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It’s so easy to forget the rest of the world exists in our day to day life. turkey is a corner of the world entirely different from my own, so it is an incredible learning experience to put myself in the middle of an unfamiliar place and culture. we started our trip with a traditional turkish breakfast and a beautiful view of the hagia sophia. .
have you ever travelled to turkey? what was your experience like?

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I’ve teamed up with @kathmandugear to introduce to you the world view campaign. right now we are giving you the opportunity to win a world-first expedition of a lifetime to either australia, new zealand or africa 🌎
to enter all you have to do is share why you would like to be part of the team by submitting a video to the link in my stories! competition is open until 15th october 2019.
these all-expenses-paid expeditions are equipped by kathmandu and include international flights, accommodation and training.

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Highly above the mountains ❄️
would you stay here for a night?😍
tag a friend who you'd go here with!👇
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구름사이로 마주한 ⛰

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Win! an all-inclusive expedition with @kathmandugear
it’s no secret that new zealand is a hiking mecca. with the world-renowned fiords, ancient rainforests and even more ancient birds, with towering mountains that will b**w you away, it should come as no surprise that after living here for six years i’ve become totally hooked on adventures in the backcountry and discovering new trails in my free time. with impossibly complicated braided riverbeds that are beautiful but wild and a quaint and classic backcountry hut system with some of the hardest and kindest people on the planet, hiking in new zealand is guaranteed to be a life-changer. i can totally attest to the therapy of nature and our ability to grow, heal and learn the more time we spend outdoors.
so, is doing an epic expedition in some incredible corner of the world on your bucket list? well, exciting news! now’s your chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a world-class expedition with @kathmandugear mapping out one of three major uncharted trails around the world, including new zealand (but also australia and africa too). ‘world view’ is such a cool chance for one of you guys to become one of the first kathmandu trailblazers to get out in nature and uncover a new adventure around the world with a killer team taking on an epic adventure.
just upload a video via the link in my stories sharing why you’re keen to be part of the adventure for your chance to win a spot on one of these kathmandu world view expedition teams come summertime - did i mention all expenses are covered? the competition runs until october 15th (open to kiwis, aussies and the uk only) and the link to enter is in my stories. get cracking for your chance for an epic adventure for the ages!
#kathmandugear #kathmandu #worldview #worldready #sp

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Would you go there with someone?😍 tag a friend who you'd go here with!👇
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How beautiful is this!😍 would you love to go there? tag a friend who should see this!👇⠀
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Win! an all-inclusive expedition with @kathmandugear - ends tomorrow night!
how many of you guys dream about making history with an unchartered expedition? or pioneering a new trail somewhere amazing in the world? these opportunities don’t come around very often, but if you’re like me, your bucket-list is made up of the kind of adventures that will change your life in every way imaginable. .
well, now’s your chance. listen up.
you can now enter to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a world-class expedition with @kathmandugear mapping out one of three major uncharted trails around the world soon. ‘world view’ is a crazy unique opportunity for one of you guys to become one of the first kathmandu trailblazers to hit up an incredible adventure and discover some of the most amazing landscapes on earth. and all expenses paid to boot! yes!
entering is easy as. just upload a video via the link in my stories sharing why you’re keen to be part of the adventure for your chance to win a spot on one of these kathmandu world view expedition teams this summer. the competition is open to kiwis, aussies and brits, and the link to enter is in my stories. what are you waiting for?!
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Our sunsets will be limited, so enjoy the moment. #seascape #seascapephotography #d****e #ireland #éire #sunset #momentintime #picoftheday #worldview #travellife #canonphotography #canon #

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#internetwars are one of the top 26 worst wastes of #time and #energy that sidetrack you from your divine purpose and f-up your mind by sinking your mind into the social sewer of useless p*s - post-modern society - keyboard debates.

i've taught my teams for 43 years that while #thecompetition kills the clock by engaging in worthless online arguments, #welift offline.

#welift while the rest don't.
we #fight bars while the rest fight online.
we #fight weight while the rest gain #weight addicted to screens.
we #lifteachother while the rest depress each other
we #benchpress while the rest #keyboardpress
the more the #rest take #rest, the more we separate from the rest. the more that p*s zombification kills the clock, the more they k**l their chances of ever winning.
the more that p*s #keyboardpressers press nothing heavier than keypads, the #weaker they get, the more they turn to #mush, the more they lose by default when the forfeit by never ever showing up.

here's the good news that i've taught over 25,000 students and athletes for over 4 decades - you have bare minimum competition. 98.6% have been brainwashed by p*s to k**l their clock addicted to a small screen while ignoring the bigger view. don't shrink your #worldview to a screen in the palm of your hand. don't waste your life in the basement fighting on the internet. lift in #thebasement @xfitnesswelland to transform your mind-body-soul and act as role models for your #lovedones who are under attack by p*s every single day.

