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Bdgrp "2069 tha'apokalypse" mr. dragon, hostile negotiations cant always be resolved in a board room...some matters need to be literally taken by active shooter diplomacy in 2069 #dnd #dnd5e #rpg #games #pathfinder #fantasy #tabletop #sketchbook #art #boardgames #dice #blerd #blerdcon2018 #genc #wizkid #play #gencon #syfy #cyberpunk #cowboy #space #techno #alien #terraforming #planets #futuristic #independent #conspiracy #universe #transhumanism

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Secondo #heidegger, l’esistenza inautentica si concretizza in #chiacchiera, #curiosità (di vedere) ed #equivoco, che caratterizzano la società di massa.

1. la chiacchiera: le opinioni comuni si condividono tendenzialmente senza verificarle e si dice che le cose stanno così, perché così si dice. non ci si avvicina alla cosa, non la si approfondisce, ma si ripete semplicemente quanto è già stato detto.

2. la curiosità di vedere, non di conoscere: per riempire il vuoto delle chiacchiere aumenta la tendenza a vedere. nella società di m***a si tratta di una curiosità fine a se stessa, un vedere per vedere e non un vedere per conoscere.

3. l’equivoco: in preda alla chiacchiera e alla curiosità di vedere, l’uomo non sa neppure di che si parla e a che si riferisce il “si dice”. e molto viene contrassegnato dall’equivocità e dalla incapacità di comunicare in modo autentico.

nel suo progettarsi e nel suo prendersi cura l’#uomo può assumere come punto di partenza o il mondo oppure se stesso. nel primo caso si ha un’esistenza inautentica, nel secondo invece si può parlare di esistenza autentica.
l’esistenza inautentica è caratterizzata dall’anonimato ed è l’esistenza tipica del nostro tempo dove si registra il trionfo del si impersonale (man in tedesco). il #si si presenta con il carattere della medietà.

ogni #originalità è dissolta, ogni primato è livellato, la #medietà sorveglia ogni eccezione. il si sottrae ai singoli ogni responsabilità concreta: «ce la passiamo e ci divertiamo come ci si diverte; leggiamo, vediamo e giudichiamo come si vede e si giudica. ci teniamo lontani dalla gran #m***a come ci si tiene lontani, troviamo scandaloso ciò che si trova scandaloso». e di conseguenza, «in questo sgravamento di essere, il si si rende accetto all’#esserci perché ne soddisfa la tendenza a rendere le cose facili». #futurism #type1civilization #scienza #science #transhumanism #posthumans #physics #philosophy #fisica #filosofia #thesingularity

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Of the @berlinscififilmfest the @babylonberlin says, "as the first ever science fiction film festival in germany (and one that is set in the “otherworldly” landscape berlin), it is our intention to celebrate the genre and its filmmakers in all of its glory." ✌🏼✋🏼✊🏼✋🏼 #germany #berlin #europe #2050movie #filmfestival #transhumanism #indiefilm #comingsoon #deancain #transhumanistagenda #androids #sexbots #sexbot #robot #emate #companions #cinematography #cinematographer #actors #directing #producing #screenwriting #superman #cast #crew #germanpremiere #germanypremiere

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Gündeme dair farklı ve orijinal tespit ve yorumları ile ahmet hamdi hesabını adresinden takip edebilirsiniz...

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Ramithis partanon slinked into the mouth of the cave, trying to be as quiet as possible. he began to wim his breathing in an attempt to be even quieter, they were still pursuing him, and he could hear their shrieks coming closer. his scent was surely in the air, and being tracked at that. he made a split decision, and snuck deeper into the cave. <better than being out there with them!> he thought.
he couldn’t see a thing. he had lost all of his gear since leaving the city, and, like a dumbass, hadn’t updated the software on his ocular implants, and couldn’t use their built in flashlights. his bionic eyes had been throttled by the megacarrier he subscribed to. <never again...> not that he had a choice, they were the only megacarrier this planet was allowed to use.
but, as he felt the walls for some guidance, slimy and sticky as they were, he saw a slight green glow in the distance, shrouded by some stalagmites, along with their hanging counterparts. he approached the glow, and, he couldn’t tell if this was a glitch of his unupdated eyeware, or something else, but it seemed to glow stronger as he got closer. as he rounded the tall mineral formations, he could see a sigil, floating in the air in front of him. but before he could begin to decipher it, with what little knowledge he had on magical symbols, it flashed with a blinding glare, pulsing rapidly. he put up his hand to protect himself. <nnoo...> he uttered. then he was gone. ———————-
this time i wanted to use more black, and more angles. basically, lots of mignola inspiration. next time i will try to use this contrast technique with some more realistic detail and rendering.
the prompts used were “spell” and “draw a cultural rite of passage”. #illustration #inktober #inktoberday4 #inktober2018 #drawing #sketchbook #scifi #scifiart #futurism #transhumanism #posthuman #alien #ttrpg #rpg #ethersplit #71stcentury #sigil #magic #wimhoff 🐲🗣❇️

