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"a world in which elves exist and magic works. "

everytime we visited that area it felt like being in some kind of fairytale lands with absolutely noone around , i really wanted to represented it like that through the photos .
we did 5x visits to this area but everytime we just didn't get the right conditions either it started raining out of nowhere or just massive fog with no visibility at all which seemed to last forever. there was just this one moment which only lasted a few minutes where the magic light came in and we finally got what we wanted .

i guess the story here is if you want something you have to work hard , there are never any shortcuts ever .
#iceland .
@beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography

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💚senjahopen, norway.

photo by @seffis #folkscenery
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🇯🇵 i’m back in paris but i already miss japan so much. it is actually quite hard to come back after a long journey especially with what happened. december is also not my favorite month, it’s cold and gloomy. let’s stay in japan with this lovely couple dressed up in kimonos on the little boat in arashiyama! isn’t it romantic? 😊

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@tom_juenemann the polar express is coming 🚂
there is just one thing in winter what makes me happy about the white stuff...just when everything is covered in tons of snow 😍 .

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Selon les prévisions de météosuisse et de meteonews, une quantité importante de neige devrait tomber ce week-end en montagne. ❄️⛄️😍 lets’ wait...😇

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Three hours in dusky kyoto.

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