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[ try ↔️ save↗️ ] 🔥back exercise 🔥
this is my favourite exercise finsisher for back. it hits the lats from different angle. i am not a big fan of behind the neck pull down but using it from this angle feels good on my joints. give it a go 💪. wish you all a great weekend 🙏. .
give this exercise a shot and tag me if you decide to post it! you may wind up getting featured on my page 👀.
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Shape update ✨
cela fera 1 mois samedi que j’ai commencé mon nouveau programme alimentaire by @whatsalimdoing et je sens vraiment la différence. abdos moins visibles (est ce qu’ils l’ont été un jour même 😂) mais j’ai surtout une énergie qui déborde pendant les entraînements et je pousse beaucoup plus lourd 💪🏻
je pensais honnêtement avoir du mal à accepter le fait de prendre du poids, prendre un peu de gras aussi, et au final je me sens tellement bien car je ne fais que progresser 🎉 être bien entourée fait toute la différence croyez moi. maintenant je n’ai plus peur de prendre du poids et je remercie énormément salim pour ça 🙏🏻 #beunstoppable

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I had to go through many stages to become this person.
there have been many days of emotional instability, many days where the motivation was just not there, many days where my determination was tested. i had to go through each obstacle to get to the next one. but with each challenge i grew, i learned, i adapted, i became more self-aware.
i think we all spend a significant amount of time wishing we could be further ahead in our journey, wishing the results or the product of our work would just happen already. this applies to everything in life.
be gentle with yourself, take the time to learn from each challenge and experience in your path. without them, how would we grow?

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A lil protein smoothie bowl 🍫 🍌
tasting like dessert from actually full of greens and protein and healthy fats💛 i hope you enjoy thisss xoxox
🍫1 frozen banana
🍫1 handful frozen spinach
🍫1 scoop chocolate protein powder
🍫1.5 tbsp cocoa powder
🍫cashew milk depending on how thick you want it!
🍫topped with chopped banana, chia seeds and melted peanut butter

soooo yums💛💛💛 i hope you have a great friday!! tonight my friends and i are going out for @guccinailss birthday and omg i think i’ve gone out more in the past three weeks than i have gone out my entire life lol 😴 celebrating two of my bffs birthdays plus celebrating reading break and friends coming home it’s been a lot but it’s been a great time 🍷 but i’m sleepy sleepy and am looking forward to getting some goooood sleeps this coming week😂💛 i hope you all have a great day and enjoy dis recipe xoxo!

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I can’t control some of the things that have the greatest impact on my mood. i can’t control the weather and how much sunshine i get this time of year, but i can get a workout in, give my body the food it needs to thrive and not spend too much time on my phone. when i do these things i can almost always guarantee my day will be a good one...and coffee + puppy cuddles always help too💗
what do you like to do to set up your day to be a good one?

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❣️full leg workout❣️
this is a goooood one!! you have to try this workout for your next leg day🙌🏻 might have wobbled out of the gym tonight after this workout 😂
workout deets👇🏼
✖️elevated goblet squats.
✖️static lunges.
✖️barbell squats.
✖️duck walks.
✖️single leg press.

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Proud but never satisfied ✔️
ps how cute is this @neuapparel outfit?! i die it’s so cute🐆😍 #sheisneu

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Did someone say lower body max out?!

grab a medium set up dumbbells, water bottle and a yoga mat to complete this lower body circuit! nothing like hitting off your h**p day strong with some b***y gains!

complete 4 total rounds of the following exercises: each exercise will be done for 45 seconds at a time. complete as many repetitions as you can within those 45 seconds.
1️⃣squat alternating punches
2️⃣cross behind lunge with side kick
3️⃣out in out, in out in
4️⃣squat overhead pull
5️⃣single leg glute bridges
swipe ➡️➡️ to see each exercise broken down. 
** equipment: medium set of dumbbells, yoga mat, water, and a sweat towel
perform each exercise for a 45 seconds. you will go through the circuit once, rest for 1 minute, and begin the workout again with exercise 1. you will complete 4 total rounds of this work, maxing out your legs for the day! at some point throughout this leg workout, your legs are going to burn and you are going to want to stop, but keep pushing until you complete your round and then you will have that 1 minute of rest to relax your legs!

it’s wednesday, h**p day, and what better way to get over the mid-week snowy slump than completing this leg burning workout! do it on your own or complete it with a friend! comment below with your favorite leg move!!

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💥triceps + chest + shoulder workout💥
sweet 3-in-1 sesh combo that’ll save time n send ya off feeling strong. these areas/muscle groups assist each other thru movements so grouping ‘em together is ideal for time savers. soo let’s dig in, it’s gains-o’clock :))
⚡️chest activation: db pinch press: 2x6-8, squeezing the db together as hard u can + 3s holds. pec fibers should be lit from this ♨️
✨db incline squeeze press: 4x10, still squeezing weights together throughout entire press, rest 1:30-2mins
✨db chest flyes to triceps extensions: 4x8-10 both 75-90s rest
✨plate front raises to steering wheels: 3x8, 60-75s rest
✨db front presses: 3x6-8 full reps then 4-6 half reps. push urself! keep rib cage tucked down, 1:30-2 min rest
✨bent over tricep kickbacks to single arm shoulder press: 3x8-10 each, 60-90s rest
✨ss shoulder finishers: kb squat to press (keep wrist locked & straight)
+ kb front raises into swing step, 4x10 both, 45-60s rest max after both
(side step is only a small bend in knee, not a lunge here)
and that’s a wrap! stay cute stay strong 😍❤️i hope ur week has been full of love and growth xo

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