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I guess we're learning about meteorology for science today! thanks, mother nature. 🤣

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We love all things fall here so i am reposting this amazing fall post from @fortheloveofhomeschooling ! 🍁🌱🍃🌲🍁🍂
our forest inspired nature table! pine cones, tree bark, sticks and ferns are enough to spark any child's curiosity and sense of wonder. 🌳🌲🌿🍃 and of course our tree cards from @tanglewoodhollow and tree observation journals from @lookwhosin1stgrade !
happy sunday friends!🤗
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Friends, send me all your immune-boosting-sickness-banishing natural remedies 🙅‍♀️🤒
sadly, elliott and i traded in our first nature society hike this morning for plenty of hot tea and rest 🤧 slowing down and missing out are not my favorite but maybe that's what my body needs. it seems that i've been catching any and every icky germ that's going around lately.
while i'm pretty bummed to be missing out on beautiful oak glenn, i am grateful for a fellow mama who allowed em to tag along with her children for the hike. and i know that this day of rest is a gracious provision from the lord. for that, and much more, i am thankful. .
{photo from our hike last week}
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When #letterboard writing turns into learning fun. 🍂📝🎃🍁

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Käfer, schmetterlinge bis hin zum eichhörnchen in den bäumen entdecken seine adleraugen. ehrlich, ich wäre an diesem blatt einfach vorbei gelaufen. er stand plötzlich still und hob es sehr vorsichtig auf. sein achtsamer umgang erfreut mich immer wieder. und dann legte er es vorsichtig an den wegesrand, damit kein spaziergänger drauf tritt. ❤️

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Herbstferien 🍁
genau wie in seinen ersten 3 lebensjahren, hat er mich heute wieder zu meinen hausbesuchen begleitet. nicht mehr im tragetuch, dafür aber kannten ihn einige frauen vom geschwisterkind noch. und nach schwangerenvorsorgeuntersuchungen und wochenbettbesuchen, ging es für uns, zum wandern, ins siebengebirge.

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“look up at the sky! who created the stars you see? the one who leads them out like an army, he knows how many there are and calls each one by name! his power is so great — not one of them is ever missing!” isaiah‬ ‭40:26‬ #bibleverseoftheday ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ we had a lot of fun creating these little galaxy paintings. like the hairs on our head, so too are the stars numbered and known by him. what a big god, yet he’s so intimately aware of our needs. when i stop to think about how he cares for me, i’m awestruck. i don’t deserve it and i’m so glad his love isn’t based on my merits. big god, little me. i just want to shine his glory like the stars, a shimmering light of his love.

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Ok fall, you’re perfect 😍⛅️🍁🧣

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I love waking up and hearing max sing in the living room while drawing a picture. and i love his pictures. 🎶😍🐦❤️

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A nature hikes isn’t merely “a walk in the woods.” its a treasure hunt. 🕷 cabinet of curiosities by @tiff_goo 🐾🔥 #wildexplorersclub

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First camp out of the fall.🍁 we have a large flock of turkeys and some deer that come through every morning. so they sprayed the tent, their sleeping bags, and themselves with scent away in hopes of being surrounded by turkey and deer when they woke up. but the fear of coyotes, rabid racoons, and skunk ape got the best of them so they tied the dogs up out there by the tent for safety. 🤣 no turkeys or deer this morning, but they had fun and slept under a cresent moon!⛺🌙

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Sights of the season. 🙂 our family has been loving the transition to cool weather and colorful trees. who else is enjoying autumn?
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“great art picks up where nature ends” 🍄

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A pretty fine way to spend a sunday with these three. ❤️

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I miss waking up to this. i would open my eyes and skyla would be right there, staring at me with a huge smile on her face. “mama’s awake!!” mike would let me sleep in (he still does), and i would see him making breakfast and the girls playing quietly.
i miss living tiny. i miss it every single day. i’m learning to be content with where i am right now. but if i could snap my fingers and be in a tiny space living with my family, shoot i would do it!
we are currently going back and forth about moving in to harrison. it would be a huge leap for us but life without risk is boring. amiright? ❤️

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