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Smashed shoulders and back today... after watch @big_ty_russ switched my bent over rows from dumbbells to the barbell.. hit 135 for 8 x 6 sets... used the over the top grip to protect my distal bicep tendons on the advice of @nodonutshere 🔥
if you’re not following ty and mike you’re missing out on great content and tips to hit your marks and prevent injury set backs...
the change in my set felt good.. i’ll slowly add some more weight over the next few weeks to put some pressure on these back muscles to grow...
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↠ here it is! clips from my striking/leg workout from monday. this was done at the @tsunami_selfdefense studio 💪🏼

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Level up stack for the win🤘🏽with 5 weeks and 1 day left in my challenge, i’m hungrier than ever for progress. i’ve been supplementing with level-1 and opti-greens for the last 4 weeks, and i will add royal queen to the stack tomorrow morning. can’t wait to see what comes from the next 5 weeks. also, super excited to try this flavor of level-1. #1stphormathletesearch #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #duespaid #legionofboom #wedothework

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Back at it again!
today’s workout was pretty quick but it killed me! i know i can go h*****n my workout because i have #phormula1 and #ignition waiting for me! it’s so amazing to not be super sore, properly replenish my muscles and build them. having the proper post-workout routine is so incredibly important, what i mean by that is having a good protein shake or source or protein after your workout so you can repair and build your muscles and your spirits hehe .
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Everyone is a 🐺 until they meet a real 🐺.... respect me and ill respect you... ☯ ying-yang...
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April 2018 -> november 2018!
there’s are times when i feel like i’m making no progress, hell there are days i don’t even want to workout ..but taking a look back from where i was to where i actually am now changes that mindset instantly!!!
it is all apart of journey, having your highs and hitting you lows. this drives the motivation inside me to keep on going. it’s not easy, but sure is worth it!

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That spin vibe... i just may die. its been a hot minute since i have done some serious cardio.

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Happy h**p day 🍑 #stillfluffy

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Day 21 of 1st phorm’s fall sprint challenge and i’m feeling better than ever! so glad i’ve finally gotten my motivation back! .

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Happy h**p day 🍑⁣

i finally feel good after being miserable w/ bronchitis and invisalign for 3-4 days. my first day back obviously had to be a leg day. i honestly can’t stand leg days so i have to force myself to get pumped & enthusiastic about it, otherwise it’s the worst workout session ever. ⁣ ⁣
but, instead of being negative and saying i have to workout today, i simply just change my perspective and say i get to workout today. ⁣

here’s today’s leg workout, plan on waddling out of the gym to your car 👏🏻: ⁣
- smith machine squat 3x12/10/8⁣
- step-ups 3x10 each leg ⁣
- lateral box squat w/ kb 3x10⁣
- goblet squat 4x10 ⁣
- rdl’s 3x10⁣
- calf raises 4x12⁣
- leg press 3x14⁣
- hamstring curls 4x10⁣

not all of my blender bottles have a container to hold powder at the bottom, so most days i keep my @1stphorm post workout stack (phormula-1 + ignition) in a baggie and i pour it in my shaker when i’m done working! get out there and get moving y’all! 💪🏻

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It’s quite disgusting and raining here in nc but i hear it’s supposed to snow up north so i’m all good here 🤷🏼‍♀️. it’s difficult to workout when it’s gross outside but i did the dang thing and now i can cuddle up and watch the haunting of hill house! has anybody watched that? i’m slightly obsessed! 🙊

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It’s 90% mental. the rest is in your head.
your body is capable of so much more than you could imagine. it’s your mind that grows weary. it’s your mind that says give up. pain isn’t a reason to give up. if we quit every time we got hurt we’d go no where in life. i did this today to prove to myself i could. with no training. just casual running for fun. only 1500 calories consumed yesterday and just a cliff bar for breakfast. no this isn’t that far of a distance compared to @cameronrhanes or @davidgoggins but it was for me. i went further than i have before and now i have no excuses on how far i want to go next. there were times when i wanted to quit. what kept me going was being relentless with my thoughts. being grateful. having a positive perspective distracts you from pain and negative thoughts. thinking of how my buddy @jrvezain can’t run right now and wishes he could and how i know one day soon he will be. (love you man, you inspire me so much) i hope you put your mind to something. i hope you don’t settle for ordinary. i hope you unleash the beast inside of you. i hope you dominate life instead of being dominated by life. i hope you train your mind to be positive so that your actions will follow. i hope this encourages you and pushes you. i hope you find gratitude and a positive perspective. this wasn’t easy. go do something that pushes your limits. i believe in you. ➕✖️
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I titled this workout, “glute squeeze is a necessity (s)”! {you’ll see why if you watch the videos 😏).

*the #humpday workout i’ve been trying to post literally all day 😤*
quick, effective, and a pain in the arse to post apparently- so plz 🔰save🔰 it!

superset 1️⃣: front squats/ barbell rdl
superset 2️⃣: db walking lunges/ db single-leg rdl
superset 3️⃣: db glute bridge/ glute-ham raise (ghr) using the back extension.

what’s everyone else working today?!
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To all the beautiful souls that i’ve connected with over this past year… thank you for reaching out to me, engaging with me and most importantly turning to me for inspiration and motivation. all of the hours spent researching, planning and creating content… everything i do for you! you are my why. from the bottom of my heart, i appreciate every single one of you. love you all! happy wednesday. 💕

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Happy #wcw 😊

if you’re new here, i use woman crush wednesday to talk about an incredible woman that i think more people should know about. this gives us a chance to empower and lift each other up!
today i wanted to shoutout @ashnordman
if you’re looking for someone who is honest, open, and is always looking for ways to help and reach more people, then ashley’s your girl! through ashley’s posts, i’ve been really thinking about how i take care of myself and what i could be doing to improve it. i’m very close to getting myself one of those mud masks 😉
what’s amazing is that she shares her personal journey and testimony for others to follow. she creates great and knowledgeable resources (if you don’t have her gut health guide, you should!) plus she shares yummy recipes to try out! *
she’s a great part of the #phamily you should follow today! 😊

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I was told that these biceps need some work... the goal is to have a complete physique.

so here’s a few clips of me trying to improve them post chest workout.
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