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Thursday vibes! 🌟😏 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✨ guys, i am so excited for this summer! i have a ton of youtube videos planned and i’m stoked to get cracking on them! you know you love what you do when sleeping only gets in your way! i’ll also be earning my personal trainer certification this summer, so a bunch of in-depth workout videos are coming your way. 💪🏼 and, of course, lots and lots of activewear try on & reviews, as well! (nothin’ new there) 😘 so stay tuned for all of that! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
i love you guys so so much. thank you all for your ongoing support! keep the messages and video requests coming! you are my inspiration for doing what i do. 🤗💕 happy thursday! 💓💓 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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After seeing @yung_saiyankid i now know what it takes to get shredded. it was a massive eye opener seeing someone in such great condition.⁣

being on prep is no joke. it’s one of the hardest challenges i’ll ever encounter..but i’m ready. i love being under pressure, i strive of it. ⁣

11.5 weeks till show day, let’s have it.

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Less than a month until high school is over forever. than fact in and of itself is just crazy to me.
i’ve been looking towards graduation and going to college since i was 10 years old. literally. i’ve been seeking that feeling of independence and “adulthood” for what feels like forever.
that being said, i’m making sure that i truly soak up this summer and the end of this school year. the reality that i’m leaving for europe for three weeks in exactly one month is finally sinking in and i’m getting soooo excited 😆😆
it’s easy for me to get ahead of myself and only look towards the future, but being present is just as important as planning!
if you find that you’re focusing only on what’s ahead (aka the future) maybe try and shift your attention to what’s happening right in front of you. sounds cliche, but life is happening right now, and you don’t want to miss it.

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High rep quads and hams sesh 🍖
1️⃣squats 4x15 (try driving up the weight through your heels, you will feel your quads so much better!)
2️⃣dumbbell stiff legged deadlifts 4x15 (i don’t fully lock out on the top to keep the tension on my hamstrings)
3️⃣kettlebell walking lunges 4x15 each leg superset with leg press 4x15 (i really push out everything i got on the leg press, no slow controlled reps just blast those mofos)
4️⃣leg extensions 3x15 + dropset (i bent forward a little to emphasise my r****s femoris contraction)
5️⃣leg curls 3x15 + dropset (try not to hollow your back when doing this, if you can’t keep your lower back against the seat this is a sign you’re using to much weight 😉)
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Step out of your comfort zone. you might crash like 20x at first, but i promise you’ll figure our how your wings work. the experiences, opportunities, and view from up there are worth every failed attempt and this is nothing more satisfying that victory after working your b**t off. i’ve learned more about myself in the last year than i ever thought possible and it wasn’t during the times everything was found perfectly smooth and wonderful. it’s been during the moments i wanted to rip my hair out, curl in a ball, and cry for like 2 days. but instead of doing that, will ryan’s support and love every step of the way, i’ve pushed myself to boss up and change my life (#lizzo) and make the tough decisions needed to grow. the coolest part is, even though i feel like so many amazing things have come out of all that already, it’s just the beginning. life is kinda a constant cycle of change that you either learn to adapt to deal with or get lost and left behind. i’m gonna go ahead and say comfort zones are where dreams go to die if you stay too long, so i’ll be moving right along. (totally didn’t mean to rhyme there, but 🤯🤪)
get out if your comfort zone. join the free #lsfcroptopcrunchtime challenge (link in bio)
💫what you’ll get:
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‼️hip prep‼️
tag a friend looking for a glute🍑 killer!
hip prep is a series of 6 exercises. i use it with my patients to prime the glutes and lower body in general before getting into more dynamic and plyometric activities. i will make the statement right now: if done right, it's an absolute glute killer and i promise you that you will feel your glutes!
i like these 6 exercises in particular for a variety of reasons.
✅they challenge the glutes in all 3 planes of motion.
✅they hit all types of muscle contractions: isometric, concentric, and eccentric
✅they are performed upright in a functional position
✅there is a variety of double leg, single leg, and split stance variations
✅they train proper lower extremity alignment in a variety of hip and trunk flexed/neutral/extended positions
the 6 exercises are:
1️⃣3 way clams: 5 per leg per position
2️⃣side steps: alternating steps to the left and right starting with 1 step all the way to 5 steps
3️⃣monster walks: 10 steps forward, 10 steps backwards
4️⃣w's: 10 steps to the left, 10 steps to the right
5️⃣squats: 10 squats
6️⃣single leg firehydrants: 30s per side
💡understand that you first need to teach these exercises in isolation first, before throwing someone all 6 at once.
have fun!!
💚 via @theprehabguys

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Brighton is a wrap!⁣

great to spend the time with some awesome people! now it’s time to head home and work a hell of a lot harder than usual. ⁣

i’ll be back very soon, what a great couple of days with the lads @jackpe_ad @yung_saiyankid

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Wait for it
when learning to walk, none of us just stopped after the first fail and said “this isn’t for me” or “my body isn’t set up for that stuff”. we failed and failed and failed... hundreds of times. same for talking, same for counting, same for everything.
do not fear failure. do not only reach to where you know you won’t fail. exercise is one of the only activities that one seeks out failure, but really, it should be for a lot of things. you’ll surprise yourself , just like you did when you took those first steps. and others will be just as amazed as they were back then.
this is a #pr for me, and i failed the last 4 days trying it (with a week break in between ). #benchpress #powerlifting

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