first set x fitness womens lifting team in #thebasement @xfitnesswelland in 3 hours. we always have and always will disconnect during 90 minutes of 5th degree eruption that 98.6% of the competition is unwilling and incapable of achieving. never settle for #losing. never accept letting any p*s competition beat you at anything. p*s is the softest society in the history of wo/mankind. you have no excuses when you line up against a pmser on any field, in any field.
#muchlove #soulofalifter
blessings and all good things

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A newbie that i just finished for an amazing client. thanks so much for your patience, vicki! 💖🙏💖 ◇◇◇
a worldly lavender plume agate statement ring💜💜

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• almost lost myself

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Enjoy the experience of being you. love first yourself then the world will follow. #brainfood #lifelessons #drseussquotes #inspire #aspire #lovethyself #worldview #affirmations #build #blindmind

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thankful for our clients that came out on this snowy morning for our november breakfast briefing: “thankful for talent.” stay tuned for the 2020 breakfast briefing schedule.

empowering people.
enhancing culture.
elevating organizations.

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Would you go there with someone?😍 tag a friend who you'd go here with!👇
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Tiny planet over artful printers print shop. go check them out for your printing needs. #tinyplanet#worldview#world#topdown#360sphere#360 #panorama#miami#artfulprinters#dji#drone#mavic2pro#midday#photographer#miamiphotographer#tonyturphotography

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This view will never get old 😍🚗

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Love god. love neighbor. build something.🌎

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A recent young visitor to the icr discovery center for science & earth history [@icrdiscovery] made this comment about her tour: “i liked that god was there.”⠀
yes, the message is all about god. he was there in the beginning as creator, and he became flesh and dwelt with humans as humanity’s redeemer.⠀
the icr discovery center is focused on christ jesus because everything in history and creation centers on him.⠀
we see his hand in everything around us, from the smallest subatomic particle to the farthest star.⠀
discover more at! (go to our bio ➡️ @icrscience ➡️ click the link ➡️ click acts & facts magazine ➡️ click 'i liked that god was there.')⠀
#icrdiscovery #itscreationyall #discoverycenter #discoverystore #jointhediscovery #dallas #texas #dfw #theology #god #planetarium #astronomy #dinosaur #science #research #stem #history #scienceforkids #indepthscience #bible #christian #faith #worldview #apologetics #education #family #homeschool #thingstodoindallas #sciencemuseum #fieldtrip

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Lately i’ve been reflecting on my own worldview, ideologies, norms and values. i’ve found it to be insightful, humbling and confronting in a good way, to attempt analyzing what cultural aspects, symbols, environments, experiences, relationships, conversations, literature, images, etc., but most importantly what feelings - that came along with all that input - influence, shape and color the way i think, my interpretations, my opinions and the choices i make. what i’ve discovered while doing so, is highly personal and complex, so i won’t share that here. the reason i post this though, is because to me it’s been an inspiring activity and i hope to encourage others to learn more about what creates their own worldview while being aware of exterior input, pressure, etc. all this might sound a little, i don’t know… spiritual? honestly, i feel like being this self-reflexive somehow makes me more capable of understanding other people. therefore, i think making time to first attempt understanding yourself and your own views better, is not at all egocentric. is it overthinking or being too self-critical? well, i would say neither.. i think it’s important that people do this. not just sheepishly following what other people, politicians or news outlets want you to think or believe, is one thing. however, not just sheepishly following what your own brain is telling you, is a whole different story. that’s why i feel like honest reflection on your own thoughts is very necessary in times like these with overwhelming amounts of sensory input, social media posts, discussions, debates, polarity, populism, online algorithms, etc. if one is sure he or she sees the world truly as it is, isn’t that just unconsciously following a fixed narrative created by the life one has lived so far?

#critical #selfreflection #worldview #ideology #culture #norms #values #writing #thoughts

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Linguistic relativity

have you ever thought that the peculiarity of each cultural worldview is based on the language that we speak? is it possible that as the descendants of nomadic people, whose means for survival was a horse, kazakhs have wider lexicon to describe the horse and thorough understanding of this animal than other nations? or do eskimo people have more words to express qualities of snow just because they live in the longtime winter? wouldn’t it be convenient to write our weak abilities off for a justification that it is not fully described in our language?

no wonder that this matter happened to be a hot subject of discussion in linguistics areas and is known as sapir-whorf hypothesis as well as linguistic relativity, which says that the language we speak directly affects how we view the world. the term sapir-whorf hypothesis is not quite accurate as linguists edward sapir and benjamin lee whorf never co-authored together, and it was whorf, who further developed the hypothesis claiming that speakers of different languages have correspondingly different thoughts.

he started his controversial work on the uto-aztecan language hopi and came to conclude that hopi people viewed time differently from english speakers, which was a direct result of the nature of their language. whorf stated that the hopi language had no way to directly refer to the present, past or future – or to the passing of time at all. he also claimed that eskimo yupik people have an expanded vocabulary for different types of snow.

whorf’s linguistic claims have been heavily criticized by many linguists. one of the criticizers, geoffrey pullum argued that any english-speaking skier has as many words for snow as yupik speakers are claimed to have. according to him, the wide lexicon for snow is no more interesting and barely noteworthy to be headline news. also, the strong version of the sapir-whorf hypothesis, linguistic determinism, has been argued to be not only wrong, but also dangerous. as whorf’s quote illustrates, it can easily produce stereotypes.

