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Tag worldstar for their fitness highlight. all slots full for my 5 week online training at $150 meals , video workouts from and by me along with the guides and communication :) - opening 5 more just cuz i’m doing the work with you :).. no pain no gain. dm me for info. . . or you can do my advanced b***y :) .. boom .. spend $150 dollars or $60 dollars on on 3 drinks and a “ why did i do that “ kinda night or use it wisely in getting a dope body to say “ i’m that chick / or dude “ .. priorities , i hear it all the time - it’s what you choose to do. 🤷🏻‍♀️🎤just sayin.
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Hi friends! it’s been a while since i’ve done a #transformationtuesday ! it feels really good to be back in the gym regularly, i’ve missed it but i’m hella sore! i’ve noticed a lot of people adopting the # of workouts in a year, i love it. being back in a regular schedule has been really great for my mentality, it’s been tough getting out of the ‘holiday’ mindset, but here’s what i’ve done to return back to normalcy:
♦️wrote down my goals for 2019, both long and short term
♦️planned out my workouts and put them in my calendar ♦️looked over my macros, adjusted them slightly
♦️found some new recipes that i’m excited about trying!
♦️cut down on my alcohol consumption and increased my water intake.
hope this helps some of you folks like it’s helped me! happy tuesday my dudes🤘🏼 @keto_kels

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Don’t stop until you’re proud🏆🎯

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Today’s damage and dinner. romaine “sandwiches” and 834 calorie workout!!! i feel unstoppable!!!!

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🥖 🍞 🥯 @mealprepdaily

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#facetofacefriday & not even recognizing myself. i never expected losing 312lbs i'd not even recognize myself, or that i'd look younger. i never expected to see people i've known for years and them not recognize me just because i lost weight. i never expected to see cheek or collar bones for the first time in my life. losing weight showed me the girl on the inside who had been hiding for years. losing weight taught me that i'm strong and we all are when we fight for what we want. start today!
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Finallllly getting back into the groove of things 🥳
today’s leg workout:
- single leg leg extensions
- leg press
- hamstring curls
- straight leg deadlifts
- hip abductors
- single leg rdl’s with db
- single leg side leg press
then finished off with some cardiooooo 👏🏼

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1 year, 365 days of this journey. january 9, 2018 - january 9, 2019. down 90 pounds. i remember sitting in the parking lot on this day last year at chic fil a saying "goodbye" to my favorite sandwich. since then, i've had sweat, tears, and doubts and through all the times i wanted to quit, i pulled through and kept going. not every day was perfect, but every time i fell i got back up again. i am so happy and proud of myself for making my dream of becoming the best me a reality... i would like to share my top 10 thoughts on what i've learned through my experience this year.

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