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What a crazy time of year for photographers. i’m sure you’ve seen everyone else talk about it so i won’t write my own essay... but my goodness. it really is so busy. and we really all are so tired. finishing editing all our summer weddings while piling on the fall stuff (which is by far the busiest time of year). but... i can see the finish line. i can count on both hands the amount of weddings i have until a nice long break (and by break i mean editing until my eyeballs fall out) for november. i’m so excited to have a to do list that will actually get smaller instead of larger each day. i’m also super appreciative of my clients who send texts and emails asking how i am. i love y’all lots and you make me feel pretty d**n happy, even through the chaos. now, time to glue myself to my computer and keep on working towards that finish line like 😬⬆️🙌🏻✨

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It’s saturday which means wedding day! ✨ feeling this excited about it ⬆️😬 even though getting ready without power is no fun (and also pretty hard). hope everyone stayed safe last night & are as thankful as i am for the men & women working their butts off to get us our power back. 🙏🏻❤️

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Congratulations to amanda + steve!! they are married! 💕

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Magic 😍. if you decide booking photo shoot from me i give you couple advice about time for shooting. 📷🎥because light - it's everything! 👍
booking - or dm

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Congratulations to these high school sweet hearts! .
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10 years..120 months..3,650 days
they have celebrated a decade of them!
congratulations to kelly and nick! such beautiful people inside and out!
stay tuned for their same-day-edit film

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It’s been one year to the day since i made a post on facebook, hoping to call attention to the swift action of a selfless groom i photographed. first and foremost i’m glad that little boy is safe. what could have been a tragic day has uplifted and inspired people all over the world. since last september it’s reached more then 1.3 million people on facebook alone. the story has been featured on countless news broadcasts and publications including ctv, the today show, cnn, cbc, abc, time, bbc, people, in touch, nbc and global. it led brittany and clayton to be on ellen. it’s even inspired fan art!

i’m certain nothing like this will ever happen to me again in my lifetime but it was an interesting experience to observe the viral experience firsthand. what a crazy experience!

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Happy first anniversary to this amazing couple! such a pleasure being apart of your special day and capturing those moments for you two. 🥂🍾. #anniversary #firstanniversary #congratulations #weddingreps #onestopweddingshop #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #torontoweddingphotographer #backyardwedding #gardenwedding #torontoweddingvideographer

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