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This photo is unbelievable!! i could really do with being here rn.😍🌊😍 // hope you all are having the best day! if you haven't sweat yet, there's still time. even just 10 min hiit does wonders body and mind.🤗👊🏼 // photo: @gabscanu // . . . #beach #travel #wanderlust #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #sweat #healthyliving

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I couldn't have a better view @collagevintage2 @soludos #soludosescapes

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Quédate con quien te haga #volar. vuela con quien quieres estar. |||| stay with the person that makes you #fly. fly with the person that makes you want to stay. 📷 @londonspotter #iberia #aviones #avion #planes #airplane #wing #sky #travel #dream #love #wanderlust

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Life is always on my side ....einstein said the most important decision a person can make is deciding whether the universe is inherently good, or inherently bad. i couldn’t agree more. and i think either belief is true, if you’ve invested your energy into it. when you believe that life is on your side, it is. when you believe it’s not, it’s not. either way is completely valid, but one is much more fun and enjoyable. decide right now that life is on your side, even if you haven’t been experiencing that lately. challenge yourself to adopt this mindset for 30 days and see what happens. i think you’ll be amazed at the results. how to practice the “life is on my side” mindset: decide right now that life is on your side. but don’t stop there, right down at least 10 ways in the last year that life has supported you, that you’ve been assisted in ways that you didn’t expect or anticipate. commit to at least 30 days of waking up and telling yourself as you drink your morning coffee that life is conspiring in my favor. stay true jody walker

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Take a starlit stroll over the sea. 📷: @henry86lee #comebacknew

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Ladies we love is our interview series with women from around the world that provide us inspiration through their travels and their personal stories. this week we got to know mel wells, @iammelwells, bestselling author of #thegoddessrevolution! _____ in this interview mel shares her thoughts on being a female entrepreneur, her fabulous new book, and her advice on how to live a healthier life. oh and don't forget about her amazing insight into living in bali as a fearless expat. read the full interview on ______ we publish 5 new stories a week from our travel community. become a watg contributor by submitting a travel post, reviews and tips directly over on our site. ______ #wearetravelgirls #watg #watgbali #bali #thegoddessrevolution #nusapenida

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▪ 📷 @baperman_ 🌏 hutan pinus kragilan, dusun kragilan, desa pogalan, pakis, magelang, jateng ___ tag teman kamu !!! & beri nilai !!! dari 1 sampai 10 1 = kece 10 = kece badai berapa angka yg akan kamu kasih buat poto ini? 〰〰〰 follow⤵ @palembangposting @ini_palembang @potretkece 〰〰〰 #indonesiarepost

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Live post !!! . . from punthuk mongkrong , magelang jawatengah . if : @bo.gek ( bank plecit ) . . #magelang #punthukmongkrong

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Self timer is the sweetest thing that's ever happened to a photographer. 💫💃 #natgeotravel#lpmi #incredibleindia #wanderlust #traveler #travelwithshenaz #travelphotography #traveldiaries #travelblog #instatravel #instadaily #igtravel #dailyfeature #photooftheday #desert#landscapeoftheday #indiatravelgram  #manali#cntgiveitashot #indiapictures  #rajasthan#travelgram#indiatravelgram #_soi #travellolife #jaisalmer#gopro #canon#currytraveler

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Dare to travel alone again.... 🤔 where to go next? ✈️🌎🌍🌏 ----------------- #wanderlust #justgo #travel #loveyourself #createyourself #adventurethatislife #adventure #love #peace

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Will gladly move here to be closer to the cookies from levain bakery 🍪🍪🍪

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I've been on the road for one month with my beautiful girlfriend @username traveling within vietnam and malaysia. amazing experience with an amazing woman. ✌️

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In a month i will be in havana with 7 girlfriends it's going to be so awesomeeeee i have never taken a trip with that many people and cuba with 7 girls i'm sure this is going to be one in a lifetime trip... already pretty excited and dreaming of those old cars... • any friends here who been there already have suggestions of the most fun things to do on a group and any air bnb recommandations will be appreciated👋🤗

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