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I really miss the summer time .
splits with backbend on the beautiful top of mountain in summer time.❤

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Beautiful bossbabe👌🏼 @morganlux

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В свете последних событий в Инстаграм, связанных с ужесточением цензуры на материалы сексуального характера мои фотки - это реальная игра с огнём)...

Вы же знаете, что теперь инст с удвоенной силой блокирует все что связано с даже простым упоминанием секса, называя это материалами пропагандирующими порнографию.. Забанены интересные блогеры, занимавшиеся секс просветом . У меня и у знакомых инста йогинь снесли несколько постов в купальниках. ⠀
⠀ ⠀
Так что, будет острожный, йогини: смотрите, чтобы лосины не слишком уж обтягивали ваши накаченные в вирабхадрасанах и уткатасанах попки! 🍑🔥⚡️

Я офигеваю: Йога, частью которой традиционно являлось соблюдение принципа брахмачарьи (чистоты, сексуального и вообще воздержания), ведение аскетичного обреза жизни, сегодня благодаря выражению своего телексного аспекта через визуал может быть заподозрена в том, что ей категорически противоречит...😳да, ребят, брахмачатья уже не та.. а ну-ка все быстро марш по пещерам!!!!) ⠀


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When you’re ready to go out for lunch and you’re yoga mat is there and you suddenly want to know if you can still press up at the wall or if you forgot it overnight 😂
• these shoes are hella heavy
• i just pierced my year (upside down wasn’t a good option maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️)
• trying to avoid the mat and the wall with the shoes was challenging 😂
• my outfits always pass the yoga test, almost 💁🏻‍♀️
• now i’m late 🏃‍♀️

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I happened upon a comment one of y’all wrote in response to one of my f*t shaming trolls. you said something to the effect of “i don’t think people realize that the things they say are hurtful...” i’m gonna stop you right there. i love you for saying it, but trolls do realize they’re being hurtful. they want to hurt me because they hate themselves and they can’t understand why i don’t feel the same way. the purpose of trolling is to spread self-hatred and sadness.
just so we’re all clear.
shout out to my trolls. i see you. i feel your sadness. i think you want to feel seen, and i can understand that. i think it’s very human of you to want to feel seen. if that’s what you crave, please know that i see you. and i hope whatever’s happened in your life to make you act like a bridge dwelling fairy tale villain will end in the near future.
here’s the picture you love to hate. #yoga
this full length flow to billie holiday’s version of “until the real thing comes along” is on my ig tv

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vous la connaissez cette surexcitation suprême quand vous allez prendre un cours de yoga? moi je la ressens à chaque fois même plus de 10 ans après les débuts. c’est instinctif, mon corps sait qu’il va kiffer 😁
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△prasarita padottanasana d△

i sei asana “in piedi” sono tra i fondamentali terapeutici della sequenza dell’ashtanga yoga.
prasarita padottanasana d,la quarta variante,in quanto semi inversione,porta il cuore in uno stato di nostro cuore pompa sangue intensamente per far sì che arrivi al cervello.le posizioni invertite portano la testa sotto al cuore,la quale è irrorate dal sangue grazie alla forza cuore riposa.le cellule cerebrali vengono attivate.lo stress e l’ansia si riducono notevolmente e la nebbia dei pensieri si dissolve dopo ogni respiro.
ciò che amo di questo asana è il momento in cui le dita si incuneano tra alluce e illude,dandomi la sensazione che il prana rimanga in circolo durante l’inversione del flusso.

the six standing asanas are among the fundamentals of ashtanga yoga.
the semi-inverted nature of prasarita padottanasana d,the fourth variation,helps the heart to get into a resting position. on a daily basis, the heart has to pump extra blood in order to supply oxygen and energy to our brain. inverted poses bring the head underneath the heart and this makes it easier for the heart to get a rest from the challenges of the gravitational pull and the brain receives extra blood.the brain cells are activated. stress and anxiety are reduced almost immediately and brain fog is diminished.
one thing i love about the d is the moment when my fingers glide between the big toe and second toe,giving the feeling of a locked space for the circulation of prana.

namaste sadhakas ✨

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