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arrived in london about an hour ago, ahead of the falcon christmas party tomorrow night at the gherkin 🦅
first thought when when i arrived in euston was getting to a coffee shop and checking the charts 😂 gotta be done 🤙🏼
currently one running position, let’s see how it plays out 🤙🏼

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Behind the scenes planning of our biggest year to date. there was one word behind our meeting yesterday, value. how can we make 2019 the most valuable year for students in the community and propel members trading results to the next level?
to have watched this community grow to nearly 700+ members this year has been incredibly humbling and exciting, with all of the amazing messages coming in from students finding freedom in their lives and experiencing it the way it was meant to be lived.
our mission as a team always is and always will remain to show every single person in this community what is possible when you put in the hours, dedicate yourself to a dream, and believe in that dream through and through.
freedom isn’t a fairy tale, it’s not a “what if” or a “must be nice”. freedom is a decision, and the more people we can guide to make that decision for themselves, the more successful we have been as a team to help you all get to that level in your trading. 🦅👏🏻
guys and girls attending tomorrow’s event in london, it will be amazing to meet you all in person and share our stories of success headed into the new year. those of you who have joined recently and won’t make it out to this event, you’ve just stepped into the most genuine trading community in the world and 2019 is about to take everything to a whole other caliber of education and growth amongst us all.
let’s smash 2019 guys and girls, there’s a lot in store, and we are thrilled to be a part of this amazing movement. 📈🦅

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9 monitors with 8 different software subscriptions is not needed in trading.... i traded all week along with tons of other members using just a laptop and 2 external screens. .

what is your idea setup?? lemme know in the comments 💯👨‍💻

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The best long trade of my career @marisa_hunter 🥰 you need a life outside of trading or you will crash & burn 🌪 proper balance will keep you feeling blessed & less stressed 🙏🏻

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If you can find a woman like this, you have pulled off the greatest achievement. they are rare in the modern world..

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Keep calm and trade! 💱📈

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Become a billionaire by learning the 7 universal laws of cash flow💸💸
financial education is crucial for anyone.🔌
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When your trade is that close to hitting stoploss 😅📉 (not my cars)

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