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What was i doing out of bed?™

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Winter is coming, but i'm thrilled with 7 inches of snow 😎😜 daenerys and jon - the perfect pair - except for that whole *major spoiler* part of it all. 👸🏼🐉🐉🐉👳🏻 @instagram #perfectpair • we're wearing these costumes to our neighbours halloween party and i know, i know, we're so obvious, but when baby number three arrived we just had to. that's why we have homemade family costumes planned for the actual day (family tradition). also, i have to give a shoutout to my girls at @lavishsaloncalgary who always keep my hair colour tops. even though i greyed it out a little for this costume, they always know what i'm after - they are the best in the land 🙌🏻 #got #gameofthrones #ilovelavish

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A well-made pb&j is good for the soul. #eatmunchies

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Good night 🌟 by @kjp via @fashionzine 🍕

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Cheese sticks🧀 #cheese #cheesy #grubspot snapchats: grubspot

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Fall vibes 🍁🍂 #sweaterweather

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Yesterday's beautiful bride 💕 see all the behind-the-scenes shots of her wedding now on our insta story 💕 photo by @najiabinader _________________ ▪event creator: @denisetaouk ▪wedding dress : @zuhairmuradofficial ▪wedding designer: @oussamasaliby ▪floral decoration: @ronibassil ▪photographer: @pulseproduction ▪hosting agency: @selectagency ▪hair dresser : @tonyelmendelek ▪makeup : @roulariachi ▪lighting : @bacchus_production ▪hostesses: @selectagency. ▪sound: @ckasarl @chady_akiki ▪bar catering: @butlersbottle ▪led screens: ▪catering: @faqracatering ▪entertainment: @artsandmelon.official ▪furniture: ________________ #lebaneseweddings @pierrak #pierray

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Snug as a tired, long weekend of fun with my mom night all x 🐕💋🐶#yorkiesofinstagram #yorkiegram #weekend #sleep #yorkies 💕

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And... we're into cabinets #babytime #weekend #makingamess

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I seldom post pictures of me or my family. but as the children are growing up and they start to be with us less and less time, i enjoyed enormously this weekend away home the four of us together again. #family #familytrip #weekend #yolo #tessin

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#marathon #relais #toulouse #2017 #weekend #perf #onlafait💪 #fière

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