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Elephant rock 🐘 @nature caprices 🍃 tongaporutu beach, new zealand. photo by @new_zea

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"ben senin pencerenden bir an olsun ayrılmadım.
ama sen perdelerini çekeli çok oldu."

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Man, what a place deadvlei was. it literally translates into dead valley, and i guess that's exactly how i would describe it. dozens of dead trees in a valley surrounded by the highest dunes. all of the threes have been dead for over 800 (!) years. crazy if you think about it. anyway that's me on the photo, looking up, mesmerized.

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I’m back 🌊 took some much needed time off the constant pressure to create content. after awhile it starts to take a toll on you 🌊 balance is everything and if you feel like you need more of it, take your time 😌 can’t wait to share more stuff with you guys 🤙🏼

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Полезности пост✅
Итак, ламинирование бровей, было много «за» и «против», но я решила все же сделать в @beautystudio_ay и не пожалела❤️
Брови мне было очень сложно уложить, но после ламинирование они стали такие послушные😏 .
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Flowers everywhere 🌸 which picture do you like best, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? photos by @delafuentecam #nature

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