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People have no idea what's coming. everything from your appliances down to your clothes will have data on you something out of a sci-fi movie is coming!

i truly believe when they unleash 5g and eventually 6g it's going to be harmful to the human body because we're not supposed to be getting saturated with all of this radiation, but they must come out with 5g to roll out artificial intelligence most people are not paying attention to what's going on.

5g will use a frequency bandwidth of anything between 4ghz to 90ghz. oxygen has a microwave absorption rate of approximately 60ghz. currently, the federal communications commission (fcc) has allocated the millimeter wave rf spectrum from 57.05 to 64ghz. what does this mean?
in a study named “the effect of electromagnetic radiation emitted by display screens on cell oxygen metabolism”, scientists set out to analyse what happens to our blood platelets when immersed with low radiation frequencies. this was their conclusion - “the findings indicate that exposure to electromagnetic radiation of 1 khz frequency and 150 v/m and 220 v/m intensity may cause adverse effects within blood platelets’ oxygen metabolism and thus may lead to physiological dysfunction of the organism”.
another consequence is that as the oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere can absorb some frequencies, depending on the strength of the cell towers, it means there could be greater interference between signals, thus decreasing connectivity. this is bad for business, so companies are starting to use beam-forming technology. a way of using narrow beam antennas to minimise the probability of interference however, this means more cell towers are needed. and we know what that means.
studies are showing adverse effects from low frequency radiation such as; oxidative stress, blood-brain barrier penetration, tumours, reproductive harm, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and much more. out of 537 biological studies, 75% of the studies shown significant effects. more research needs to be done by the fcc, but it’s like talking to a brick wall...
#consciousness#nwo #agenda21 #newworldorder #truth #chemtrails #thematrixisreal #truthseeker #5g #transhumanism

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When scientists made immature human egg cells from donated blood, some speculated that human reproduction was on the verge of a massive disruption.

the future is now.

last week, a team from #china completely overhauled natural reproduction, using #geneticengineering to make mice born from #samesexparents for the first time. babies from two moms were indistinguishable from mouse pups generated through good-old-means: not only were they healthy, they went on to give birth to mouse pups of their own.

those born with the dna of two dads—with the help of a surrogate—survived through birth but only lived a few days, underscoring the fact that the new technology is still in its infancy.

a masterful technological tour-de-force aside, the study pinpoints critically important genetic factors that allow an embryo to develop normally. it’s like cracking the biological enigma code of reproduction—a set of genetic instructions that allow an embryo to survive, regardless of how it’s made. “this shows us what’s possible,” said senior author dr. wei li at the chinese academy of sciences. the team described their results in cell stem cell.

how can egg and egg (or s***m and sperm) produce offspring?

the feat may seem less daunting if you think of dna as computer code: when egg and s***m meet, their biological code (dna) mix in a way that generates a healthy embryo. “egg” and “sperm” aren’t that mysterious if they’re simply considered carriers of essential dna code—23 sets of chromosomes each to be exact, thus allowing the baby to have a normal 46.

but there’s a problem: mammals need dna code from both the mom and dad to make babies, whereas other parts of the animal kingdom—hammerhead sharks, komodo dragons and other reptiles, fish and amphibians—produce offspring fine without a partner.


since the 1980s, scientists have been scratching their heads. earlier studies first suggested that it’s because of a biological phenomenon called “imprinting.” 🖐🏾more in comments👇🏾#syntheticbiology #transhumanism #biohacking #populationcontrol

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