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#whitepeople #christ warns "i want to say to the whole of white america that we have allah (god) on our side to retaliate against anyone who mistreats us.
if we are not accepted by our brother muslims, we most certainly have been accepted by the god of islam, allah, whose proper name is master fard muhammad, to whom praises are due forever, who came to us without observation, as it is written of him, however he makes his work manifest.
the nation of islam’s idea again is to build better country homes for the black people.

i say to the whole of the american white people that you could never win against anyone outside or inside america as long as you seek to mistreat us.
as it is written in the bible, "he who contends with thee (us) allah (god) will contend with him and give them their blood to drink like sweet wine." so remember, we are the people of allah (god). we make no trouble with anyone, but allah (god) will retaliate against anyone who makes trouble for us, or who seeks to do us harm." honorable elijah muhammad: fall of america 

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#whitepeople #vaccines #messiah @louisfarrakhan warns "the enemy has not changed from the beginning of his creation, killing the darker, saving the lighter. and, that nature has not changed from the time of general jeffrey amherst in 1763, who put smallpox in blankets, and came to the #indians claiming that these blankets would help comfort them through the winter—using biological weapons against the native people.
and the fact that we were injected with the most virulent form of syphilis during the #tuskegee experiments from 1932-1972 (40 years); allowing us to cohabit with others, to spread the disease!
and all we got when it was discovered was an apology, and some meager, very meager, compensation.
also, millions of americans were given polio shots starting in the 1950s and 1960s; and now, flu shots. and we don’t know what contagions or toxins are in the vial, or serum, that we are being injected with!

i went to #libya and spoke with brother leader, #muammargadhafi, and we advised him about setting up in #libya a #pharmaceutical enterprise that would make #medicines and vaccines for #africa and the third world.

#cuba has some of the cleanest vaccines to be found in the world!
but the embargo on cuba disallows her to produce what she would desire to produce for the health and well-being of the peoples of the world.
this is why #gadhafi, in the mind of europe and america, had to be destroyed—because he agreed to do this; and then, opened a $500 million hospital in #tripoli!
i was present at the opening of that hospital, and next to that hospital was a team of scientists that were developing medicines and vaccines." minister louis farrakhan the time and what must be done part 37

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#whitepeople #messiah @louisfarrakhan 6/14/11 open letter to brother #muammargadhafi "i know that what you are suffering will soon come to me and the #nationofislam and i pray that the guidance that i give to you that allah will make me strong enough to be that as #allah asked the believers to be.

in closing, the last two surahs of the holy qur'an are called the chapters of refuge and my plea to you is to seek refuge in allah and know if it pleases allah, he will deliver you and with you the #libyan #jamahiriya.

my dearest of brothers, know that no death can touch muammar #gadhafi for it is written in the holy qur'an “and speak not of those who are slain in allah's way as dead. nay, (they are) alive, but you perceive not”. the great work that you have done will live regardless to what happens.
the work you have started by allah's grace will be furthered by those who love you and those who know the value of what you have contributed to #libya, #africa and the world.
remember brother allah says he will never waste the work of a worker.

i will do all that i can to help, but allah's help is sufficient.

thank you for reading these words and i pray that in these words you will find comfort, solace, guidance and strength in the words of allah, the lord of the worlds.

give my greeting to your beloved wife and family, and to the faithful ones whose faith is being greatly tested.

with much love i greet you again in peace, wa-alakium salaam.

i am your brother and servant

the honorable minister louis farrakhan
servant to the lost-found
nation of islam in the west"
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#whitepeople #fakenews @realdonaldtrump messiah @louisfarrakhan warns "does it matter who dominates the media?
it does.
look, the media shapes not only our children’s values and actions, but our own.
the jewish media has normalized s****l degeneracy, profanity, and all kinds of sin; it also leads us into war to make the mid-east safe for ‪#‎israel‬—this happened in‪ #‎afghanistan‬, ‪#iraq‬; and tomorrow, maybe‪ #‎iran‬. if an anti #christian‬ agenda were being advanced by the followers of sun myung moon (#unificationchurch) or #scientologists, dominating the most powerful positions of media leadership in america, there would be a howl of protest!
but they, the synagogue of satan, dominate, and they are leading america into the moral ditch of hell.

and guess what?
vice president #joebiden, speaking on tuesday, may 21, 2013 at the jewish american heritage month reception hosted by the democratic national committee, said that “the jews are responsible for changing the s****l attitudes of the american people”—they are responsible for the attitudes that are changing toward “same-sex marriage.” is this why #presidentobama is the first president in the history of this nation to sanction “same-sex marriage”? did i not say a few broadcasts ago that it is written in the scriptures that the hyenas, the jackals, the owls, and the wild goats are in the palatial buildings of this western world?

