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Today we worked on cutting wood for the floor batons. we just need to put them through the planer tomorrow and we will be done with the first step!
we ended the day taking the doggies on a beautiful hike just a few minutes from the campground.

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While the baby sleeps mum potters and enjoys this stunning view! πŸ’™

started our day off at the beach which was sooo lovely! but with a massively active 14month old always ends up with us in the water! πŸ˜‚

we had been struggling to figure out how to dry our towels after the beach then came across @malooracks actual genius idea!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

it folds up and stores easily and it had rubber underneath to protect the van! if you are beach people like us or love to go for a surf definitely check them out! @malooracks πŸ™πŸ»

anyone else love it when they find a great business that is kicking goals! πŸ’ͺ🏻

let us know if you have any other van hacks or great ideas for being on the road! πŸ€” #vanlifehack

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2016 ford transit connect w/ short wheel base. almost 2 years in the making, it's finally time to turn this little dude into a rolling adventure hut.
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I’m starting to understand why this place is expensive to live in. one of the mega benefits of living nomadically is that you get to see and live in areas that you may have not previously been able to afford. now it’s free! the mountains are literally in the town. it’s really wonderful to see so many people outside hiking and just enjoying being outside. i don’t know what the plan is for me here but i am sure what i learn here will follow me on my journeys. •

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Two posts in one day? why not!

not only have we been working on the inside of the van, but we've been doing a few things outside the van too!

last night we installed running boards on both sides of the van and they work great and look even better! but...the install was easily in the top 5 of most frustrating projects we've worked on yet. the directions were useless and the hardware wasn't the right size for our frame. that meant we had to make some major modifications just to make it possible to install. but we got them in! install time listed on directions, 2 hours. actual install time, 7 hours. seems about right πŸ˜…

we've also been considering getting new wheels to help take away from the "cargo look" of the van and make it look a little more like an adventure van. we still aren't sure what we're going to do, so in the meantime we plasti-dipped our factory wheels! we feel like it made a huge difference!

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Just after sunset in chicago...
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Well the local foreman has signed off on all stability and leveling tests with the kitchen; but was quite peeved on the lack of a step stool. πŸ“‹ #vanbuild #van #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vanlifeideas #vanlifemovement #vanlifeexplorers #sprinter #sprintervan #sprintercampervan #mercedessprinter #campervan #campervanconversion #rv #rvlife #kitchen #build #builtnotbought #homeiswhereyouparkit

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We've been sleeping on instagram lately because we've been hard at work and sweating like crazy in this summer heat!
our build is finally coming together and this is where it starts to get fun again! in the past week we've been working on some of the weirdly shaped and difficult trim pieces as well as designing and creating the final details for our kitchen.

we'll post a reveal once it's installed, but for now this is the faucet we bought and the the countertop we are in the process of building. honestly this faucet is everything. and yes, it has a pull down sprayer 😱

for the countertop we wanted to bring some warmth to the white kitchen cabinetry, and we couldn't find anything we loved so we decided to build our own! we stumbled on a sheet of walnut at our local lumberyard and instantly fell in love. it was only 3/4" thick, but we needed closer to double that for our cooktop so we took a sheet of 3/4" birch and glued it to the walnut! now we have a solid wood, 1 1/2" walnut countertop! to preserve the natural color and to showcase the grain of this beauty we won't be staining it, we'll just seal it with a zero voc oil. can't wait to show you more!!!

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Floors are just about finished. i found a s****d deal for 85% off some lvf at my local re-store, but it was only 59sf and my van is about 70sf. my solution was that i don't need the same flooring below my raised bed area. i used diamond plated plastic utility mat for that area... but i'm not too happy with how it turned out. it serves it's purpose well, but it doesn't really stand up to my standards haha. this rear part of the floor may be one thing i end up redoing at some point. also i still need to install edging to give it a nice finished look at the doorways.
overall, my concerns when i started with the floor were:
1) rust prevention: i used rust-oleum paint.
2) insulation: i used 2 layers of 1/2 iso board to achieve r6.5.
3) rot prevention: i used thompson's wood sealer on the wood on both sides to make sure that if water does get down there, it won't absorb into the wood and cause rot over time.
4) thickness: i kept all layers pretty thin with 1" insulation, 3/8" plywood, and 5mm lvf.
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Porter in action πŸ’« happy to be of service πŸ€—πŸ™ŒπŸΎ mobile artist studio.
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