Но они за жизнь. Посто зарисовки. Просто диалоги. Просто смешные хэштеги. Просто вопросы про все на свете: силикон, ботокс, орнитологию, усыновление, мясоедение, веру в себя, что угодно. Это настоящие писатели и я их уважаю. 💓У них часто много легкой иронии и юмора, что я очень ценю. 👌🏼 ⠀

Мне, например поднадоели тексты йогов. Страшное занудство. Очень много ПОЛЕЗНОГО, очень МАЛО самоиронии и юмора. Очень много рамок. Желания быть всем полезным. Это все тяжело и не интересно читать. ⠀

Есть категория профессиональных блогеров. Акулы. Их читаю чтоб держать нос по ветру. 😎Они читают в школах менеджмента лекции «как быть блогером». Их тексты разбиты на абзацы по всем канонам большого блогинга: основная инфа в шапке поста, развитие в середине, вопрос к залу в конце. Всегда острые сюжеты. Всегда бешеная активность. Проф подход👌🏼тут даже не приколоться над ними, все на высшем уровне) ⠀

А ещё в моей ленте есть пара блогеров, которых читать ну прооосто нереально. 🤦🏻‍♀️😬каждый их пост настолько скучен, что с первых же строк становится даже жалко человека: видишь, как он в муках рожал пост и у него ничего не вышло в итоге))). «Сегодня я ехала в метро и думала, что вам рассказать, но в итоге просто выпила кофе», типа такого)) такие тексты вызывают к меня восклицания «пффффф!» ))) Читаю их из уважения к их красивым лайф стайл фото с круассанами! ⠀

А вообще Авторы, жгите, слышите, не останавливайтесь! Больше крутых текстов!
Ну и самое важное: вы согласны со мной? какие тексты у вас как у читателя, лучш

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"the present moment is filled with joy and happiness. if you are attentive, you will see it."
thích nhất hạnh
one thing that has been challenging for me is being able to break out of the cycle of only seeing the negative things i'm dealing with, and forgetting to be grateful for all the positive things that are surrounding me as well. something that has been helping me a lot is becoming more mindful of my thought patterns, both positive and negative. when i realize i am thinking negatively - whether it's about myself or a specific situation i'm in - i try to realize that it's just a thought i'm having, and not necessarily the truth. i take some time to separate the thought from myself. it's a process that is new to me, but has been worthwhile.
i've also become more mindful of the positive moments i have throughout the day. when i take the time to realize that not everything around me is or has to be bad all the time - either by meditating, or writing things down, my days are filled with more positivity and fewer nagging thoughts about why i don't deserve happiness.
the @mindfreshco course that i'm taking right now has been a huge catalyst in my mindfulness and meditation practice. through this training, i've started to realize that i can begin to have more control over my state of mind. i'm becoming more familiar with my thoughts and patterns, and i have had more opportunities to notice how my physical body is translating to how i'm feeling emotionally. it has helped me see that the present moment is filled with positive things, but that sometimes we need to be able to really stay in the moment to see, observe and cherish them.

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My yoga doesn’t have to look like your yoga. what is best for my body is not a prescription for your body .
i loved doing these surya namaskar side by side with @somewhat_rad who is glowing at 8 months pregnant 😍 two very different ways of doing the same traditional sequence for two women in very different bodies! and there are a million and a half more ways that these sun sals could be done .
this is why we love yoga. it’s never about squeezing yourself in to fit some box. it’s not about forcing what doesn’t feel natural or right. it’s about learning from your body’s wisdom and applying it to movement, breath, living, and being .
we are both wearing @aloyoga .
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Desafio da semana
• • •
#repost @fisiolimedeiros
• • •
que tal trabalhar um pouquinho o equilíbrio?
o desafio da semana é essa invertida com a #flowwheel e a postura vai exigir muito controle, alinhamento, concentração, força e equilíbrio.
bora fazer? marque a hashtag #pilatespripaderni e as 4 mais bonitas serão postados no ig @pilatespripaderni
look: @modasslili
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Oh wow i love this
i just tried these, and my hips/legs feel great. 👌🏽 not only that, they’re fun. tag someone who would find this helpful! 💕 📿from @yoga_scoop ~ "here we work active mobility, using our own strength to move through ranges of motion. as well as long hold passive mobility, using our weight and gravity to move into our range of motion. used in conjunction with each other helps the body open up a lot. do 3 sets of this sequence and see how much your hips love you!" 🤸🏽‍♀️
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Where does the drive to create come from?
the #sacralchakra, also known as svadhistana in sanskrit, is also where our s*x drive comes from. s*x is the primordial form of creation.
yoga and ayurveda teach us how to contain and use that energy to fuel our creativity instead of letting that energy go dormant and ultimately control our behaviors, leading to unhealthy addictive behaviors.
more #ayurveda content coming soon @ojasoasis 💋