are they surrounding our brother?
look who is around our president."‪ minister louis farrakhan the time and what must be done pt 20
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#whitepeople #orthodoxjews #christ teaches "the american ‪#jew‬ and the american black man may yet find some way of making a separate relationship out of the other world." honorable ‪#elijahmuhammad‬: how to eat to live book 2

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#farrakhan @louisfarrakhan

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#whitepeople messiah @louisfarrakhan teaches "i am misunderstood by my own people not because i’m incapable of speaking clear words. i’m probably one of the clearest teachers on earth today.
when you hear minister louis farrakhan, you would have to be dead to not understand me and if you’re mentally dead god has blessed me to be able to reach you even in that condition and raise you from the dead.
my brother’s an sisters misunderstand me because they have learned of me through a wicked filter.
a wicked filter.
the media wants me misrepresented because they fear that if you heard what i really stood for, who i really am, and what i really have from the honorable #elijahmuhammad and from almighty god allah for your rise, that you would come, not by the fives and the tens, but you would come by the thousands. because i am the one you have been searching for all the days of your life .
you say “i thought it was the honorable elijah muhammad”, i’m no more than an extension of him.
i am he and he is me and we are one.
yes, so don’t claim to accept him and reject me.
if you love him you got to love me or you’re a liar and the truth is not in you.
i need your help to establish an ability to reach the world through satellite communications.
they shouldn’t be guessing about us in #africa.
they shouldn’t be guessing about us in the #middleeast or in #asia so when i speak from now on, i must not speak to small audiences.

i must speak to the world because i have a message in my mouth and a message in my heart for the whole world and that message should not be impeded by language distortion or misunderstanding.
there are those who stand ready to translate my words into #spanish and #french and #arabic and the languages of the human family that they may know that god has risen up a black man in america who can speak the language of the oppressed all over the world.
i need your help.
i have been remiss in my duty because i have always taught and i never told you what to do.
after teaching you, i would inspire you and let you go to do what you willed to do."
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#repost @recipesforselflove
this is a thing i must remind myself of constantly. black and brown folks dont need "saving". white supremecy needs to be dismantled.
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#whitepeople messiah @louisfarrakhan teaches "how many of you have ever heard of #dalecarnegie?
did you know that when i was a young student in the ministry in new york under brother malcom(x), our brother captain yusuf went and paid for the course of "how to win friends and influence people"? he brought it back to the ‪mosque‬. and then several of the believers, female and male, took the course.
the messenger(honorable elijah muhammad) heard about it and now, you join any mosque, you'll see a course on "how to win friends and influence people". that didn't come from the honorable elijah muhammad.
that came from dale carnegie, a ‪‎caucasian‬, by the way, who had something of value to show us how to win friends among our own people.
that was valuable knowledge."‪ minister louis farrakhan on #dianetics
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White people after eating lemon and herb spiced food 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
#whitepeople #food #s**t #spicy #nandos

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#whitepeople bro. sultan muhammad (sm): bro. hassan ali would you please introduce yourself to us.

bro. hassan ali: (#tripoli, #libya): i'm in the service of the minister louis #farrakhan and bro. #akbarmuhammad and the american delegation to translate and do whatever they need me to do, primarily to do whatever they need me to do. i am the student of muhammad ahmed al-mahi from medina, who gave the tariqah (spiritual path of one's teaching) of #prophetmuhammad—may the peace and blessing of allah be upon him—and all the related authorities to minister farrakhan during umrah during his visit to medina in 1998.

sm: bro. hassan, what is an #abunahsheikh?

bro. hassan: abunah sheikh, literally means “our father sheikh” in arabic, “our father sheikh,” and he, during his time (among us), he was (in the orthodox muslim world) the highest spiritual authority on this planet. this is evidenced by his living in the city of prophet muhammad (pbuh), and being the highest spiritual sheik in that city during his time. what's very relevant about it is his relationship with bro. minister farrakhan and what he gave him (minister farrakhan), some which is known and some which is unknown.

sm: first of all, i learned that most people, regardless of station, as king or prince, would have to wait to see him, is this true?

bro. hassan: that is absolutely true.

sm: however, i remember that when we first arrived, the minister was asked to come up immediately. and i just learned from you that the abunah sheik was actually waiting for him?

