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Some of my favorite cruelty-free brands at sephora are above! looking for cruelty-free brands at @sephora? there's a full list on to help you out! i'll also put a link in my ig stories. you can even download it to take with you on the go. comment and tag your favorites!
note: some of the cruelty-free brands listed here and sold at sephora do have parent companies that are not cruelty-free. you can find all those details in the blog post linked to in my ig stories.
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These real results brought to you by buildable blur cc cream™ in shade rich tan! we created 18 flexible shades formulated with smart pigment technology™ that adjust to perfectly match your skin tone while offering broad spectrum spf 35 protection.

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"i didn’t expect to love every single product i tried from them as much as i do, they have become true staples in my makeup routine now. i love that thrive formulates their products with skin-loving ingredients too and many of the products have ongoing benefits to using them as well. 😍" @novabeauty4

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There has been so much buzz about china and animal testing lately. there's a lot of confusion about what changes are happening, how it impacts brands, and what it means for you as a cruelty-free consumer.
did china ban animal testing for cosmetics? have their policies on finished products changed? what about post-market animal testing? there's a post on with more details, but i'll sum things up here too.
first things first, did china ban animal testing? no. china did not ban animal testing.
is animal testing for cosmetics still required in china? yes. most of the same laws remain in place.
are brands such as l'oreal, mac, benefit and others who sell in china and test on animals as require by law now cruelty-free? no. they are not cruelty-free.
china has not banned animal testing. many of the laws that require animal testing are still in place. this includes on ingredients, finished goods, pre-market animal testing, and post-market animal testing.
what about post-market animal testing? changes are planned that are a promising step in the right direction! while china is planning to reduce post-market animal testing, it can still occur.
the team over at @hsiglobal summed up what's happening in a really easy to understand way -
"china recently released for the first time its post-market testing plan, & it reveals that no animal tests are listed for routine post-market surveillance. however, in the case of non-routine tests, eg: a consumer complaint about a product, unless/until authorities accept modern non-animal eye/skin irritation tests, & invest in local infrastructure to use such tests, animal testing could still be the default. pre-market cosmetic animal testing in china for foreign imports and special-use products, remains unchanged."
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🕸🔪 ive had a creative block with my makeup but liner never fails me 🔪🕸 products:

skin base foundation
infinity gel liner
omg beyond powder
shade&light eye palette
shade&light contour palette
lock it concealer
graphite brow gel
taupest lip liner
white cherry gloss (favourite ever rn)
jamie g lashes
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Rabbits are curious little beings by nature 🐰 much like humans, rabbits become easily bored if their environment remains the same. they need opportunities to socialize, space to run around, and toys to keep them entertained. if they are left alone in a cage without any form of entertainment they can become withdrawn or depressed.
rabbits in laboratories and testing facilities are denied of all of this. since rabbits are mild-tempered, easy to handle and breed very quickly they have become common victims of animal experimentation.
despite there being more humane and effective alternatives to animal testing rabbits are still tormented in various tests. one of which is the draize eye irritancy test where cosmetics, dishwashing liquid, drain cleaner and other substances are dripped into the animals' eyes which causes extreme discomfort. once the data has been collected the rabbits are killed 💔
please do not support companies that test on animals. it is easy to choose cruelty free. read the label, check online or get in contact with the cosmetic company if you're not sure 💛 what are your favorite cruelty free cosmetic brands? tag them below 👇

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You're a triple threat! apply our triple threat color stick™ to your lips, eyes + cheeks for a gorgeous pop of color. 📷: @thebrowngirlswatches

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Restock alert
avocado soap

avocados are a nutrient-dense fruit containing many beneficial ingredients, including vitamin a, c and e. the high f*t content creates a rich base for our soap which helps dry skin feel smooth after cleansing. gentle enough for your face or your entire body,the freshly-picked citrus scent will help wake you up in the morning and the softness from avocado face and body soap will last all day long.

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