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Because you don’t need someone to show you the love you possess in your own self. love is an internal feeling and can be triggered by external factors but will never be an external feeling. . #beautifullypainful

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I think it’s okay to look back and admit you were wrong about something, but still be happy you felt it at one point. at least, that’s what i’m going with. • • • this is an excerpt of a poem from “being whole” which you can purchase on amazon 💕

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Love didn’t mean that we didn’t have dark nights, it meant that we held on when it became darker than ever before. i wouldn’t want to regret letting go when she would expect me to hold her tighter. she didn’t need me to give her strength, only love. how could i deny her just that much of passion when she expected nothing but this was love, pure love. i am proud we held on even if it wasn’t forever. i can still feel her arms wrapped around my body, telling me that our world will never die. the mortal world will always be rational but our love didn’t need reasons to stay together, just with each other’s soul. . heartwarming art by @_sara.miller_ . #beautifullypainful

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The sooner we realise that relationships like marriages or dating do not always have love in them, the better it is for the world as acceptance of what the union consists of helps it last longer where as love, well it lasts forever even if the relationship ends or there is no love. you do not need someone as your partner to be in love with them. . #beautifullypainful

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Happy monday, everyone! anyone else read this gorgeous book by laura ruby? if you haven't checked it out yet, it's definitely worth picking up. ☺️ qotd: how do you drink your coffee? ☕️

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From luminae. available now on amazon, link in my bio. 🕊 @allisonmarieconway

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Have you preordered your copy of ⚔️the savior’s champion⚔️ yet? there are prizes on the line, and i’m dishing the next one out this wednesday! order your copy now at 🔥 #thesaviorschampion #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #amwriting #amreading #fantasy #writersofinstagram #writersofig #readersofinstagram #readersofig

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I know it’s not wednesday but there is no specific day of the week to show love and this b***h right here deserves it every day of the year and far as im concerned! beautiful on the inside and out, always has the biggest smile on her face no matter what she’s going through, the heart of an angel and she’s a bad a*s who carries her own d**n weight! words can’t express how grateful i am to have her in my life. my low key manager and die hard fan for life lol - love you bunches #thatsbae😍 ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #instapoetry #love #spokenwordpoetry #poemoftheday #quote #writersofig #quoteoftheday #instawriters #poetofinstagram #poetssociety #wordstoliveby #quotestoliveby #poems #wordsofwisdom #lovehim #loveher

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First day of my school, and i saw tears in her eyes. maybe they were tears of happiness or just at the thought of staying away from me for 6 long hours. may be they were tears of joy that i was getting older . may be they were the tears of hope that now i will cope. may be they were tears of fear that i was getting a new gear. whatever it was, it gave me a sense of relief that even if i don't get anyone who cares for me at school at least i have someone at home waiting and wishing for my well being. i left her hand and walked to my class hoping she would be gone by then but when i looked back she was standing there with a huge smile on her face waving goodbye. and she was my mother .♥ the one who loves me unconditionally. the one who cares a lot for me. the one who is always by side. the one who is as beautiful as anything ❤ the one for whom words aren't enough to describe . she is the purest form of love ❤ . . #quoteoftheday #writersofig #writersofmirakee #wordporn #mirakee #poems #poetry #writersnetwork #quotes #quote #writersofinstagram #stories #ttt #quoteoftheday #writersofig #writersofmirakee #wordporn #writing #writer #writerscommunity #writersblock #poetsofinstagram #poetsofindia #writersofindia #yourquote

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Thank you for saving me. #poetry#poem#poet#poetsofinstagram#poetrycommunity#writersofinstagram#poems#writer#poetsofig#wordporn#writing#spilledink#writersofig#words#poetryisnotdead#writingcommunity#writerscommunity#instapoet#poets#prose#creativewriting#writers#instapoetry#igpoets#poemsofinstagram#write#poetryofinstagram#typewriter#quotes#instapoem

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"human beings" -a.m. pashley

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Stamps found during washington dc adventures! these goodies might be in your next found and flowered packet 💌

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I was once told that they always come back in the end. well, i say not always. sometimes they never do. and other times, they do after the love had been long buried.

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