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Twenty six! what a year! on the day of my 26th birthday i was 39 weeks pregnant with my first child and 5 weeks away from graduating from uq with a degree in midwifery. thankfully today i am able to get off a couch unassisted and am living the cake life - two things i never could have imagined on my 26th birthday. #allyouneedisloveandcake

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A multicoloured garden falling down in a mix of sugar flowers, painting and moulds all anchored by that gilded tier! and that green! just out of kitchens! the most gorgeous green ever! go and get one before its gone! paints by @sweetsticksau #havesomecakeuk #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #wedding #weddingcakes #weddingcake #weddinginspo #cupcakeproject #cakebakeoffng #cakeporm #instagram #cakedesigner #satinice

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This gorgeous three-tiered cake is like a work of art with its floral pattern and delicate sugar flower embellishments! | photography: @ktmerry | event planning + design: @honeyandcinnamonwed | floral design: @myrtleetolive | cake: @tuscanweddingcakes

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Look at that topper shine 😍✨ thanks @blizzardsales!

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A little friday night cake decorating for your entertainment. x

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Thank you for all your lovely comments and likes on this cake means so much 💙. here’s a quick video of the cake n a lovely pic sent in by my client of the cake cutting, the flowers match her outfit perfect 💙 mashaallah... #weddingcakes #asianweddingcake #londonweddingcakes #floralweddingcakes #cakestagram #instacakers #weddingseason2018

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Cute little two-tiered hawaiian themed wedding cake. #weddingcakes #playmariam’s #hawaiianthemedweddingcakes

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Coworker???? not really! only your best friends. maybe your boss, but that’s it!

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Life without you my love, would never be the same....

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We will be adding these cute little cake toppers to our shop! and how awesome is this cake? @littleblackbirdbakery seriously does amazing work!

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Love is blind despite the world’s attempt to give it eyes.

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Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it outlast anything.

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Наверное Вы думаете, что когда я делаю торт, я думаю о торте), о его виде, о его цене.. Нет, нет и нет! Я всегда думаю только о девочке-невесте. Как подойдет, как разрежет, удобно ли ей будет, понравится ли вкус, улыбнется ли жених попробовав кусочек🙏🏻. Иногда торты заказывают мамы, это самые строгие цензоры, а иногда бабушки..🧐 Тут не угодить как ни старайся)). А когда в выборе торта принимает участие и отец, то разумеется его единственное пожелание чтобы Ангелы охраняли его маленькую девочку всю жизнь, а Свадьба это всегда начало новой жизни и Ангелов много не бывает🙏🏻. #weddingcake #weddingcakes #sugarflowers #игрыссахаром #абхазскиесвадьбы #abkhazskiesvadby #abkhazskie_svadby

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Candy bar для Артемия в морском стиле.🎁🐳⛵ Из сладостей от нашей мастерской: кремовый шоколадный торт, капкейки, кремовые трайфлы, миничизкейки😋🤗 Декор - @studiopatefon Фотограф - Зоя Полетаева #морскойкендибар #candybar #море #морской #морскойторт #tortonini

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My first delivery set up #weddingcakes #olympiclagoonpaphos

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