bro. hassan: yes sir, what i understand from his inheritor, one of his sons, who is presently in charge of the affairs in medina, the abunah sheik was awaiting minister @louisfarrakhan.

sm: now, i was present when the abunah sheik said to the honorable minister louis farrakhan, who did not even know the abunah sheik, had any knowledge of him, that he prayed for the minister 500 times a day.

bro. hassan: a minimum of 500 times a day!

sm: this was a very privileged meeting of which it was a blessing and honor that i and a few others were allowed to meet this very special human being. we were allowed to take a picture of him and then, him and the

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#whitepeople #messiah @louisfarrakhan warns "look at the calamities that are going on all over the earth: they are going to increase dramatically! in the book of revelation, in the 7th chapter, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd verses, it states: “and after these things i saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the winds —the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not b**w on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.
and i saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living god #masterfardmuhammad): and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying, hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our god in their foreheads —with the seal of the living god." think about this!
the four winds are being held back until you, god’s elect, are sealed, in your forehead, your mind, with: the knowledge of god; the knowledge of yourself; and the knowledge of the enemy of god.
and that sealing is going on right now!
and then it goes on to say in the 4th verse of that same chapter that 144,000 were sealed ; and the honorable elijah muhammad wrote “for the pain of such loss of a people that totals 46 million, that only 144,000 will accept the seal of the living god?” brothers and sisters, look at your actions:
you have been sealed in your forehead with the mark of the beast, and that’s why you think the way you think, and that’s why your hands are doing the deeds that they do, and your feet are walking the path that you are walking! but the angels are holding back “the four winds”—but they are about to be turned loose … oh, brothers and sisters: the world is heading into a war like this earth has never seen! and “the winds of war” will b**w from every corner of the earth! it will hurt the earth! it will hurt the sea; great storms will arise." #farrakhan : the time and what must be done pt 18
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#whitepeople #messiah @louisfarrakhan on satanic mind that favors #lightskin over #darkskin "they(so called jews) were not the seed of abraham, mind you.
these were those who would present a sign —that is all—of a great enslavement that would take place near the end of the time of the rule of the caucasians, when the children of israel would suffer in bondage 400 years.
i am not speaking of those that were exiled to what is now called #egypt.

these were caucasian people; tricky people! people that began to create trouble wherever they went.

now look at the middle east, now, in #palestine: the original #palestinian was black.
the original #arabian is black.
the original #iraqi is black.
the original people of that whole area are black!
but in the nature of the being made, saving the lighter, killing the darker—this is the process that goes on in our world today: we favor the #lighterskinned black man who is mixed with you; and you push the darker brother or sister down!

where are the black palestinians? they’re pushed out!
where are the black arabians? they’re pushed out! where are the real, black #egyptians? they’re pushed out!
so this race-mixing produced a lighter hue, and some maintained their whiteness—but the same nature!
the same nature…
the same thought of pushing out or pushing down; or suppressing the darker-skinned human being!

to my beloved #muslim brothers: you don’t want to admit that there’s racism in among the arabs.
but i’ve been among you, and i have seen how the black is treated…
so you’re going to have to repent too for what was done by you to the darker-skinned arabs; to the original #hebrews, to the original black people!
if we are the real #semite, then you who call us anti-semitic are the real anti-semite, for you have been against the blackman since you came into existence from us." #farrakhan : the time and what must be done pt 19
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#china #japan #korea #india #venezuela

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#orthodoxjews #whitepeople brother jabril teaches "caucasians teach that #passover commemorates the exodus, the deliverance of #israel from slavery in the days of moses.
#jews see it as a prelude to god’s revelation of the ten commandments on mount sinai.
these are signs being fulfilled today.

in jewish homes, passover starts with a meal called #seder.

at this meal, "the cup of elijah" is left untouched who, according to jewish tradition, he (elijah) will arrive as an "unknown guest" to herald the advent of the #messiah.
their door is opened to welcome elijah who, as jews teach, will resolve all controversial questions connected with god’s wisdom.

so, seder not only commemorates #jewish redemption from egyptian bondage, as they teach, but it also reminds them of what they should expect when elijah shall appear, which has occurred.

certainly, this is to be understood on more than one level.
the wiser ones should inform the less wise.

will jews open their doors to minister minister louis farrakhan and his teacher... or will they turn on themselves?
what of the #shriners?
what of the two billion plus #christians and #muslims who expect the messiah?

there are banquets or suppers from genesis onwards that we should understand, since they refer to us." brother jabril muhammad are we in the time of the messiah’s passion

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