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Unique new york. say that three times fast. last month, i placed wonderful and flexible rental clients in this building. they are in the same building as the nysc and under the tennis bubble. when you live here, you get a free nysc gym membership. we also negotiated a full renovated kitchen and a bathroom update as part of the deal. #nycrealestate #truestory #uniquenewyork #realstory #boerumhill #brooklynrealestate #35dean #newyorksportsclub

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So much fun at the welcome to marwen premiere last night. #robertzemeckis and his team have created a truly unique and beautiful movie that it is an honor to have been a part of. i hope you all enjoy it when it’s out dec 21st.
thank you again to @tommyhilfiger for the gorgeous suit.
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I’ll take the $100,000 and still live there forever🤷🏼‍♂️✌🏼 #truestory

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Tu cai mas não deixa o balde cair mermão!
true story! life rules!
seja forte 👊
ame ❤
seja grato 🙏
sirva 🤲

#simbora #truestory #liferules #naoderrubeobalde #gratitude #gratidao
#repost @pefabiodemelo ・・・ o segredo do sucesso é cair sem derrubar o balde. coragem, irmãos e irmãos. em cada escorregão há sempre um aprendizado.

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🚨 go shop’n & follow @kushboys & stay n the light! 🚨 #truestory #friendsnhighplaces #dantesfire #crtfd #kushboys #cannabis #hardworkandmedication #godspeed

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By adding value to someone’s life you contribute to the health of the relationship. there has to be something about you that stands out from the rest. how do you add value? xx 💋

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Thats dope asf!!! #truestory

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In one hand aftermath of the puppies getting out again while i was gone. in the other my quick breakfast because i had a big mess to clean up. do you think my online students will understand? i think they were all tuckered out from their adventures. #ihaveevidence #puppies #vipkidteacher #labradorretriever #plexus #protienshake #allnatural #plantbased #teacherlife #truestory

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Pretty much! 😜

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