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Spent my last day in paradise soaking up every ounce of sunshine i could 🍬☀️✨
our next stop is sri lanka and we made it to the cutest little town called kandy, so i’ll go ahead and give a fair warning ⚠️ i’ll probably be repeating the name “kandy” an excessive amount of times on stories, because it’s just so fun to say 🤷🏻‍♀️🍬🍭
dress was so nice i got it twice ✨ details are all linked [ ] #liketkit

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This girl knows she is fire. she looks into the flames and recognises the infinite spark of her soul. as they flicker and sway she acknowledges her own mission to dance light upon this earth.
this girl no longer needs to smile to please others, yet laughs from the depths of her very being when it tickles her to do so. she understands that true beauty isn’t an outward thing, beautiful people radiate from within. she isn’t weak in this moment as she willingly shows up in her vulnerability but knows she is powerful beyond words. authenticity means owning all parts of herself without being shackled to others approval. she owns her sovereignty and her pleasure knowing those are hers to cultivate, hers to invest in.
swipe right to see the girl i was ten years ago. a girl who was naive and didn’t honour herself and didn’t see the world of endless possibilities before her! a girl who thought she had to look and act a certain way to be worthy of love. if only i could go back and talk to that girl about who she has become today... but wait i can... on day 16 of the #pleasureresolution i challenge you to write a letter to your old self to celebrate everything you have become and grown into. #10yearchallenge #naturefrother

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My mom recently got an instagram so naturally this is the first photo i should post for her to see, right? 😂

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A long-term solo traveler has its ups & downs. but it doesn’t stop you from smiling & marching harder to the beat of your heart’s drums.

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A little over 2 years ago, i started my journey in capturing my favorite eating spots and sharing my vast experiences with you all!

being an independent blogger has been quite the adventure! i have not only learned about food, but, through blogging, i have been able to meet other professionals and creatives in my field.

i am so thankful for @godaddy in helping me launch my blogging experience! they have all the tools and help you need to succeed online and for this, i am so grateful! 🙏🏼
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Can we pretend that airplanes are shootin' ✨s t a r s✨ i could really use a wish right now🎶 ~

when you travel, do you prefer hotels or airbnb? would you sleep at this one airbnb, in south africa surrounded by 70 lions🦁? the lion house set right on the @ggconservation the three-bedroom house costs around $100 and offers you a chance to sleep only a few feet away from 70 lions that live in the sanctuary😱 wouldn’t that be an awesome experience❓😅 btw, the money you pay for the house go towards the conservation, helping support and protect the lions! so, who wants to go? 💯🙋🏼‍♀️ ~

Недавно слышала по радио, что в Южной Африке можно арендовать трёхкомнатный дом который окружён настоящими львами 🦁 да да, этот дом находится посреди природного заповедника в окружении 77-ти львов. Одна ночь в таком доме стоит всего $100, а впечатлений будет на целую жизнь. Кстати, все деньги идут как помощь сохранить львов в безопасности и защитить их. «Хозяева» гарантируют вам безопасность так как дом окружён «невидимым» электрическим забором. Вот только, честно поехали бы вы в такое приключение? Я бы 💯 🙋🏼‍♀️

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Nessun pensiero per la testa ma solo un fiore tra i capelli, un tocco di spensieratezza, l’acqua salata, pesci tropicali dai mille colori che mangiavano tranquilli dalle mie mani, il sole, l’oceano indiano caldo e rassicurante, la sabbia più bella mia vista prima, l’acqua di cocco a dissetarmi, frutta a volontà, la mia famiglia e un capodanno davvero davvero speciale❤️
queste sono state per me le seychelles, le settimane più indimenticabili della mia vita trascorse sotto al cielo dei tropici che ora, tornata ai 10 gradi della mia cagliari e alla dura realtà, voglio ricordare così 😍: sull’isola la digue, la più bella di tutte, la più selvaggia, la più particolare, quella che mi ha fatto battere il cuore in modo unico💙
anche stavolta non ho voluto pubblicare niente per godermi solo quello che era il mio “qui e ora”, il mio presente reale e non virtuale.
e ancora una volta è stata la scelta giusta👌🏻
ma ora è proprio il caso di dire:
what a start of the year!🤩🏝🐠
e voi? fino ad ora nel corso della vostra vita, quale è stato il posto più bello in cui avete trascorso la fine dell’anno?🎊
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I’ve been home for a week and my southeast asian trip seems just like a dream now.... hopefully a dream i’ll never forget. i want to say thank you to cameron’s parents @lvmathison and @william.mathison , the best in-laws i could ever ask for! they flew in from florida to help cameron with the kids for 10 days while i was away. my trip would not have been possible without their help. they are kind, loving, amazing grandparents to lucas and leila, and extremely generous!! thank you...and love you both so much. ❤️❤️❤️

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