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City of york is a unique place dating back to roman times with strong viking influence. the york minster is towering above cute old streets. it was raining and cold on saturday when we were there. the sun came out as soon as we left. typical...

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Throwback to last may, when we hopscotched through the amazing outer hebrides. 5000 years old callanish stones site is one of the most complete historic stone circles in europe. located on the west coast of the isle of lewis, this prehistoric monument doesn't fail to impress. you can't help to think it was created by the giants of old to observe some mysterious, long forgotten rituals.

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The york minster peeking out from behind the rooftops. minster suffered a serious fire in 1984, which caused a lot of damage. it was restored by 1988.

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Charming streets of the city of york. we keep coming back for years to this place and not much changed. but some things did not change for centuries, apparently.

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When you’ve got gym at 4pm and a night out at 9pm 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😂 such a good night though

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Friday night 🎉🍸💃🏼✨

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Last night. real life highlighter ✨

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