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When i thought it was a good idea to jump off the track and into the untouched snow, i hadn’t considered how deep it actually was🙈

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Made it to udaipur, also known as ‘venice of the east’ 🧡✨ spending a good full day here before we leave for sri lanka! 🐘 | #followametoindia 📸: @dan.ng_

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Imagine waking up right next to the ocean. you can hear the seagulls flying out into the never ending ocean and waves crashing along the shore. you can feel the sun’s warmth on your face as well as the cool ocean breeze coming through your tent and the sound of the sand moving swiftly around you. i’d say it was a perfect way to wake up. 🌊🌅

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A propósito del poco éxito de mi foto de este bellísimo lugar 😬😬😎. atlixco de las flores, puebla, méxico.

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Today’s monday, let’s wander! #exploresingapore

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↠ early reflections and simple snowy beauty in yosemite national park snow ❄️

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