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구름사이로 마주한 ⛰

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Forgotten in the barren landscape of rajasthan’s thar desert in india is the shekhawati region once home to the opulence of india’s rich merchant community. but today, many of the grand havelis or mansions are crumbling and their fading frescoes is a faint reminder of the region’s glory and grandeur.

with paintings covering nearly every inch of the grand havelis, the towns and villages of shekhawati encompass the world’s largest concentration of magnificent frescoes in a single region. even though the shekhawati region is located in the very popular tourist triangle of delhi-agra-jaipur, it is often passed up for more popular destinations.

but the grand havelis of shekhawati are certainly worth the visit for any history buff, art lover or off-the-beaten path traveler.

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✨ goodmakers in india 🇮🇳 ✨ part 5 ✨ the ancient practice of yoga ✨

our experience with yoga in rishikesh confirmed that yoga is a lot more than just posture-based physical fitness that helps reduce our stress levels. we had the chance to learn with swami ji ananda premananda, a master who comes from one of the most traditional schools of yoga - the bihar school of yoga. during these intensive days with him, we had very important teachings on the philosophy of yoga and how this ancient spiritual practice can help us achieve our full potential as human beings through aspects such as love, service, giving, asana practice (the physical aspect of yoga) as well as meditation or relaxation.
yoga works as a medicine for mind, body and soul. through its practice we can improve our integral wellbeing and even increase our longevity. as long-term yoga practitioners, we find in yoga a practice that makes a lot of sense and helps us have a more balanced life. these days we have reconnected with the truth that more than a practice, yoga is a state of being. and for sure one of the ways that allow us to go further in our spiritual path or worldview dimension.
and you, are you walking the path? what is one of the ways you use? we would love to hear about your experiences too 🤗🕉🙏🕉✨💗✨☮️🌏☯️ #yoga #india #rishikesh #goodmakers #philosophy #spiritual #swami #mindbodysoul #spiritualpath #worldview #biharschoolofyoga #meditation #asana #love #happiness #awareness

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I managed to find a small track towards the sea and setting sun, just me and my camera. #d****e #dinglepeninsula #ireland #ireland🍀 #éire #seascapephotography #sunset #sunsetphotography #canon #seetheworld #worldview #travelphotography #

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#worldview on top of the high mountain

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為什麼台中沒有動物園 唉 😑

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zenkov cathedral


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zenkov cathedral


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Not a great photo but a really cool significance. from this angle i am capturing nyc directly across from me- we look at porto out our window across the atlantic. pretty cool. #worldview #justaspec #transatlantichello

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A wise man once said, “no matter where we are in the world, we all look up at the same moon.” #worldview #samemoon @jbongokoeller

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Привыкай действовать‼️
Большенстве из нас знаю, что нужно делать, чтобы стать здоровее и счастливее и жить полной жизнью. Беда в том, что мы знаем, но не делаем❎
Знаете в чем признак сильного характера? — делать не то, что тебе интересно или легко даётся. Подлинно сильная личность с утра до вечера заниматься тем что нужно и правильно☑️
После тяжёлого трудового дня такой человек не лежит на диване целый вечер, а находит время почитать, не смотрит телевизор пока его девушка готовит ужин, а идёт помогать ей.
Действие это — привычка, и чем больше ты будешь принимать правильных действий, тем больше тебе будет это нравиться👍
Мы часто тратим время на выжидание подходящего момента, но забываем о том, что путь прокладывают, когда идут, а не когда ждут💎
"Конечно цель человечечкой жизни — поступок, а не мысль, пусть даже самая благородная"
©Тамас Карлайл
Я полностью согласен с его словами. Поймите, что даже самые мелкие действия всегда лучше самых дерзких намерений☝️

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#inequality #worldview⠀
views on inequality, by world region and relative income position⠀
while trends across europe, asia and sub-saharan africa tend to be roughly similar to the average global pattern of responses; results are more polarized in latin america & the caribbean, and the middle east and north africa. latin americans tended to be much more supportive of more equal incomes, whereas the opposite was true in the middle east.⠀

in the bottom panel we see how these responses correlate with income. to be specific, we see average responses by income deciles (where 1 on the x-axis is the lowest income decile and 10 the highest). across all regions, we see that richer individuals tend to be less inclined to favour a reduction in inequality (i.e. they see it as an important incentive); whereas those on lower incomes favour greater equality.⠀

regional differences, however, are still significant. in particular, in comparison to global averages, the correlation in europe & central asia, latin america and sub-saharan africa is less pronounced; while in east asia, and most notably south asia, the correlation is stronger.⠀
source: our world in data dot org⠀

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