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You’re a rainbow. 🌈🌈 you are beautiful, vibrant, colorful and unique. 🌺

don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. know who you are. 🌞

there may be times where people won’t see your beauty. but remember a rainbow doesn’t doubt its beauty because others are color blind.🦋 keep shining ✨✨ ~1 john 3:1~

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Yoga is about clearing away whatever is in us that prevents our living in the most full and whole way. with yoga, we become aware of how and where we are restricted — in body, mind, and heart — and how gradually to open and release these blockages. as these blockages are cleared, our energy is freed. we start to feel more harmonious, more at one with ourselves. our lives begin to flow — or we begin to flow more in our lives. 🙌
– cybele tomlinson
📷: @frankfurtenglishyogameetup
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Great pic 😮
one question once a week...

we live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don't believe in miracles? 🙂
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Safaritrek ile birlikte düzenlediğimiz "doğada yoga ve kamp"ın ikincisini gerçekleştiriyoruz 😃🙏 30 haziran - 1 temmuz tarihleri arasında yer gene gebze'nin denizli köyü. eğer hafta sonu İstanbul'dan uzaklaşarak doğa ile baş başa kalmak, göl kenarında yürüyüş yapmak ve yoga ve meditasyonu da kampın bir parçası haline getirmek isterseniz bekleriz 😊 geçen sefer çok fazla sayıda kişi kayıtlar dolduğundan katılamadı, ondan gelmeye niyetiniz varsa bir an önce kayıt yapmakta fayda var.
not: kamp bir yoga inzivası gibi planlanmamıştır, yoga ve meditasyon saatleri hariç yediğinize içtiğinize herhangi bir kısıtlama getirilmeyecektir.

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Just out here trying to keep my sanity though all of life’s hecticness 🙃
double tap if you are ready for the weekend🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼
outfit by @aloyoga
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Tenemos un súper concurso para ti gracias a viveyoga y anand celebrando el día del yoga!
participa por un cojín de meditación de la marca bella marca @ananda y un paquete de 04 clases de viveyoga! el sorteo será el día jueves 21 de juniol! completa estos pasos: 💜seguir a la pagina de ananda
💜seguir a la pagina de viveyoga
💜etiquetar a 3 amigos en los comentarios
y si compartes la publicación en modo público tienes mayor opción! qué esperas!
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As much as i’d love to go into full splits for today’s #sweetsummersplits , my body simply isn’t warmed up enough. what you see here is after 10 minutes of stretching - i just don’t have enough time for more today, and that is ok with me. i’m no spring chicken anymore and can’t just pop into any pose without fully preparing my body for it 😝
so to prevent myself from injury, i am backing off a little and showing you my lizard/split hybrid.
thank you to every single one of you who joined this challenge!! i’m always so grateful when i see our beautiful gallery.

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The power of om how it purifies our thoughts #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #teamyogs #meditation #meditating

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How to be a mysterious girl 😋🍄🌼💞

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Did y’all know i grew up sailing? ⛵️
my dad was basically a competitive sailor so my sis and i went to sailing camp every summer! 😂 father’s day for us is just an excuse to get on the water.
how are you celebrating the dad in your life today!?
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Love is the most secure place in an individual. it is very secure, very deep, very curative healing. it has no pain. it’s not limited. the highest state of security of an individual is when a person is in the state of love.
it is a consciousness which can p*******e through anything for that thing and nothing can p*******e it.
yogi bahjan
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