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One day, maybe soon, i will clean my mirror but today is not that day ♀
top: @rockndollstore

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our @endlessnightvb vampire salon noir was everything i hoped it would be and more- the perfect start to the endless night tampa vampire ball 2019 weekend. it was my honor to preside as hostess; however, our extravagantly beautiful guests in attendance are what made it such an extraordinary experience. ⁣

dress: @artofluxury
headdress: @videnoircouture
metal claws: @audacity_honeycutt⁣
custom fangs: @fathersebastiaan⁣

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Did anyone watch “the dirt” ? i actually really loved it and thought they did a good job. motley crue was a band my mom played hardcore when i was growing up. i saw them back in 2007 when i was 17 and let me just say, it was the first concert where i saw so many dang b*****s 😂 •

underbust corset and skirt from @burleska_corsets
boots from @inkedboutique
necklace from @wonderlandmc98

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"darkest slumber"

model/photographer/makeup/styling/editor: @mahafsoun
earrings: @regalrose
contacts: @pinkyparadisedotcom

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Keep you in the dark, what had you expected?
me to make you my art and make you a star
and get you connected? 🔪
photo by the amazing @frankinsella
skirt: @prettylittlething
top: @missguided
crescent moon harness: @killstarco

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