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Still snoozing
photography by @mark_loper

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Color by: @mikevisuals
chosen by: @thedronebooth
location: mount fuji

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The famous tree!⁣⁣⁣
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📷: @rachstewartnz #aswediscover

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peaceful scenes.
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The amazing bailong elevator in zhangjiajie, china! this elevator is just crazy, rising to 326m making it the highest outdoor elevator in the world! who would love to check this out?
photography | @harimaolee
zhangjiajie, china
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Keen to give the sailing thing a try at some point this year ⛵️

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A bat is frozen in time as a massive lightning strike flashes down alongside the flank of a storm that stands in front of the sunset like a nuclear mushroom cloud. new updrafts are meanwhile towering up, feeding the storm with fresh energy to continue producing spectacular lightning. the night of catatumbo storms had just started, but @alanhighton @heiko.wichmann and me already knew this was gonna get even better in no time, and then the light faded, revealing the milky way right next to the storm... sometimes what happens here in venezuela is pure magic. when we break the 100k i will release my short film „catatumbo lightning - the neverending storm“ and it will be my best and biggest video yet, showing the true beauty that lies within the shores of lake maracaibo. i hope you are excited for it! should i pick some of you guys for a private preview?! #lightning #storm #sunset #catatumbo #venezuela #lakemaracaibo

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Mount fuji towering over the city!⁣
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📷: @jordhammond #aswediscover

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Hiking in hawaii is something else. it gets your heart racing—especially if you’re not a fan of heights. i loved this hike because it took walking up steep terrain andddd a bit of rock climbing. its not for the faint of heart but if you know your limits, it’s a good time💛🌴
photo by @gypsea_angel

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