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Your tongue is a weapon, and it will destroy your relationship if your communication style is harsh or has demeaning undertones. give the gift of better communication for valentine's day. the course goes over 7 steps to improve your communication immediately. it comes with videos and worksheets ▶️link in bio◀️

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We all know something in some shape, form or fashion that can be monetized. whether it's a killer sweet potato pie recipe, how to coordinate the baddest outfits, how to write an email series or even how to get over yourself and out of the way of your own success. most of us are gifted in many ways and as such our thoughts are goldmines. being helpful is great but don't forget you have goals and bills to pay, so some knowledge should come with a price tag. #cicisaid

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Unconditional love 💌 • unconditional love doesn’t mean you love everything about someone. it means that you don’t need them to be different than they are for you to be happy. you can accept them for who they are even if you don’t always understand or agree with them ❣️ • be happy no matter what another person is doing and practice feeling good no matter what. before you know it you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel and you will have love for everyone 🕊❤️ • my daughter and my fur babies @holistic_dogs have helped me to learn how to love unconditionally. comment below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ if you practice unconditional love ❤️🕊💌❣️

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⭐️ that new new ⭐️ available now!

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A quick little fun video of my #colorpalette or i call #lcsmoodboard for a suite that i’m currently working on for a shoot. could you tell the theme is very light and airy? check out my stories to see how i filmed this video.😉 ___ #littlecarabaostudio #womenwhohustle #theknot #theknotpro #atx #elopement #handmadepaper #weddinginvitations #weddinginspiration #darlingweekend #dailydoseofpaper #austinbride #austincalligrapher #southernwedding #calligraphyphilippines #stylemepretty #pursuepretty #simplepleasures #2018wedding #timelapse

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Love is an untamed force. when we try to control it, it destroys us. when we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. when we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused. ~paulo coelho #regram via @michaelste #thelagirl

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People are wondering if you can build a coaching business without the tech and time overwhelm… the answer is yes! . . . that’s why i’m so excited to be partnering with @nancyganzekaufer, business coach, to present this free event… . . . you can go to right now and secure your spot to ‘the secrets to growing a coaching business without the tech and time overwhelm’… live on february 22nd at 2pm est. even if you can’t attend, make sure you register, as we will be sending out a replay in addition to special offers to everyone who registers in time. kind of a . . . no brainer, right? . . . . . . #femaleentrepreneur #ladyboss #bosslady #womenentrepreneurs #femtrepreneur #creativepreneur #mompreneur #creativebiz #ladybosses #womenpreneur #workingwomen #womeninbusiness #beyourownboss #laptoplifestyle #entrepreneurlife #mompreneurlife #inspiredaily #girlboss #hustlehard #abmlifeissweet #homebusiness #bossbabes #knowyourworth #womensupportingwowmen #goaldigger #savvybusinessowner #womenwhohustle #womenempowerment #womanowned #independentwoman

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A friday mood brought to you by @emmaroberts + @theweeknd

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“when women support each other, incredible things happen.” . flashback to this candid moment with my dear @tracymatthewsny of @flourish_thrive. it was the perfect photo to come across today, as i’m sitting here reviewing the notes for an episode of her podcast we are recording together today - we always have such a wonderful time working and teaching together. . spoiler alert - if you’re a biz owner of any kind - but especially if you are a jewelry designer - hold onto your hat and start the countdown to this episode, it’s going to be a good one! we are getting real and talking about how pr is changing, what successful pr looks like in 2018, and how you can make it happen – even if you didn’t kick off the year working on your publicity plan. it’s never too late to begin, and we are going to help you do that strategically and confidently!

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How bad do you want it??!! want your dream bad enough that you’re willing to pay the sacrifice required for it. sacrifice of time. sacrifice of money. sacrifice of your comfort zone. when you finally want it bad enough, no mountain can stop you because you’re going to find a way no matter what. #dreamlivewinbig #paythesacrifice

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The process of figuring out every last detail is just part of our process.

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Bianca, from @caydencayconsulting. do the work, get the results. i don’t offer coaching often because it does take a lot and i’m invested in my clients winning. my $10k in 90 days program opens for march and i can’t wait to welcome new businesses to the program. do the work and the results will come but you have to give it your all if you want it all! who’s got next? dm me if you want the link as soon as spots open!

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Testimonial love!

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Some people call it tan color some call it nude. but what i know about this pair of goodness is that with every step you take in it, it's a step closer to your big breakthrough and i am sure you want to wear a slippers like that😍💯 guess what it's unisex👫 my people what color will you wear with it? let's discuss in the comments section for enquiries and order link in bio, we 💕 to see you in our dm too

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Different is sooooo good! do you need help creating change in your home? @lionandlumber is here to help!

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This week was hard you guys. it was week 1 of phase 2 and there was a much bigger jump than i was expecting. my mental game had to stay strong. there were so many times i had to tell me self not to quit. “finish the whole workout. you can do this.” a quick walk by the mirror and i’m reminded that it’s totally worth it and totally working🙌🏼 2 csections you guys! 50lbs gained during pregnancy twice 😒 hard work and determination got me here. but ya know what else? i just feel so good ✌🏼 and seriously, if i can do it, anyone can 💗 💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌 #selflove #transformation #postbabybody

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Finding yourself trying to grow your business, and post regularly on social media.....but realizing it is taking a whole lot more time than you expected? great news, we have sweet promo special for the month of february we promote your business, service, product or event via facebook, twitter and instagram😀 email: click link in bio and get started today. #pinksugaratl

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Shades of grey // black and grey now available on site! enjoy 20% off using code: firstlady in celebration of president’s day 🖤 #elleestfierce

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Always a fashionista - always an inspiration! happy birthday @jonayor #sisters#fashionista #girlboss #womenwhohustle #inspiration #nyc #studionyc #style #fashionforward #glam #shopping #bestpartner

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I find it sad that most people would rather hate on the successful rather then model them or learn from them. i believe that successful people are often vilified because the initial human response is to become envious or jealous. upon seeing somebody rich, beautiful or in love everyone’s defense mechanism goes up. again it’s all about ego. to protect that ego people would rather judge rather than learn something. every good thing i have in my life i worked hard for. i started out incredibly unqualified in every area i now have had success in. there’s definitely more to achieve and more work to do but i’m not going to give myself zero credit for having come this far. i recognize the awesome place that i am in life but also know that there is more to learn, more grit to come out of me so that i can be a bigger blessing to this world. ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ #dailyinspiration #soul #feedyourhappy #selflove #happymom #inspirationstation #filipina #pinay #quiettime #attitudeofgratitude #rise #morningrun #positivelife #icandohardthings #sheilabella #sheilabellapermanentmakeup #sheilabellamicroblading #browartist #motherswhowork #momtrepreneur #womensupportingwomen #womenwhohustle #beyonce #phil413strong #coffeetherapy #holyspirit #sunshine #wisdom #truth #love

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🎉🎉 happy lunar new year 🎉🎉 going to a cny festival later today, there’s gonna be a karaoke contest so wish me luck 😉 btw, i am in desperate need of some stickers to put on my laptop! any suggestions? (๑・̑◡・̑๑)

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