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I always look like the left side 🙄 #alwaystired

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You guys, i'm gonna do this with a different approach. let's just imagine i've got like a big event, a wedding coming. i just must lose the weight. there is no other option. create leverage!
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“don’t let anyone tell you you can’t because you can!” #tuesdaymotivation

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Goodnight from me and my baby boy ✨let’s pray i’m down when i weigh myself in the morning 🙏🏾
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@yazzabel_de_warth: friday was the time to recover from all the family time... went out in latex with a good friend, had an awesome time and am back here now corset: @inner_sanctum_latex shine: @begloss #nightsout #latex #latexfashion #latexfetish #latexmodel #latexcatsuit #latexcorset #innersanctum #innersanctumlatex #shiny #ohmygloss #begloss #fetish #fetishfashion #fetishmodel #strict #mistress #black #blackisbeautiful #corset #waist #waistreducer #waisttraining

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@sabtwyman loves wearing her beauty fit waist trainer during her arms & shoulders workout 💪 making sure to keep her core tight 👌💃

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