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10.24.17 ❤ happy anniversary, babygirl. i know i'm late on this post haha. it's been quite a year hasn't it? it was that date i had an appt set to see you for the first time, and also the same day my sc died, as she knew you were going to replace her. i remember the feeling i had in my heart as we pulled up to the chevron in san jose to see you for the first time. i saw you parked, my eyes watered, and i screamed. i knew you had to be mine. i jumped out of friskos integra to greet you, all while completely ignoring your seller 😂 i was so in love. our test drive together, you were so loud. you must've been so excited. oh god your interior was disgusting: tan, stained, and froot loops stuck to the center console. but you ran so good, you were so happy. all your buttons worked, windows, ac, vents, everything. you cracked vtec hard and sharp at 4.4k. i was so in love that we got lost on the way back 😂 but once we pulled up, your seller saw how happy you made me and cut me a deal so we can be together. i gave you a hug goodbye that night, and brought the money two days later. driving back with your obnoxious exhaust marked the best night of my life. you gave me a warm feeling in my heart that i was lacking for so long. i was so excited to make you mine, and i'm so beyond proud of us for everything we did together. so much i can't even list. to scroll through our pics together and see you grow... just amazes me. i love you. i have so much more in store for you ❤

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Bmw e46 m3 coupe anti-rasp midpipe revision 2.0 coming together nicely. featuring our new 304ss packed resonators for long life!

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⚡️hot wheels ⚡️

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